torsdag 23 januari 2014

Mainstreams rapport om tortyr i Syrien kom från Qatar - som finansierar islamistrebellerna

Ungefär samtidigt som eliten utsåg USA-informatören och NSA-tillgången Carl Bildt till att rädda integriteten och friheten på internet, så publicerade elitens propagandamedia troligtvis ännu en s.k. "False flag -rapport" om påstådd tortyr i Syrien. - De har definitivt inte gett upp kampen för att få "fredsbomba" landet...
24 timmar före de syriska fredsförhandlingarna skulle starta så lyckades demokratiförebilden Qatar med lite hjälp från människorätts kämpande förebildsnationen Saudiarabien, koka ihop en skrämmande rapport om tortyr i Syrien. (viss satir kan förekomma)

Qatar, är frihetsdiktaturen som av en händelse också finansierar och tränar de al-Qaida-länkade islamistrebellerna i Syrien tillsammans med bl.a just Saudiarabien och CIA m.fl.

Allt sker under fredspristagare Obamas noggranna överseende som även hjälper till med finansiering och vapen i "proxykriget." Kriget beskrivs felaktigt som ett syriskt inbördeskrig av mainstream.

Förra gången elitens "drönare" kokade ihop en  liknande PR-soppa var när FN-inspektörerna skulle undersöka påstådda kemvapenattacker i Syrien. Då hann FN-inspektörerna knappt landa förrän kemvapen regnade ner från skyn nästan exakt på samma plats där inspektörerna befann sig. De hade stor tur som undkom.

Tur är också att 80-90% av världens befolkning ändå tillfälligtvis är såpass smarta att de inte går på krigsindustrikomplexets och elitens PR-trick för att få fredsbomba Syrien, vilket även är målet med den här senaste övningen...  

Govt Gears Up for "Humanitarian" Invasion of Syria After Latest PR Stunt

Publicerad den 22 jan 2014
Following an influential think tank's call for a humanitarian "realpolitik" stunt to be pulled to weaken President Assad's position, a report has miraculously emerged just 24 hours before the start of the 'Geneva II' conference which alleges systematic torture and abuse by Assad's regime.


CIA:s nye chef gillar tortyr och försvarar
Bush-administrationens tortyrpolicy.

New CIA Director John Brennan Cheers Torture

Videon publicerad den 8 jan 2013
Abby Martin takes a look at President Obama's announcement of John Brennan as the new director of the CIA, a person whose legacy is rife with corruption and support for some of the worst counterterrorism policies of the Bush era.
- En annan rapport som media sällan refererar till:


 Carl Bildt presenterar: Frihet på Internet!
 Mainstreams rapport om tortyr i Syrien kom från Qatar - som finansierar islamistrebellerna

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  1. --5 Reasons The Latest Report On Syria War Crimes Might Not Be True--

    January 22, 2014

    Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post

    In a recently released and conveniently timed report, complete with references to Nazi Germany and concentration camps, efforts to ramp up support for a “tough line” against Syria at the upcoming Geneva II conference and even possible military intervention, are once again moving into high gear. The report, compiled by three British war crime prosecutors and three “forensic experts” claims that it has demonstrable proof that the Assad government is guilty of torturing and killing over ten thousand people.

    The report claims to show evidence of physical torture, murder, and starvation.
    Of course, the Syrian government denies the veracity of the claims of the report and Western media outlets repeat the claims as incontrovertible proof.

    1. The Gulf State Feudal Monarchy Qatar is the sponsor of the report. Qatar is, of course, one of the major sponsors of the Syrian invasion (aka the Syrian “rebels”) and has played a massively important role in financing, training, arming, and directing the death squads currently being mopped up by the Assad government.

    2. The source of the report. One would be justified in questioning the nature of the report since the sole source of the material comes by virtue of an allegedly “defected Syrian military police officer” who was apparently fine with photographing thousands of dead victims for over a year until now. [...]

    3. Past claims of Assad’s “Crimes Against Humanity.” It is important to remember past experiences with Western claims against Assad for alleged “crimes against humanity,” all of which turned out to have been committed by the death squads, not the Syrian government. From the Houla massacre to the Ghouta chemical weapons attacks, the Syrian government has been exonerated by all credible evidence.[...]

    4.) Possibility that the death squads could have killed the victims shown in the report. The victims shown in the report have clearly been abused and starved. However, before jumping to conclusions about just how these unfortunate individuals met their fate, perhaps it would be a good idea to look back at the context of the victims. As mentioned earlier, the death squads operating in Syria are no strangers to crimes against humanity, murder, and torture. [...]

    5.) The report was conveniently released just two days before the Geneva II Peace Conference meeting on Syria. After the retraction of an invitation to Iran to attend the peace conference, the Qatari-funded report was released just two days before the peace conference was scheduled to take place.[...]

  2. Medias rapport:

    -A report into the credibility of certain evidence with regard to torture and execution of persons incarcerated by the current Syrian regime-

    Warning graphic content: Some people may find the images in this report disturbing


  3. --US still toying with idea of bombing Syria – Kerry--

    Voice of Russia January 23, 2014

    US President Barack Obama has never given up the idea of dealing a blow on Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry said. He believes that Bashar Assad is as good as a magnet for terrorists.

    When President Barack Obama was making a decision about a potential use of force against Syria he was making this decision in the context of the chemical weapons problem. He left that version at call on his desk, allowing for the expectation of Syrians to perform all their obligations, said Kerry according to TASS news agency.

    He added that the president never pigeonholed this version, waiting for the developments.

    However, Kerry went on to say, the US will continue its consultations with Russia in the framework of searching for ways to settle the Syrian conflict.

    The Russian and US presidents instructed me and Sergey Lavrov to find a solution to the Syrian conflict. I believe we’ll continue our efforts in the next few days, he said.

    In his speech the US Secretary of State also touched upon the UN withdrawal of its invitation to Iran to participate in the Geneva-2 conference. Kerry pointed out that Iran could without doubt make a contribution to the process of the Syrian settlement.



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