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Par arresterades för att de frågade polisen om en vägbeskrivning - Polisklassiker från USA

Videoklassiker från 2010.  - Ett ungt amerikanskt par som kört vilse i Baltimore, bad polisen om hjälp med en vägbeskrivning. Paret arresterades och fick tillbringa natten på ett kallt betonggolv i ett amerikanskt fängelse...

Couple Arrested For Asking Directions

Uppladdad den 4 maj 2010
A young couple lost in Baltimore asked a police officer for directions. For doing so they got arrested. At the end where it cut off the female officer told the girl that she's going to jail too.
Par arresterades för att de frågade polisen om en vägbeskrivning - Polisklassiker från USA

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  1. --Two Texas Latinos suing cops over 39 days' jail without charge, confiscated cash--

    RT: April 02, 2013

    Two Latino men are suing a Texas police department they say locked them in jail for 39 days “with no charges, no hearing, and no probable cause” after a March 2011 traffic stop. They also claim cops seized $14,000 in cash they had saved to buy a car.

    Roberto Moreno-Gutierrez and Jaime Moreno-Gutierrez are suing Hill County, the Hill County Sheriff’s Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety in federal court.

    Their complaint states that the two men were en route from their home in Killeen, Texas to a car dealership in Plano, Texas to purchase a used hybrid electric car, AlterNet reports.
    At that point they were pulled over and detained by Texas State Trooper Carl. R. Clary, who was driving with a K-9 unit. Troop Clary was not, however, identified as a party to the complaint that has been filed since

    “The trooper provided no traffic violation or reason for the stop to the plaintiffs,” the complaint states. “The trooper requested driver licenses from both plaintiffs, which he then took to his patrol unit. Upon returning, he requested to search the vehicle. Consent was given, and he then brought out his dog. After a search, the dog was put in its kennel. No drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in the vehicle or on the plaintiffs."

    “The officer used a translator apparatus to translate his questions but did not translate the Spanish responses into English,” the suit continues. “He inquired as to the money and the plaintiffs explained where it came from and why they had legal possession."[...]




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