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Soros & USA planerade ett Libyskt scenario för Ukraina 2011 - investeringen gav utdelning 2014

Två artiklar på engelska angående upproret i Ukraina. Den första från RT 2011, och en ny artikel från Infowars 2014-02-22. George Soros, som enligt uppgifter även finansierar Femen-projektet, har de senaste åren satsat stora pengar tillsammans med USA, för att få ett regimskifte i Ukraina...

RT 2011.04.14.
Ukraine’s leading political party has said that the international financier George Soros has been preparing a “Lybian scenario” for the country.
The head of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction Aleksandr Yefremov said in a televised comment on Wednesday that he had information that George Soros had allocated funds for the overthrow of the Ukrainian political authorities.

 “I even have information that Soros has allocated certain funds in order to prepare a certain group of young boys here in Ukraine who could launch any existing projects based on the North Africa examples,” Yefremov said. 
He also added that he hoped that the Ukrainian people will be wise enough not to follow such provocations. [...]

Soros Funded “Libyan Scenario” Now Unfolding in Ukraine

Kurt Nimmo
Infowars.com February 22, 2014
Back in 2011 the Party of Regions warned that if left unchecked the globalist financier George Soros would unleash a “Libyan scenario” on Ukraine.

“I even have information that Soros has allocated certain funds in order to prepare a certain group of young boys here in Ukraine who could launch any existing projects based on the North Africa examples,” said Aleksandr Yefremov, head of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction.

A “certain group of young boys,” namely violent gun-toting hooligans from the Right Sector and associated neofascist groups, are reportedly in control of Kyiv as of Saturday. Members of 31st Hundred, an opposition group from Lviv, were said to be in control of Ukraine’s Parliament building, The New York Times reports, and the president, Viktor Yanukovych, has fled the capitol. Protesters have taken control of his home.

The United States and NATO supported mercenaries in Libya who overthrew the government and murdered its leader, Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi. Libya is now paralyzed by factional, regional, tribal and ideological divisions, a fate Ukraine now confronts as stores are looted, cash machines emptied, and a mass exodus departs the capitol for Odessa, Simferopol and Kharkov, Ukrainian cities largely loyal to the government and less affected by the turmoil, according to Russia Today.

In 2008 the now imprisoned former prime minister, Yulia Timoshenko, talked about the role George Soros played in Ukrainian politics and the advice he gave following the financial crisis.

“This raised suspicions that through such advice George Soros could influence the rate of the Ukrainian national currency in his own speculative interests. Several officials from president Yushchenko’s administration said they wanted to launch a probe into Soros’ Ukrainian activities, but it did not happen,” RT.com reported in 2011.

In 2010 the Ukrainian State Security Service began monitoring the activities of the Soros sponsored and funded Vozrozdeniye (“Renaissance”) foundation and its connection to other NGOs operating in the country. 

The investigation did not produce actionable results.

In response to the accusations leveled by Aleksandr Yefremov, the Soros Foundation “said in a special statement that all funds allocated for Ukrainian programs are being spent on the development of the open and democratic society and also for helping Ukrainian citizens, who suffered from the effects of the international financial crisis.”

In January we reported on the cynical attempt by Soros to undermine Ukraine and other nations in the Russian Federation. Soros’ Open Society Institute, now known as Open Society Foundations (OSF), doles out grants to activist NGOs in central Europe and builds upon and continues the work of the Ford Foundation. Since the early 1950s, the CIA has used the Ford Foundation as a funding cover. Soros and a handful of U.S. organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy destabilize and overthrow governments, tasks formerly accomplished by the CIA.

The destabilization of the Ukrainian government is part of an ongoing geostrategic move by the globalists to undermine any challenge to their hegemonic designs. Libya suffered the result of what is essentially an order out of chaos plan. A similar plan on Russia’s frontier is now underway.



