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USA: Polis arresterade brandman som försökte rädda svårt skadade trafikoffer vid utryckning

2014-02-06. - De blödande trafikoffren satt fastklämda i en bil som voltat av vägen vid en trafikolycka. Brandmän och räddningsarbetare arbetade frenetiskt för att rädda de skadade. Då gör USA-polisen entré och arresterar en av brandmännen som försöker rädda de skadade...
 - Polismannen ansåg tydligen att brandbilen var felparkerad...

California Police Arrest Firefighter Trying To Save Victim!

Publicerad den 6 feb 2014
The CHP officer, whose name has not been released, told firefighter/engineer Jacob Gregoire to move the engine out of the traffic lane or he would be arrested, Hanneman said. He said Gregoire, who was checking the overturned car for any additional victims, answered that he'd have to check with his captain.

That's when the officer detained Gregoire, a 12 ½-year fire service veteran, Hanneman said.

USA: Polis arresterade brandman som försökte rädda svårt skadade trafikoffer vid utryckning

Cop handcuffs firefighter helping crash victims

Publicerad den 7 feb 2014
A California firefighter was recently placed in handcuffs for refusing to move a fire truck from its parking place at the scene of an emergency. 
Local firefighters and members of the California Highway Patrol responded to a car accident in Chula Vista; firefighters parked their fire trucks in a way to block oncoming traffic and protect those at the crash site. 
When CHP officers reached the scene, they began ordering the firefighters to move their trucks out of the traffic lanes or face arrest. Jacob Gregoire refused and continued assisting crash victims when an officer placed him in handcuffs and lead him to a police vehicle. RT's Ameera David takes a look at what officials call a "miscommunication" between the two emergency responder departments.

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