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Paul Craig Roberts: Västmedia, en lögn-fabrik - eller hur Ukraina blev MSM-demokrati utan val

Läs en nyskriven amerikansk artikel om trovärdigheten i dagens västmedia av Paul Craig Roberts, plus en hel del annat material om Ukrainas nya demokratiska regering och de personer som möjliggjorde regimskiftet...

Nyligen blev våra ankdammsjournalister enligt egen uppgift utsatta för en farlig s.k. "NAZISTATTACK." Några killar från yttre högern hade tydligen bl.a. klistrat någon meter av "livsfarlig förpackningstejp" på ankdammsjournalisternas dörr. Samma s.k. journalister rapporterar nu problemfritt om Ukrainas nya demokratiska och folkliga regering...
Paul Craig Roberts artikel fortsätter:
The New York Times and the UK Guardian, indeed, practically the entire Western media, have taken the position that there is no fascist or neo-nazi element in the coup government.

However, I have seen the videos available on the Internet (and some are linked in my previous columns) of the thugs threatening government ministers in one location and assaulting a public prosecutor in another. There are also videos of the ultra-right decked out in nazi symbols and armed with weapons.

My opinion is that it is the Western media that is lying, and that Julie Hyland is telling it like it is. You can read her account here:
(*artikeln med Juile Hyland finns även delvis återpublicerad längre ner på sidan)
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.


Radical Right Sector leader announces bid for Ukrainian presidency

Publicerad den 7 mars 2014
The leader of the Ukrainian radical group Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, was a major player the protests in Kiev that toppled the government in February. Now Yarosh has thrown his hat in the ring to be the country's next elected president. The Right Sector movement, an amalgamation of several far-right groups, was formed in November 2013. After the February 21 agreement between now-ousted President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition leaders was signed, the Right Sector declared they did not recognize it and would continue the armed struggle. But Yarosh is facing opposition from Russia. On Wednesday, Russia put Yarosh on an international wanted list and charged him with inciting terrorism. RT's Peter Oliver takes a look at the controversial Yarosh.

This is an obscene cover-up.

The reality is that, for the first time since 1945, an avowedly anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi party controls key levers of state power in a European capital, courtesy of US and European imperialism. The unelected Ukrainian government, headed by US appointee Arseniy Yatsenyuk, includes no fewer than six ministers from the fascist Svoboda party.

Less than a year ago, the World Jewish Congress called for Svoboda to be banned. But the party’s founder and leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, who has spoken repeatedly of his determination to crush the “Russkie-Yid mafia that controls Ukraine,” was feted by US and European Union officials as they prepared last month’s coup.

Following the 2010 conviction of John Demjanjuk as an accomplice in the murder of nearly 30,000 people in the Nazi concentration camp at Sobibor, Tyahnybok called him a hero. Tyahnybok’s deputy, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, founded a think tank called the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center.
Svoboda was the major political force in the Maidan protests that overthrew Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. In return for providing the shock troops for the coup, it has been given control of vital ministries.

Svoboda co-founder Andriy Parubiy acted as “security commandant” in the protests, directing attacks by the Right Sector—an alliance of fascists and extreme right-wing nationalists, including the paramilitary Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian National Self Defense (UNA-UNSO). Dressed in uniforms modelled on Hitler’s Waffen SS, its members boast of fighting Russia in Chechnya, Georgia and Afghanistan.

Parubiy is now secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, overseeing the Defence Ministry and the armed forces. Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector, is his deputy.
Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Sych is another leading Svoboda figure, as is Oleh Makhnitsky (prosecutor-general), Serhiy Kvit (Education Minstry), Andriy Makhnyk (Ecology Ministry) and Ihor Shvaiko (Agriculture Ministry).

Others reportedly connected to UNA-UNSO are Dmytro Bulatov (youth and sports minister) and the “activist” journalist Tetyana Chernovol, who was named chair of the government’s anti-corruption committee.
The hero of Svoboda and UNA-UNSO is the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN), which aided the Nazis in horrific massacres of the Jewish population.

In 2010, Svoboda’s official forum posted a statement reading: “To create a truly Ukrainian Ukraine in the cities of the East and South…we will need to cancel parliamentarism, ban all political parties, nationalise the entire industry, all media, prohibit the importation of any literature to Ukraine from Russia…completely replace the leaders of the civil service, education management, military (especially in the East), physically liquidate all Russian-speaking intellectuals and all Ukrainophobes (fast, without a trial shot. Registering Ukrainophobes can be done here by any member of Svoboda), execute all members of the anti-Ukrainian political parties….”

