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USA: Poliser sköt föräldrar med elpistol framför barnen på småttingarnas födelsedagskalas

Poliser stormade barnens födelsedagskalas med dragna elpistoler efter att någon på kalaset ringt polis till följd av ett mindre gräl mellan några föräldrar. Ett antal skräckslagna småbarn storgrät efter att stridslystna poliser misshandlat och zappat deras mammor och pappor med 50 000 volt...

Cops Tase Parents In Front Of Kids At Birthday Party

March 7, 2014 - Steve Watson / Infowars.
Minor family dispute ends with children screaming as they watch mom and dad jackbooted to the ground


Cops in Baytown Texas stormed a child’s birthday party after being called out following a minor family dispute, breaking out tasers and leaving frightened kids screaming as their parents writhed on the ground in agony.

KHOU 11 News reports that police were alerted when some of the adults at the party began to argue between themselves. Jodie and Christopher White, whose children were at the party, became the target of responding officers, being ordered to leave.

The couple claim that they were unable to leave the scene, however, because police were blocking them in a parking lot.

"There were police in the parking lot blocking it in so we couldn't move," said Jodie White.

Mrs White admits that she lost her temper and shouted an insult at the cops, immediately prompting them to get violent.

"And then they just rushed my car and opened the door and tasers were just everywhere," she said.

The father, Chris White, was also tasered during the fracas, which was filmed by a family member on a cell phone.

"What did I do to deserve this?" White asked. "I didn't expect this at all… This was the last thing on my mind." he added.

The Whites revealed scars on their backs from where the points of the taser darts entered their bodies. "For them to treat people like that for no reason at all is not right," said Mrs White, who has officially filed a formal complaint against the officers.

"- I have never been a trouble a day before in my life," said Jodie White. "And for my kids to see me being tased on the ground, it just broke my heart."

The police claim that the Whites were “combative”, and that they almost slammed a car door on an officer's hand. They also claim that Mr White wrestled with an officer. The two have been charged with disorderly conduct.

“The officer told the reportee he could not make the guests leave, then a large disturbance began between the guests … the crowd became irate,” Baytown police said in a release.


USA: Poliser sköt föräldrar med elpistol framför barnen på småttingarnas födelsedagskalas

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