- Washington Spends 5 Billion to Subvert Ukraine 

- USA finansierade ett nytt Syrienliknande skeende - Destabiliserade Ukraina med 5 miljarder dollar

Publicerad den 19 feb 2014
Alex discusses the political turmoil currently taking place in the Ukraine, the long history of Balkanization in the area by Governments across the Globe and the economic sanctions being placed against them as part of a far reaching economic plan.



Soros & USA planerade ett Libyskt scenario för Ukraina 2011 - investeringen gav utdelning 2014

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  1. NWO banksters går ur skinet för att starta WW3, i annat fall de måste eliminera eget befolkning i Femma camps och vosa öppet satans ansikte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    USA är bankrot och dollar kollapsar snart!!!!!!!!!!

    Senator John McCain En Route To Ukraine To Hasten “Regime Change”

    Israeliska snaipers mördade båda sidor for att ösa på:
    3 camera coverage live killing event: Ukraine Killing Street
    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=729_1393335320#TXIP4ZM9agV6w2gA.99

    U.S. Has Transformed Libya Into Danger to All Africa - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15750#sthash.3kGaDFHQ.dpuf

    US moves closer to reviving bases in Philippines as part of focus on Asia
    (obs! närmare till Kina)


    Huvud rabbin i Ukraina gratulerade alla judar med rätt startat Purim........ (tidigare under en natt tagit de liv på 70 tusen Perser, nu planer att spruta blod på goyim i Ukraina)


    Shocking investigation reveals sex trade in girls bought in Romania and sold as prostitutes in Britain

    US gives three Venezuelan officials 48 hours to leave country:

    American Terror Manufactured by the FBI

    Här är mål för att stjäla resurser utan nytt rån i USA blir inbördeskrig (de glömde att ww3 bli inte bara på den territorium de provocerar till utan alla fattar att hela Europa USA Israel skall stå i brand men de psykopater tror att de blir skonade) :

    Experts fear Crimea could become next flashpoint

    Vilken Iver..... psykopater tappar greppet....(Purim planer)
    US pushes NATO membership for Georgia

  2. While the world’s attention is riveted on dramatic events Ukraine, the United States is making strides to bring Georgia closer to NATO. Experts are warning that this scenario may destabilize the situation in the Caucasus and strain relations between NATO and Russia. But the warnings fall on deaf ears. Vying for control of that important part of former Soviet territory, Washington has long stopped heeding experts' opinions

  3. --George Soros On "Sustaining Ukraine's Breakthrough"--

    Blacklisted News - February 26, 2014

    Authored by George Soros, originally posted at Project Syndicate:

    Following a crescendo of terrifying violence, the Ukrainian uprising has had a surprisingly positive outcome. Contrary to all rational expectations, a group of citizens armed with not much more than sticks and shields made of cardboard boxes and metal garbage-can lids overwhelmed a police force firing live ammunition. There were many casualties, but the citizens prevailed. This was one of those historic moments that leave a lasting imprint on a society’s collective memory.

    How could such a thing happen? Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics offers a fitting metaphor. According to Heisenberg, subatomic phenomena can manifest themselves as particles or waves; similarly, human beings may alternate between behaving as individual particles or as components of a larger wave. In other words, the unpredictability of historical events like those in Ukraine has to do with an element of uncertainty in human identity.

    People’s identity is made up of individual elements and elements of larger units to which they belong, and peoples’ impact on reality depends on which elements dominate their behavior. When civilians launched a suicidal attack on an armed force in Kyiv on February 20, their sense of representing “the nation” far outweighed their concern with their individual mortality. The result was to swing a deeply divided society from the verge of civil war to an unprecedented sense of unity.



  4. --Central Banker Appointed as Prime Minister of Ukraine--

    Infowars.com February 27, 2014

    A reshuffled Ukrainian Parliament installed following a coup last week has voted to appoint Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the new prime minister of the country. Yats, as Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. State Department, called him, is a natural choice.

    He is a millionaire former banker who served as economy minister, foreign minister and parliamentary speaker before Yanukovych took office in 2010.

    He is a member of Yulie Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party. Prior to the revolution cooked up by the State Department and executed by ultra-nationalist street thugs, Tymoshenko was incarcerated for embezzlement and other crimes against the people of Ukraine.

