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Konfrontera polisstatens kreatur - Saker man kan göra i Nordkorea 2014 men inte i USA?

PBS Frontline sände nyligen ett program med videoinspelningar som gjorts av aktivister i Nordkorea. En intressant videodokumenterad händelse visar en kvinna som konfronterar diktaturens kreatur. I dagens USA hade kvinnan förmodligen i bästa fall legat på sjukhus och i sämsta fall varit död efter ett liknande möte...(video)

Jan 16 2014informationliberation

If these incidents had occurred in the United States, the women would have been beaten, tasered, and — quite possibly — killed. 

The onlookers who had recorded the encounters on video would probably have been arrested for "obstruction,” and their cameras would have been confiscated on the scene.

January 14, the PBS program Frontline aired a documentary entitled The Secret State of North Korea that drew heavily from footage collected by a group of underground videographers. Among the scenes captured in that documentary are two encounters between women and soldiers acting as police officers. (The Communist government in North Korea, unlike the proto-totalitarian US regime, doesn't cling to the fiction that the military and police are separate entities.)

In the first confrontation, a woman running a private bus service is accosted by a soldier who attempts to issue a citation. She is angrily and openly defiant of the uniformed bully's "authority"; at one point, she actually shoves him several times and treats him to a well-earned outpouring of verbal abuse before turning back to her work. The second incident involved a woman who refused to accept a citation for wearing pants in defiance of a mandatory dress code. 


Konfrontera polisstatens kreatur - Saker man kan göra i Nordkorea 2014 men inte i USA?

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