One of the first acts of the new government was to abolish minority rights for Russian-speakers. Moves are also afoot to overturn the law that bans “excusing the crimes of fascism.”

In recent days, representatives of the Right Sector have been busy attacking Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians and legal figures. Two YouTube videos show a Right Sector leader Aleksandr Muzychko—who described his credo as fighting “communists, Jews and Russians for as long as blood flows in my veins”—physically attacking a regional prosecutor in Rovno and forcing Rovno regional parliament members to hold a session at gunpoint after he brandished a Kalashnikov, demanding, “Who wants to take away my machine-gun? Who wants to take away my gun? Who wants to take away my knives? I dare you!”

The US and European bourgeoisie, along with their media lackeys, are well aware of these facts.
Läs fortsättningen:

'I'll hang you by the balls & have you f***ed': Wave of abductions hits Ukraine

Publicerad den 11 mars 2014
Ukraine's post-coup authorities are stepping up their offensive on dissent, making snatch arrests of potential opposition leaders. The former governor of the Eastern region of Kharkov, who was also planning to run for President, is now in custody in Kiev. He is accused of separatism, after calling for a decentralisation of power. And as RT's Peter Oliver reports, the new authorities are acquiring a taste for cracking down.


Escobar: Kiev coup is tequila sunrise revolution with neo-Nazi flavor

Publicerad den 10 mars 2014
A referendum in Crimea will say in a week if the region wants more autonomy from Kiev, or if it sees itself a part of Russia. To discuss the upcoming vote, RT speaks to foreign affairs journalist, Pepe Escobar.


Neo-Nazi Takeover? Ultra-nationalists take center stage amid political chaos in Ukraine

Publicerad den 5 mars 2014
The threat of neo-nazi ideology is causing alarm in Ukraine. The country, home to over 13 ethnicities, is now rocked on a daily basis by shocking videos - uploaded to Youtube by some of those who came to power following the ousting of President Yanukovich. Maria Finoshina reports.***

Obama, Biden to Meet Central Banker Aligned with Ukraine’s Fascists

March 12, 2014 Kurt Nimmo
Arseniy Yatsenyuk was handpicked by the U.S. State Department and the color revolution NGOs

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the former central banker installed as the “pro-Western” interim prime minister of Ukraine, arrived in Washington on Wednesday. He will meet with President Obama and Vice President Biden and will also meet with members of Congress, the IMF, the World Bank and will address the UN Security Council.

- Yatsenyuk is aligned with neofascist nationalists.
One of Ukraine’s installed vice prime ministers, Oleksandr Sych, is a member of the Svoboda Party, formerly the Social National Party of Ukraine.
It has roots going back to a collaboration between Germany’s Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War

Shortly after the coup in February, Svoboda Party members were appointed to the posts of vice prime minister, minister of education, minister of agrarian policy and food supplies, and minister of ecology and natural resources.

Oleh Tyahnybok is the leader of Svoboda. He was expelled from the Our Ukraine parliamentary faction after he insisted a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” runs Ukraine and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army “fought against the Moskali [an ethnic slur for Russians], Germans, Kikes and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.”

Andriy Parubiy, the founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine, heads up the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council. The Deputy Secretary of National Security is Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector, the brownshirts of the Euromaidan coup. According to historian Timothy Stanley, Right Sector “flies the old flag of the Ukrainian Nazi collaborators at its rallies.”

Yarosh is not shy about his desire to foment a fascist revolution in Ukraine. Andriy Tarasenko, the chairman of Right Sector, said last week the street-fighting group comprised largely of neo-Nazi Dynamo Kiev soccer hooligans will strive to become a political party. “Dmytro Yarosh will run for president,” Tarasenko told Reuters. “We are preparing for a congress, at which the party will be renamed, and we will participate in the elections in Kyiv, the elections in all local councils, towns and villages.”

The establishment media has largely ignored or minimized the fascist taint of the coup government is Kyiv. Obama, Biden, and the United States Congress are tasked with advancing the agenda of the financial elite. Ukraine, strategically located on the Russian border, is the keystone to turning Eastern Europe over to the European Union and its cartel of international bankers. 

