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SHEEPLE - Undersåtens totalövervakade medicinerade liv i acceptans och ignorans

2014-01-29. Vi måste "Prata Om" Sheeple. - Allt eftersom Sveriges avlånga land fortsätter sin snabba förvandling till ett gigantiskt FEMA-läger, så undrar trots allt ett litet fåtal personer fortfarande varför befolkningen som påstås härstamma från vikingarna, knappt reagerar när deras tidigare mänskliga rättigheter försvinner en efter en. Detta samtidigt som myndigheternas maktbas expanderar okontrollerat. Vi måste nog "prata om" Sheeple...
En  förklaring till fenomenet kan vara att många människor, som ett naturligt led i den kontinuerliga mänskliga evolutionen, numera har övergått från att vara vanliga "People" till att ha blivit "Sheeple" istället.

En annan förklaring kan vara att många års medveten fördumning av populationen från media och eliten till slut satt sina spår i den svenska folksjälen...

Brandon Smith har lyckligtvis skrivit en intressant artikel om just "Sheeple", där han förklarar utförligt varför det är synd om alla Sheeple som lever i MSM:s manipulerade Matrix-värld...

Sheeple: - Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them...

2013-11-20. By:  Brandon Smith who  writes at Alt-Market.com:
It is often said there only two kinds of people in this world: those who know, and those who don’t. I would expand on this and say that there are actually three kinds of people: those who know, those who don’t know, and those who don’t care to know. 

- Members of the last group are the kind of people I would characterize as “sheeple.”

[...] So-called mainstream media outlets go out of their way to reinforce this aggressive mindset by establishing the illusion that sheeple are the “majority” and that the majority perception (which has been constructed by the MSM) is the only correct perception.

- The goal is to give sheeple comfort that they are “normal” and that anyone who steps outside the bounds of the mainstream is “abnormal” and a welcome target for the collective.

It would appear that the life of a sheeple is a life of relative bliss. The whole of the establishment machine seems engineered to make them happy and the rest of us miserable. But is a sheeple’s existence the ideal? Are they actually happy in their ignorance?

- Are they truly safe within the confines of the system?

- Here are just a few reasons why you should feel sorry for them:

Sheeple Are Nothing Without The Collective

A sheeple gathers his entire identity from the group. He acts the way he believes the group wants him to act. He thinks the way he believes the group wants him to think. All of his “ideas” are notions pre-approved by the mainstream.

All of his arguments and talking points are positions he heard from the media, or academia, and he has never formed an original opinion in his life.

Without the group telling him what to do, the average sheeple is lost and disoriented. When cast into a crisis situation requiring individual initiative, he panics or becomes apathetic, waiting for the system to come and save him rather than taking care of himself.

Sheeple are so dependent on others for every aspect of their personality and their survival that when faced with disaster, they are the most likely people to curl up and die.

Sheeple Crave Constant Approval From Others

Sheeple are not only reliant on the collective for their identity and their survival; they also need a steady supplement of approval from others in order to function day to day.

When a sheeple leaves his home, he is worried about how his appearance is perceived, how his attitude is perceived, how his lifestyle is perceived and how his opinions are perceived. Everything he does from the moment his day begins revolves around ensuring that the collective approves of him.

Even his acts of “rebellion” are often merely approved forms of superficial “individualism” reliant on style rather than substance. This approval becomes a kind of emotional drug to which the sheeple is addicted. He will never make waves among the herd or stand out against any aspect of the herd worldview, because their approval sustains and cements his very existence.

To take collective approval away from him would be like cutting off a heroin junky’s supplier. To be shunned by the group would destroy him psychologically.

Sheeple Are Incapable Of Original Creativity

Because sheeple spend most of their waking moments trying to appease the collective, they rarely, if ever, have the energy or inclination to create something of their own. Sheeple do not make astonishing works of art. They do not achieve scientific discovery.

