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USA: Två kvinnor i bikini körde för fort - polisen gjorde vagina & anal- visitering vid vägkanten

Tror att rubriken säger det mesta? Ännu en artikel om mentalt störda poliser som bara inte kan låta bli att stoppa upp sina nyfikna fingrar överallt. Om de rättsvårdande myndigheterna mot förmodan använder plasthandskar under sina äventyr så är de numera ofta för snåla för att använda olika handskar på olika personer, vilket rapporterats gång på gång....

2 women in bikinis given body cavity searches on the side of Highway 

- "Up my private parts?!"

Publicerad den 2 juli 2013
BRAZORIA COUNTY, TX -- Two women had the inside of their crotches searched on the side of the highway, thanks to the dutiful enforcement of tyrannical drug prohibition laws.

Officers pulled the women over for speeding on their way home from the beach. Of course, traffic stops are just the excuse a good enforcer needs to begin fishing for reasons to throw people in cages.

After finding a small amount of forbidden plants in the vehicle, officers weren't satisfied. They wanted more. The two women, dressed only in bikinis, were told they were going to get an internal body cavity search.

"Are you serious," Brandy Hamilton asked the trooper.

"- If you hid something in there, we're going to find it," said the trooper.

"You're going to go up my private parts?!" Hamilton said.

"Yes ma'am."

...The women say that the same glove was used to violate all of their orifices.

There are truly no limits to the amount of terror and tyranny that are created by the fascist Drug War that plagues the country.

Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle are suing the officers involved.



I have been in you - Frank Zappa 


USA: 2 Kvinnor i bikini körde för fort - polisen gjorde vagina & anal- visitering vid vägkanten

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  1. -We’ve Known for Some Time that the NSA Is Spying On Congress-

    January 8, 2014

    Source: Washington's Blog

    What It Really Means

    The NSA pretty much admitted to spying on Congress this week.

    It’s not the first time. David Sirota notes:

    When I asked U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) if the NSA was keeping files on his colleagues, he recounted a meeting between NSA officials and lawmakers in the lead-up to a closely contested House vote to better regulate the agency:

    “One of my colleagues asked the NSA point blank will you give me a copy of my own record and the NSA said no, we won’t. They didn’t say no we don’t have one. They said no we won’t. So that’s possible.”

    Grayson is right: presumably, if the NSA wasn’t tracking lawmakers, it would have flatly denied it. Instead, those officials merely denied lawmakers access to whatever files the agency might have. That suggests one of two realities: 1) the NSA is keeping files on lawmakers 2) the NSA isn’t keeping files on lawmakers, but answered vaguely in order to stoke fear among legislators that it is.

    Sirota notes the danger of even the threat of spying on the legislature:

    Regardless of which of these realities happens to be the case, the mere existence of legitimate fears of congressional surveillance by an executive-branch agency is a serious legal and separation-of-powers problem. Why? Because whether or not the surveillance is actually happening, the very real possibility that it even could be happening orhas happened can unduly intimidate the legislative branch into abrogating its constitutional oversight responsibilities. In this particular case, it can scare congressional lawmakers away from voting to better regulate the NSA.



  2. --Ford Exec: ‘We Know Everyone Who Breaks The Law’ Thanks To Our GPS In Your Car--

    January 9, 2014

    Source: Business Insider

    Ford’s Global VP/Marketing and Sales, Jim Farley, said something both sinister and obvious during a panel discussion about data privacy today at CES, the big electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

    Because of the GPS units installed in Ford vehicles, Ford knows when its drivers are speeding, and where they are while they’re doing it.

    Farley was trying to describe how much data Ford has on its customers, and illustrate the fact that the company uses very little of it in order to avoid raising privacy concerns: “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone,” he told attendees.

    Rather, he said, he imagined a day when the data might be used anonymously and in aggregate to help other marketers with traffic related problems. Suppose a stadium is holding an event; knowing how much traffic is making its way toward the arena might help the venue change its parking lot resources accordingly, he said.[...]



  3. -Third New Mexico victim of humiliating cavity searches comes forward-

    -More terrorized drivers report forceful rectal inspections by New Mexico police-

    -Hospital bills man for rectal search he was forced to undergo by police-



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