tisdag 18 februari 2014

USA-stat inför ny lag FÖR DISKRIMINERING av homosexuella - blir det ankdammsprotester?

Kansas i USA har röstat igenom en ny kreativ lag som ger människor och företag i Kansas laglig rätt att öppet diskriminera homosexuella. Lagen gäller också för den amerikanska statens medarbetare gentemot de homosexuella medborgarna...
 Detta betyder att exempelvis  att sjukvården kan neka att behandla homosexuella. Polis och brandkår kan välja att inte rycka ut till undsättning, om bögar ringer efter hjälp...

  • Kommer ankdammsmedia att låtsas som om det regnar i Kansas, fast utan någon regnbåge?
  • Eller blir det stora rubriker och omfattande regnbågsprotester i ankdammen mot USA, frammanade av ankdammens vanliga propagandaenheter?

Alternativ 2 är nog lika sannolikt som att ankdammsmedia skulle börja att publicera riktiga nyheter.
... D v s chansen är försumbar...


--- GAY NO GO!:
Kansas approves bill discriminating against same-sex couples

Publicerad den 18 feb 2014
A decision by the Kansas House of Representatives to pass a bill which would have allowed the legal discrimination of gay couples was met with outrage across the U.S. A somewhat embarrassed state Senate now plans to sink the legislation which would have allowed people to use their religious beliefs to openly deny services, care or employment to same-sex couples. 
RT's Gayane Chichakyan reports.

Kansas, Tennessee introduce bills to legalize anti-gay discrimination 

Publicerad den 18 feb 2014
Lawmakers in Kansas are debating a bill that would make anti-gay discrimination legal in that state. The bill, which has passed in the state's Republican-controlled lower chamber, would offer legal protections for individuals, businesses and government employees who refuse to serve homosexuals on the basis of religious beliefs. The state's Senate Judiciary Committee plans to kill the measure by stalling the bill indefinitely, not allowing it to receive a vote by the entire Senate. Similar legislation has also been introduced in Tennessee. RT's Gayane Chichakayan reports on the controversial anti-gay legislation introduced around the country.

The Truthseeker: 'Bag a F*g' - A silent US anti-gay campaign (E34)

Storyline: RT har producerat en video som avslöjar värre övergrepp mot homosexuella i USA än i Ryssland. Blir det Regnbågsprotester?? (...Hahaha... man va ju ändå tvungen att fråga..:) reds.anm.)
Videon publicerad den 22 feb 2014
Media blackout as anti-gay crimes soar 70%; officers "pretend to be gay men cruising for sex"; states vote to block same-sex couples from hospitals; vigilantes beating LGBT citizens in broad daylight while authorities "did nothing", and Liz Cheney quits Senate race as she's "not homophobic enough". Seek truth from facts with Infowars Editor Paul Joseph Watson, Yale Law School Professor William Eskridge, political activist Eric Draitser, and victims of anti-gay attacks.

READ FULL SCRIPT: http://on.rt.com/1vag8u
USA-stat inför ny lag FÖR DISKRIMINERING av homosexuella - blir det ankdammsprotester?

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  1. --Department of Homeland Security Terrorizes Americans With Another Made Up Terrorist Threat--

    February 19, 2014

    Source: Lee Rogers, Daily Slave/BLN

    Once again we see the Department of Homeland Security inventing another terrorist threat to scare people while at the same time using it to justify their existence. Just weeks ago they were trying to scare people about the possibility of terrorists using toothpaste tube bombs. Now they are back to the true and tried formula of claiming that terrorists might try to attack airplanes using explosives in their shoes. This will of course give the Department of Homeland Security the opportunity to subject people to additional pat downs and other ridiculous security measures.
    Below is a blurb from a NBC report describing the situation. They claim that "very recent intelligence" indicated a potential shoe bomb plot. If that were really the case it is funny how they fully admit that they can't provide any specifics including who, what, where or when. What sort of so-called intelligence is this any way? It sounds like this whole thing is made up.
    The Department of Homeland Security has advised airlines of a potential new security threat, urging them to pay extra attention to flights from overseas to the United States.
    Several officials familiar with the advisory say "very recent intelligence" considered credible warns of possible attempts to attack passenger jets using explosives concealed in shoes. As a result, officials say, airlines will be playing extra attention to passenger shoes on flights to the US from overseas. Those passengers may also experience increased scrutiny in pat downs and full-body screening.
    The bulletin to airlines urges screeners to use the explosive trace detection swabs to check shoes that are worn and in carry-on bags.[...]



  2. --Arizona Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Businesses to Discriminate against Gays--

    All Gov - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    Conservatives in Arizona have once again captured the national spotlight with a controversial new law allowing discrimination against homosexuals on religious grounds.

    Having embraced proposals that targeted illegal immigrants, Arizona lawmakers last week approved legislation that would allow business owners to use their religious beliefs to justify the denial of services to same-sex couples.

    Christian religious groups praised the move, claiming the law was necessary to allow individuals the right to protect themselves from a lifestyle they oppose.

    “In America, people should be free to live and work according to their faith, and the government shouldn’t be able to tell us we can’t do that,” Joseph E. La Rue, legal counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona, told The New York Times. “Faith shouldn’t be something we have to leave inside our house.”

    Gay rights advocates and civil libertarians were outraged by the legislation, which is certain to face a court challenge if Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signs it.

    “The Arizona Senate bill is blatantly unconstitutional,” Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, told the Los Angeles Times. “It violates the requirement of equal protection of the laws by openly singling out a particular group of people and saying it’s OK to discriminate against them.” [...]




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