tisdag 18 februari 2014

Kriminaliserad fattigdom 2014 - Skuldfängelser håller USA:s fattiga minoriteter inlåsta

2014-02-18. - En lönsam affärsidé för den privatiserade fångvården i USA.  I många amerikanska stater har den gamla tidens skuldfängelser för fattiga nu i hemlighet återinförts igen...

US jailing people for being poor 

Publicerad den 18 feb 2014
The US Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional to throw someone in jail for not being able to pay court fees or fines without asking them if they can afford it first, but still, courts across the country continue to imprison poor people for not paying fines. Then, even worse, those fines grow with interest rate, as the people behind bars have no way to make any money to pay down fines.

Ny trend i USA: Tusentals fattiga som inte klarar betala små bötesbelopp, slängs i fängelse

Fattiga amerikaner som inte klarar att betala mindre skulder till myndigheter sätts i fängelse. Kritiker säger att USA på nytt infört ett 150 år gammalt system med skuldfängelser... (Bild från Dickens, Oliver Twist)
Läs mer:  http://undermattans.blogspot.se/2013/12/ny-trend-i-usa-tusentals-fattiga-som.html
Kriminaliserad fattigdom 2014 - Skuldfängelser håller USA:s fattiga minoriteter inlåsta

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  1. --US Navy admirals under investigation in widening bribery scandal--

    RT: November 09, 2013

    Two Navy admirals have been placed on temporary leave after their access to classified materials was suspended. This comes as part of a growing investigation into allegations that Naval officers illegally accepted bribes from a military contractor.

    Vice Adm. Ted Branch, director of naval intelligence, and Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, director of intelligence operations, were reported on Friday to be part of an ongoing probe after they were each accused of having illegal and improper relations with Leonard Francis, CEO of Glenn Defense Marine.

    “The suspension was deemed prudent given the sensitive nature of their current duties and to protect and support the integrity of the investigative process,” a Navy statement announced.
    “The allegations against Admirals Branch and Loveless involve inappropriate conduct prior to their current assignments and flag office rank. There is no indication, nor to the allegations suggest, that in either case there was any breach of classified information.”

    The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) began its investigation in 2010. While a Navy spokesman maintained neither has been charged with a crime or service violation, the US attorney’s office in San Diego, California has charged Loveless and Branch with passing along classified information, according to the Washington Post.[...]




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