onsdag 5 mars 2014

USA: 10-åring som lekte att ett finger var en pistol blev avstängd från skolan

2014-03-04. En amerikansk10-åring som lekte att ett finger var en inbillad pistol blev nyligen avstängd från skolan i Ohio. Enligt skolan så använde pojken ett "kategori 2 pistolliknande vapen". (Även kallat för pekfinger, på språket som normala människor använder...)


- School cites “level 2 lookalike firearm”
Source: AP/InfoWars/Blaclisted News/Dispatch
A central Ohio principal says she suspended a 10-year-old boy from school for three days for pretending his finger was a gun and pointing it at another student's head.

The boy's father says he thinks it's the adults who are acting childish after the boy was suspended from Devonshire Alternative Elementary School in Columbus last week.

The fifth-grader said he was "just playing around." But district spokesman Jeff Warner tells The Columbus Dispatch that Devonshire Principal Patricia Price has warned students about pretend gun play numerous times this year, and everyone should know the rules by now.

Warner says the boy put his finger to the side of the other student's head and pretended to shoot "kind of execution style."


USA: 10-åring som lekte att ett finger var en pistol blev avstängd från skolan

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