They do not make history through philosophical or ideological innovation.  Instead, they regurgitate the words of others and hijack ideas from greater minds.  They remain constant spectators in life, watching change from the bleachers, caught in the tides of time and tossed about like congealed satellites of Pacific Ocean garbage from the after-wash of Fukushima.

 The destiny of the common sheeple is entirely determined by the outcome of wars and restorations waged by small groups of aware individuals — some of them good, some of them evil.

Sheeple Have No Passion

If you draw all of your beliefs from what the collective deems acceptable, then it is difficult, if not impossible, to become legitimately passionate about them. Sheeple have little to no personal connection to their ideals or principles; so they become mutable, empty and uninspired.

They tend to turn toward cynicism as a way to compensate, making fun of everything, especially those who ARE passionate about something. The only ideal that they will fight for is the collective itself, because who they are is so intertwined with the survival of the system.

- To threaten the concept of the collective is to threaten the sheeple’s existence by extension.

Sheeple Are Useless

The average sheeple does not learn how to be self-reliant because it is considered “abnormal” by the mainstream to be self-reliant. The collective and the state are the provider. They are mother and father. Sheeple have full faith that the system will protect them from any and all harm.

When violence erupts, they cower and hide instead of defending themselves and others. When large-scale catastrophe strikes, they either sit idle waiting for the state to save them or they join yet another irrational mob. They do not take proactive measures, because they never felt the need to learn how.

Consider this: Why do the mainstream and the people subject to it care if others prepare for disaster or end their dependency on the establishment? Why are they so desperate to attack those of us who find our own path? If the system is so effective and the collective so correct in its methodology, then individualists are hurting only themselves by walking away, right?

But for the sheeple, successfully self-reliant individuals become a constant reminder of their own inadequacies. They feel that if they cannot survive without the system, NO ONE can survive without the system; and they will make sure that individualists never prove otherwise.

“You didn’t build that” becomes the sheeple motto, as they scratch and scrape like spoiled children, trying to dismantle the momentum of independent movements and ventures in non-participation.


Sheeple Are Easily Forgotten

To live a life of endless acceptance is to live a life of meaningless obscurity. When one arrives at his deathbed, does he want to reflect on all of his regrets or all of his accomplishments? Most of us would rather find joy than sadness when looking back over our past. For sheeple, though, this will not be possible — for what have they ever done besides conform?

What will they have left behind except a world worse off than when they were born? What will they have accomplished, but more pain and struggle for future generations? In the end, what have their lives really been worth?

I cannot imagine a torture more vicious and terrifying than to realize in the face of one’s final days that one wasted his entire life trying to please the plethora of idiots around him, instead of educating them and himself and molding tomorrow for the better.

I cannot imagine a punishment more severe than to spend the majority of one’s years as a slave without even knowing it. I cannot imagine an existence more deserving of pity and remorse than that of the sheeple.


Publicerad den 29 jan 2014
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SHEEPLE - Undersåtens totalövervakade medicinerade liv i acceptans och ignorans

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    Det som skiljer dessa från bää främst är att om man tar ett gäng bä och försöker få dem att jobba under lång tid koordinerat mot ett håll så faller det första dagen.

    Eliten orkar jobba med sånt som inte ger belöning direkt utan långt senare extremt länge och extremt synkat.

    Bara titta på de runt en, försök bestämma något med någon som skulle kräva tid på sena kvällar under lång tid , ursäkterna kommer fort när man sen ska ses och börja jobba mot målet.

    Bää vill ha betalt för jobbet.

    1. ""Eliten orkar jobba med sånt som inte ger belöning direkt utan långt senare extremt länge och extremt synkat.""

      Eliten kan i o f s gå med förlust i 1000 år eftersom de redan har pengar i högar...

      Deras manuella drönare har en förmåga att jobba synkat tillsammans bara de får fortsätta va psykon under arbetstiden... (rättsvårdande, politiker etc:)



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