torsdag 20 februari 2014

Venezuelas President anklagar Obama och USA för att stödja och finansiera våldet i landet

Det är oroligt på ett flertal ställe i världen just nu, men det finns gemensamma nämnare bakom oroligheterna i världen. I Venezuela så pågår våldsamma protester från oppositionella grupper. Venezuelas President, Maduro, anklagar Obama och USA för att finansiera våldsverkarna och aktivt medverka till att hans land destabiliseras och glider in i kaos...

Venezuela's President Maduro accuses Obama of fanning violence

RT 2014-02-20
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused President Obama of promoting the ongoing protests in the country, and of backing members of the opposition alleged to be behind violence.

In a communique, the Latin American leader demanded that the US explain its motives in “financing, promoting and defending members of the opposition that promote violence against our country.”

Maduro went on to denounce declarations made by President Obama regarding the situation in Venezuela, saying that they presented a “gross interference in internal affairs.”

Venezuelas President anklagar Obama och USA för att stödja och finansiera våldet i landet

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  1. ---G8’s Scam on Poverty Eradication---

    February 20, 2014

    Source: Zero Hedge

    Since when did the people at the top have even the slightest inkling about what the poor people down below, the ones that we have trampled on, might be in need of to help them get out of the poverty that is entrenching their lives?

    Since when did the people at the top ever have the knowledge that the poor trampled masses actually existed? Isn’t it always the way?

    The rich little kid that believes that nobody lives in high-rise blocks and that everyone has a lawn that gets cut by the gardener. Others just couldn’t live any other way, could they? That’s what the G8 used to be like, anyhow.

    Today, the leaders are more than aware that the poor exist, since they have a right to be heard today. There are too many of them not to be heard and we have started listening to Africa only because there are growing numbers of poor in our own backyard, these days.

    But, theNew Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition that was launched by the G8 is nothing more than a hell-bent drive for money-making and profit of private companies, rather than actually doing much to help the ones that are in need of food.

    It’s covert colonialism by the G8 countries.

    That’s rich, harking back to the past when we are having trouble dealing with the present and at the same time closing our own frontiers to immigration. Still, the poor die of hunger anyhow and people won’t be able to hear them complaining. In the meantime, the West, the G8 gets a much-needed boost to their economies and the state coffers.

    At the same time, the populations of the G8 countries get to sleep peacefully at night thanking their lucky stars that they have a government that is altruistic and benevolent, even charitable. More like malevolent. The people always need dazzling, so they can’t see what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    The New Alliance means that agribusiness will be sitting alongside governments and that African governments will make changes in their laws, policies and regulations so that it will sweep in a new attractiveness for the private sector that wishes to invest there. The G8 has, in its patronizingly over-bearing tone declared that it was going to be the sole decision-maker on this and local farmers weren’t going to be consulted.

    Of course they weren’t consulted.[...]

  2. ---Venezuela sends in military units as protests continue---

    February 20, 2014

    Source: USA Today
    The country’s embattled government said it was sending military units to the southwestern state of Tachira to restore order as supporters of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez continued to protest Thursday.

    However, the government stopped short of calling a state of emergency or suspending civil liberties.Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres said in a press conference that one airborne and one engineering battalion would be sent to Tachira, which borders Colombia.
    The parachutists will occupy positions leading into the capital of San Cristobal, where demonstrations have paralyzed the city, Rodriguez Torres said.

    “This is a measure to restore public order,” Rodriguez Torres said. ”This is not a militarization. We are also preparing special groups to go to violent torn areas. In a few days we will be able to have the situation stabilized.”

    The government has also banned the carrying of firearms throughout the state, he said. Internet in the state has been disrupted, but Rodriguez Torres said he didn’t know what had caused it.

    Until Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government has tried to suppress more than two weeks of demonstrations and rioting with the country’s National Guard and police. The use of the army marks an escalation of the conflict, which is presenting Maduro with his biggest political challenge since he was sworn in last April.

    Meanwhile, Lopez may face more than 10 years in prison for his role in a student demonstration that left three people dead. Government prosecutors charged Lopez with arson, delinquency and conspiracy to promote delinquency during a preliminary hearing late Wednesday night at a military installation outside Caracas.[...]

  3. :"Destabilizing Venezuela Continues -



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