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Vem äger dig?

Vem äger dig?

Who Owns You?

Publicerad den 4 feb 2014 av: Josie Outlaw 

- Who owns you? - Are you anyone's slave?
- Vem äger dig?

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  1. -Supreme Court justice predicts internment camps in America’s future-

    February 5, 2014

    Source: Police State USA

    A distinguished member of the U.S. Supreme Court gave a sobering reminder of how history can and likely will repeat itself when the conditions are right. Justice Antonin Scalia said that he would not be surprised if Americans were once again imprisoned in concentration camps by the federal government.[...]



  2. --No charges against TSA agent accused of sexual assault-like pat down--

    RT February 06, 2014

    The Transportation Security Administration official accused of sexually assaulting a passenger at Denver International Airport will not be charged with a crime, the local District Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday.

    In December, Jamelyn Steenhoek, 39, accompanied her 13-year-old daughter to a departure gate at DIA when she was stopped for a pat-down. Although Steenhoek was not boarding a flight that day, she set off a security alarm at an airport checkpoint and attracted the attention of TSA officials.

    After what she described as a “pretty invasive search” by a female TSA agent, Steenhoek filed a complaint with the Denver Police Department, which in turn opened an investigation into the incident. Now that criminal charges will not be filed against the official, Steenhoek says she isn’t happy with the decision.

    “I felt sick to my stomach,” Steenhoek said to CBS Denver. “Those TSA agents were purposely abusive to me. And there isn’t any recourse. I still feel as if a crime was committed, and as an individual American I am powerless to do anything about it.” [...]




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