    Now she will be part of the installed government, same as she was after the last orchestrated coup, the Orange Revolution.



  5. Jewish groups celebrate regime-change in Ukraine:


    Factbox: Ukraine's history with IMF bailouts-

    Ukraine clamps down on Russian broadcasts- Friheter syns fr början!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ukraine's new rulers disband riot police -
    ingen skyddar befolkning mot kriminella rånar och våldtäkt band som kallar sig "revolucionärer"!!!!!!!!!

    NATO to hold political discussion on Ukraine - det stinker Lybia -Afghanistan....

    Pentagon chief proposes $115 billion increase in military spending-

    New York Times: Supporting US Imperial Lawlessness-

    "Lithuanians were unaware when joining the EU that by 2014 a hidden law that foreigners can buy their land would be enacted". !!!!!!!!
    Rån på alla nivåer i full fart-

    Maidan destroys Ukrainian cultural heritage

  6. Just därför USA försöker sparka fram WW3--------------


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  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVO9zQzG75k

    The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Sunday February 23 2014: Obama Supporters videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. IMF Coup In Ukraine -- Date: 02/23/2014 -- -Today - On this Sunday, February 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the.

  8. The Alex Jones Show - Wednesday, February 26, 2014 (Full Show

    Polish Minister: Martial Law Will be Declared and You'll All Be Dead

  9. Was the Ukraine Coup America’s Main Event at the Sochi Olympics?

    Additional Marines sent to guard U.S. Embassy in Ukraine

    Washington's Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2014/02/27/washingtons-man-yatsenyuk-setting-ukraine-up-for-ruin/

    Ukraine’s interim prime minister, Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk, may prove to be arsenic to the beleaguered nation.“Recall the phone exchange between the Ukraine ambassador and Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs) that got leaked out, where she basically said ‘we want Yats in there.’

    "New prime minister may be Washington's man in Ukraine" http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/politics/op-ed-new-prime-minister-may-be-washington-s-man-in-ukraine/article/373657

    EU prepares poisoned loan for Ukraine....
    By July, Ukraine will have to pay $410 billion dollars of debt, and about $3 billion to Russia (including Gazprom)....

    "Oh yes; things are MUCH better for the Ukrainian people under their new US puppet government!!"-

    Ukrainian Currency Collapses By 28% Against Gold In 4 Days

    IMF Vultures Swoop to Asset-Strip Ukraine

    "By the end of 2015, Ukraine must pay foreign creditors $17 billion, not including interest. The total financial needs of Ukraine for the current year are estimated by Russian economists at $25 billion"

    Source: Ukrainian authorities are ready to use army to subdue pro-Russian

    Ukraine asks for intervention as Russian troops take control of two airports

    Crimean Parliament Announces Referendum on Independence - See more at: http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=158546

    "Little Russia, sometimes Little Rus’ (Russian: Малая Русь or Малороссия; Ukrainian: Мала Русь or Rus' Minor), is a historical political and geographical term in the Russian language referring to most of the territory of modern-day Ukraine before the twentieth century".

  10. Israel's Role In Ukraine - Reuven Dinel, a former Mossad agent, as ambassador to Ukraine

    Russia has no choice but to treat Israel as an enemy state".
    "A former Israeli army officer is playing a leading role in the anti-government protests in Ukraine [...]. [This] unnamed Israeli was commanding a group of 20 Ukrainian militants while four other Israelis, who had also previously served in the army, were said to have taken part in opposition rallies in Ukraine's capital of Kiev. They were born in Ukraine but migrated to Israel and joined its armed forces before returning [to Ukraine] for the demonstrations [...]"

    The Press TV report went on to state "that an Israeli tycoon provided financial support to the opposition in Ukraine [...]"

    On 16 December 2013 Jerusalem Post reported that

    "some young Jews working for international organizations such as JDC, Hillel and Limmud have taken to the barricades [in Ukraine, and they were] 'really active' in offering support as well as 'organizing the barricades'."