- The cartel has installed fascists in the past, most notably Hitler who enjoyed the support of Wall Street and the transnational corporations of the day. In fact, the European Union itself is a Nazi and corporatist contrivance.

“According to a report in Kommersant-Ukraine, the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev who are pretending to be a government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor,” writes Paul Craig Roberts. “It is Greece all over again.”

The “austerity plan will cut social services, funds for education, layoff government workers, devalue the currency, thus raising the prices of imports which include Russian gas, thus electricity, and open Ukrainian assets to takeover by Western corporations… Ukraine’s agriculture lands will pass into the hands of American agribusiness.”

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is in Washington to advance this agenda. He was handpicked by the U.S. State Department and the color revolution NGOs precisely to be a key actor in the next scene of the bankster orchestrated transformation of Ukraine and its subsumption by the European Union and its banking elite overlords.


Obama meets Ukraine's Yatsenyuk in the White House

Publicerad den 12 mars 2014
President Barack Obama met with Interim Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the White House on Wednesday. The White House says the visit will highlight the strong support of the United States for the people of Ukraine, and that the two leaders will discuss how to find a peaceful resolution the crisis in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, whose residents are going to vote this Sunday on whether they want to join Russia or stay a part of Ukraine. RT's Anastasia Churkina takes a look at the United States' far-reaching involvement in the Ukrainian coup and history of supporting questionable governments that favor its geopolitical strategy.
Paul Craig Roberts: Västmedia, en lögn-fabrik - eller hur Ukraina blev MSM-demokrati utan val

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  1. --How to Hide a Nazi Army--

    March 12, 2014

    Source: Tony Cartalucci - New Eastern Outlook

    West backs Nazis in Ukraine, compares Putin to Hitler for trying to stop them.

    Blanket denials have been made across the Western media regarding the presence of Neo-Nazis among the ranks of "Euromaidan" mobs that had rioted in Kiev for months before finally executing a coup, ousting the democratically elected government of Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych. A prime example of this was the Daily Beast’s article, “Putin’s Crimea Propaganda Machine,” which disingenuously twists reality by stating:

    ...Putin needed a story to spin, no matter how full of holes, and thus the neo-Nazi claims. But as it turns out, Crimea’s streets are not exactly paved with extremists—a fact that has proven troublesome for Russian state TV channels looking to find token far-right bogeymen.

    And of course, Crimea's streets are not full of Neo-Nazis, because the population of eastern Ukraine wholly rejects the abhorrent ideology of the "Euromaidan's" Nazi vanguard, and backs Russian forces who have been permanently stationed there for years under treaty and as a consequence, have deterred any abusive incursions by the far-right into the region.

    Still, the impression the Daily Beast would like to get across to readers is that the concept of Neo-Nazis leading the so-called "revolution" in Kiev, is absurd. In fact, the truth that Kiev's Independence Square was full of Nazis, was right under the nose of the entire world - with a handful of Western journalists even admitting as much.

    Nazis Hiding in Plain Sight

    The impressive pictures broadcast by the Western media of mobs filling Independence Square featured scores of large flags waving in the crisp cold air of Kiev. Prominent among them were the blue and yellow banners of Svoboda, with a peculiar 3-fingered salute stamped on each one.

    The odd iconography, had the Western media investigated, is in fact a revised Nazi salute, a play on the Ukrainian coat of arms and German Neo-Nazi Michael Kühnen's three-fingered salute. Before that, Svoboda used the more obvious "Wolfsangel," popular among Neo-Nazis and a symbol used by the Waffen SS during World War II.[...]

  2. !!! OBS !!!!!!!!!!!
    Enligt nytt info från kvinnor som jobbar på sy fabrik - nya ledare för Ukraina förbereder False flag aktion - på en sy fabrik hastig sys massor Ruska uniformer-- man kan vänta vad som helst från kriminella Hunta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    By tomorrow, the 15th of March 2014, the United States, through its agents in Ukraine, will begin a series of false flag attacks on targets in Ukraine which have been designed to make it look as if they were carried out by the Special Forces of the Russian Federation.

    E-Mail 1

    From: Jason P. Gresh

    To: Igor Protsuyuk,

    Subj: Peninsula

    Date: Sun, 9 March 2014 17:57:09 +0200


    Events are moving fast in the Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive action from your network.

