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TSA - Flygsäkerhet för "Crony Capitalists" - Nakenskanners farligare än terror

Abby Martin berättar om bakgrunden till TSA och deras flygplatskontroller.  Hon avslöjar även att deras skanners är minst lika dödliga som de terrorattentat de påstås förhindra och att USA planerar att expandera TSA:s program och använda sina nakenskanners på t.ex. bussterminaler, idrottsevenemang, varuhus, checkpoints, etc, etc...

TSA: Criminality, Body Scanners Beyond Airports
Big Brother Watch

Publicerad den 11 sep 2012
Abby Martin gives a critique on the TSA's body scanners at airports.
Abby breaks down the TSA Bureaucracy: criminality, ineptitude and their blatant violation of citizens' rights. She goes over the government collusion with the industry, exposes body scanner flaws and asks: "why is the TSA expanding beyond airports nationwide?



Hundreds of complaint letters about the TSA’s invasive security procedures released in 2012 under the Freedom of Information Act included numerous horror stories about TSA screeners directly touching people’s genitals during pat downs.

--REMAKE av TSA:s propagandavideo!--
Publicerad den 9 jan 2014
TSA made a cartoon aimed at indoctrinating our kids into submission.
Here is their original video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHjlN5...
We thought it lacked some truth.
TSA - Flygsäkerhet för "Crony Capitalists" - Nakenskanners farligare än terror
The Transportation Security Administration is expanding its fiefdom once again, this time planning to inspect aircraft repair stations in an attempt to lower the risk of theft and other terrorism-related activity.

The move will cover about 4,100 domestic repair stations and 700 foreign ones, as the agency attempts to satisfy a Congressional order passed about a decade ago. 

According to the Associated Press, Congress first mandated the TSA to inspect airport repair stations over concern that they made easy targets for terrorists wishing to steal a plane or plant a bomb onboard one. 


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