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Sexutnyttjad som barn: - Elitens pedofilnätverk hade sitt centrum i Storbritanniens regering

2014-01-15. En man som utnyttjades sexuellt som barn träder nu fram och avslöjar att pedofilnätverket som tidigare avslöjats i samband BBC och Savile, hade sitt centrum i Storbritanniens dåvarande regering...
I den mycket välorganiserade pedofilringen  ingick som tidigare rapporterats i viss media, den världskände mega-pedofilen från BBC Jimmy Savile och hans chaufför, David Smith. Smith begick nyligen självmord (eller mördades?) strax före sin rättegång förra året där han anklagades för 6 olika brott inom samma ämne...

Mannen som nu träder fram och avslöjar pedofilnätverket har hunnit fylla 45 år. Han berättar att han utnyttjades som barn och har lämnat sina uppgifter till Skottland Yard.

- Han berättar att 13 och 14-åringar skeppades runt på pedofilringens frekventa sexpartyn, där klientelet bestod av både engelska regeringspolitiker, framstående affärsmän och mediekändisar...


 Bilden har inget med den aktuella händelsen att göra...

Britain: ‘Pedophile Network at the Heart of Government’

Source: Cryptogon

2014-01-14 Via: Express:
A FORMER female MP was involved in a paedophile network at the heart of government, police have been told.

She is alleged to have forced a boy in care to perform a “vile” sex act at one of a series of drug-fuelled parties in Westminster in the Eighties where boys and girls as young as 13 were allegedly abused.

Last night her alleged victim told the Sunday Express: “I want justice.”

Andrew Ash, now 45, said he has given Scotland Yard the name of the former MP. We cannot name her for legal reasons.

Mr Ash claims he was frequently ferried down to London from the North of England, where he was in care, to take part in sex parties.

- He says they were organised by a paedophile ring involving David Smith, Jimmy Savile’s former chauffeur who killed himself last year before he was due to stand trial for sex offences.

He said: “It wasn’t just politicians, there were also a number of celebrities, including Jimmy Savile, who seemed to have a lot of good links to MPs and powerful businessmen.

Mr Ash claims officers have footage which shows a senior male MP in the same frame as him, although no abuse takes place on camera. He said he is speaking out now because he is frustrated by the lack of action after being interviewed for 70 hours by the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit.

He says he was abused by the male MP on another occasion too. He said: “I remember being filmed with this MP, who was abusing me in a garage of a very prominent building behind a Rolls-Royce.

“Another politician turned up with a video camera but the man abusing me just smirked and joked, ‘OK, OK, I’ll vote any way you want’ as if he was being blackmailed. What I want to know is why they haven’t arrested him yet if they have this evidence.


Sexutnyttjad som barn: - Elitens pedofilnätverk hade sitt centrum i Storbritanniens regering

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  1. --BBC embroiled in further scandal as executive 'filmed Dutch child abuse movies'--

    January 27, 2014

    Source: Express UK

    He is said to have owned a three-storey property near the city centre in the Eighties. Boys from British care homes were allegedly ferried there to take part in sex films.

    Police have been told that the BBC employee was involved in the abuse and played a key role in ­distributing the films.

    The news comes as Dutch police prepare to re-open an investigation into child sex, which may be broadened to include British paedophiles operating in the Netherlands.

    A whistleblower tipped off the BBC Investigations Unit two weeks ago about the man, who has since retired from the Corporation.

    The information was passed to the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree, the unit set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to look into historic sex crimes.

    Although the Sunday Express knows both the identity of the alleged abuser and his former address in Amsterdam, we have decided not to print the details to avoid jeopardising any police investigation. Scotland Yard refused to comment but the BBC last night confirmed it had alerted the Met.[...]





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