    This comments underlines the desperation and the rush that the US has in cementing their overthrow of Ukraine. They can not risk that there will democratic elections and a legitimate government which will so no to NATO, the EU, the IMF and the US.

    I think it's time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.

    The neighbor in this case means the Russian Federation. One note, for a military attaché Mr. Gresh’s English is not that good but he could be talking down to his hirelings.

    It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.

    Of course the phrase "the Company" means the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Do not waste time, my friend.


    Jason P. Gresh

    Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

    Assistant Army Attaché

    U.S. Embassy, Kyiv

    Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112

    (380-44) 521 - 5444 | Fax: (380-44) 521 - 5636

    E-Mail 2

    From: Igor Protsuyuk,

    To: Basil Labaichuk

    Subj: Get active in Melitopol

    Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 5:50:35 -0700


    You must launch actions in Melitopole very quickly . The 25th Air Transport Brigade is located there.

    We need to mess with (pull in, provoke) our sworn friends and our good neighbors . I think you understand me .

    This phrase is interesting in the use of the term “sworn friends” which may mean their terrorist allies, the other parts of their Trident or Yatsenyuk and Klitcschko themselves.

    You must proceed carefully and cautiously.

    The 25th Air Brigade is currently on combat missions, so make sure no great harm comes to the planes .

    There are already damaged aircraft at the location, with those you can do whatever you want. I will send you there registration numbers.

    Remember, it is necessary to make everything look like it was a real attack by Russian Special Forces .

    The Brigade Commander there is an intelligent man.

    He will not know the details but in an extreme case you can turn to him. We will warn him.

    Colonel Igor Protsyk

    Chief of Staff, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division, Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO

    General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine

    tel +38044 481-5407 cell +38067 407 97 40

    e-mail: e-mail:


    Ukraine: War on 15 March? PDF Drucken E-Mail
    Geschrieben von Gerhard Wisnewski
    Thursday, 13. March 2014
    Chopped emails reveal false- flag operation against the Russians

    False flag operations bring the history forward and pave the way for the aggressor - see 11.9.2001 . When enemy troops are facing , you change like to the badge to the name of the enemy to commit assassinations , assaults or atrocities , and then outraged " fight back " . And already the most beautiful war is underway. Now emerged emails from U.S. and Ukrainian military suggest such operations in Ukraine could be imminent ...

    Gerhard Wisnewski


  6. Ockuperad media i Sverige trycker på hjärntvätt då i Moskva 5-e kolonnare och underkuvade dummies samlades ... :) märk att i staden som har 12 millioner invånare är det bara ett liten klick vilseledda och sionister....

    Officiella media bara mera diskvalificerar sig och framstår som marionett blaska i NWO händer:
    rygglösa nickedockor som ljuger och får pengar och sociala förmåner från landets befolkningen som de vilseleder/lurar och utnyttjar - som de leder till globalt slakt "altare"...

    "Omkring 50 000 har samlat i Moskva för att protestera mot Rysslands agerande på Krim"

    1. ..Det finns en kortfattad sammanfattning av svensk media här:


      --Afghan Taliban splinter group claims responsibility for killing Swedish journalist--

      12 March, 2014

      An extremist Taliban splinter group has claimed responsibility for killing a Swedish-British journalist in Kabul, AP reported.

      Nils Horner had worked for Swedish Radio since 2001 as a foreign correspondent.

      The Feday-e-Mahaz claimed in a statement posted Wednesday on its website that he was a spy for Britain's MI6 intelligence agency, not a journalist.

      The 51-year-old was killed by a shot in the head as he was reporting on Afghanistan's election on a street in Kabul on Tuesday.

  7. just fått information att expressen ljuger i Moskva demonstration är ca 15 000 människor demonstrerar för solidaritet med Ukraina som kallas ngt: "broders marsch för civil motstånd av befolkning av Krim och Öst Ukraina mot Hunta som övertagit makt med aggressiv minimum beväpnade kriminella banditer och internationella USA knektar:

    dessa lögner och deras korrespondenter måste vara betalda lögnare...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. här er info om den demonstration som har helt annat syfte än "expressen" lögnblaska presenterar

  9. just fått info att denna aktion mot referendum i Krim av 5-e kolonnare var planerad och utländska medier fått info om 50 000 som de ville samla men kom till platsen bara 3 000 som bestådde mest av Sionister och människor som har andra medborgaskap som israelisk- den demonstration var obemärkt av de som spanade på stan



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