    One may well be tempted to view these young Jews as useful idiots, but it is far more plausible that they were in fact provocateurs with a political agenda of their own. Ukraine is not just a safe haven for oligarchs on the run from Putin; it is also a country in which Israel exerts a high degree of political influence.

    What should be troubling to Russia is the extent of the cooperation between Ukraine and Israel in the fields of military and intelligence. During the European Championship in football in 2012, which was held in Poland and Ukraine, Mossad was partly in charge of security. And the cooperation went much farther than the overseeing of sports events:

    (i) Exchange of security information between the two countries; such an exchange is most likely skewed in Israel's favour.

    (ii) Cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism.

    (iii) Israel is granted wellnigh unlimited access to Ukrainian databases; this facilitates the halting of the influx of undesired elements into Israel as well as the apprehension of potential or imagined terrorists.

    Indeed, the cooperation between Israel and Ukraine in the field of intelligence is so extensive that Israel saw it fit to appoint It is worth noting that Dinel was caught spying in Russia during the 90s and was subsequently declared persona non grata. So tarnished was Dinel's reputation that Turkmenistan refused to grant diplomatic status to this enemy of Russia. Ukraine had no such qualms.

    Ukraine is today a veritable den of russophobic Israelis. On the one hand, Israel's interests coincide with those of the West in the sense that they both wish to limit the Russian sphere influence, whereas on the other Israel is advocating the agenda of oligarchs with dual or multiple citizenships jealously clinging on to assets stolen from the people of Russia.

    Russia has no choice but to treat Israel as an enemy state.

    Alois Philby is a blogger. He blogs at http://aloisphilby.blogspot.com

  11. http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_28/Ukraine-was-a-playbook-CIA-coup-d-tat-Prof-Francis-Boyle-6845/


    "Ukraine Protests Carefully Orchestrated: The Role of CANVAS, US-Financed “Color Revolution Training Group”http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-protests-carefully-orchestrated-the-role-of-canvas-us-financed-color-revolution-training-group/5369906

    Hungary Kicked The IMF Out And Supports Russia on Ukraine




    US Lacks Moral Authority to Judge on Human Rights

    Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Tells the World We Aren’t Going to Do Anything About Invasion of Ukraine

    Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier - http://www.naturalblaze.com/2014/02/studies-prove-without-doubt-that.html

  12. -675,000 Ukrainians pour into Russia as ‘humanitarian crisis’ looms-

    RT March 02, 2014

    An estimated 675,000 Ukrainians left for Russia in January and February, fearing the “revolutionary chaos” brewing in Ukraine, Russia's Federal Border Guard Service said. Officials fear a growing humanitarian crisis.

    On Sunday, the border guard service said Russian authorities have identified definite signs that a “humanitarian catastrophe” is brewing in Ukraine.

    “In just the past two months (January-February) of this year…675,000 Ukrainian citizens have entered Russian territory,” Itar-Tass news agency cited the service as saying.

    "If 'revolutionary chaos' in Ukraine continues, hundreds of thousands of refugees will flow into bordering Russian regions," the statement read.

    Ukrainians have long formed a large presence in Russia. According to the official 2010 census, 1.9 million Ukrainians were officially living in Russia, although the head of the Federal Migration Service put that figure as high as 3.5 million one year before.

    While those migrants were often prompted by economic concerns, political turmoil has spiked the recent rise in Ukrainian’s attempting to leave the country.

    On Saturday, Russian migration authorities reported that 143,000 requests for asylum had been sent to Russia within a two-week period. Russian officials have promised to expedite the processing of those requests.

    “Tragic events in Ukraine have caused a sharp spike in requests coming from this country seeking asylum in Russia,” said the chief of the FMS’s citizenship desk, Valentina Kazakova. “We monitor figures daily and they are far from comforting.

    Over the last two weeks of February, some 143,000 people applied.”

    Kazakova said most requests come from the areas bordering Russia, and especially from Ukraine’s south. [...]




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