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USA: Handikappad pojke ritade "superhjälte" - Arresterad, bombröjare gjorde razzia i hans hem

Alternet 2014-01-13. - En ung handikappad skolpojke i USA arresterades efter att han klottrat en superhjälte från yttre rymden med en flammande handske i sitt skissblock. Efter arresteringen gjorde ett team av bombtekniker razzia i hans hem och förnedrade hela familjen. Pojkens föräldrar stämmer nu de amerikanska paranoida myndigheterna, skola, lärare, rektorer och alla andra inblandade...

Their son, K.J. Jr., has Asperger's syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the parents say in the 36-page lawsuit. He is, however, "a very gifted child in the areas of chemistry and engineering and likes to do experiments, fix things, build, create, and draw," according to the complaint.

"- K.J. expresses himself through his drawings," his parents say. "He doodles at school and that helps him concentrate and focus in class. His IEPs [individual education plans - required by law for students with disabilities] note that he doodles and draws in class."

The fiasco described in this lawsuit began on Dec. 17, 2102 - three days after the massacre at a Newtown, Conn. elementary school.

- On Dec. 17, K.J.'s parents say, his geometry teacher, a defendant, "notice a drawing of a spaceman that K.J. was sketching during class."

Late the next day, "K.J. was humiliated when he was called out of class by a school resource officer and the vice principal ... who also served as the director of special education, and K.J. was taken to the vice principal's office," the complaint states.

K.J. parents claim the vice principal "manipulated" their son into showing him the superhero sketch, "coerce(ing)" the boy into believe that he "was genuinely interested in his artwork."

The superhero glove with a flame coming out of it was "an updated version of a drawing" he had been doodling with for two years. What's more, he did it at home, not at school, his parents say.[...]



USA: Handikappad pojke ritade "superhjälte" - arresterad, bombröjare gjorde razzia i hans hem

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