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USA: Lärarinna ofredades och handbojades av polis framför eleverna - under skolutflykten

På den obligatoriska skolutflykten till ett av USA:s många s.k. "förintelsemuseum", så slängdes skolbarnens lärarinna plötsligt upp mot väggen och handbojades av brutala poliser. Allt skedde framför ett stort antal mycket förvånade elever...(video)

DC teacher handcuffed in front of students 

Publicerad den 20 feb 2014
A field trip for some District of Columbia high schoolers went horribly wrong when police handcuffed and questioned their teacher in front of them. 

Reports had come in to DC Metro Transit Police of an assault, and the officers believed the students matched the suspects' description. Dunbar High School teacher Brandi Byrd says she was detained for 20 minutes and repeatedly pushed against a wall, yet police never told her why they were detaining her. RT's Meghan Lopez takes a closer look at the civics lesson these high schoolers will never forget.

USA: Lärarinna ofredades och handbojades av polis framför eleverna - under skolutflykten

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  1. --Ongoing military rape epidemic: 85k vets treated for sex abuse in 2012--

    RT - May 20, 2013

    More than 85,000 US veterans received medical treatment for sex abuse trauma in 2012, while only 4,000 applied for disability benefits. The numbers portray the shocking long-term consequences of sex abuse, days after the Pentagon acknowledged the problem.

    The data shows the long-term financial and emotional costs of sexual assault in the military for both men and women. Of the 85,000 veterans suffering from what the Department of Veterans Affairs calls “military sexual trauma”, 60 percent were female and 40 percent were male. In comparison, only 4,000 American veterans sought disability benefits in 2012, which is 20 times less than those suffering from sex abuse trauma, the Associated Press reports.

    Ruth Moore, a veteran from Milbridge, Maine, first sought treatment from a counseling center 16 years after she was raped twice while serving the Navy. She has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder linked to the assaults, and has been unable to work.
    “We can’t cure me, but we can work on stability in my life and work on issues as they arrive,” she told AP.

    Earlier this month, the Pentagon acknowledged that “sexual assault is a persistent problem” among service members, and that about 26,000 military service members said they were sexually assaulted in 2012, ninety percent of which chose not to file a report.

    It is undeniable that victims of sexual assault often face emotional consequences. But Dr. Margret Bell, a member of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ military sexual trauma team, told AP that the US government should also be concerned about the costs of treating so many victims. Veterans who claim to have suffered sexual abuse in the military have access to free heath care.[...]


  2. --Military sexual assault prevention officer accused of running prostitution ring--

    RT - May 15, 2013

    The US military officer overseeing sexual assault prevention at the Fort Hood base in Texas is now under investigation for sexual assault, including allegations of maltreatment of subordinates and running a prostitution ring.

    Two senior officials at the Pentagon and a Capitol Hill staffer briefed on the case confirmed to USA Today that a sergeant serving at the Texas military installation, whose name has not been released, is under investigation for abusive sexual contact, forcing a subordinate into prostitution and sexually assaulting at least two others.

    The officer has now been relieved of his duties, though charges had yet to be filed. The sergeant oversaw a sexual assault prevention program at the battalion level, and was responsible for a unit of some 800 soldiers.

    Both Pentagon officials who confirmed the investigation, including inquiries into the alleged prostitution ring, spoke on condition of anonymity as the case is still ongoing.

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reacted with "frustration, anger and disappointment over these troubling allegations and the breakdown in discipline and standards they imply," Pentagon press secretary George Little said on Tuesday, following official acknowledgment of the investigation at Fort Hood.

    The announcement also comes on the heels of another blow to the armed forces, adding to an ongoing narrative showing a widespread culture of sexual abuse in the American military.

    Earlier in May, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, the officer in charge of the Air Force’s sexual abuse prevention program based at the Pentagon, was arrested for drunkenly groping a woman. Krusinski is set to appear in court in July for sexual battery.[...]




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