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USA orsakade miljoner dödsfall i Irak - Obama anser folkomröstningen i Krim mer skadlig

USA orsakade miljoner dödsfall i Irak och förstörde att stort antal miljoner liv varefter man lämnade ett totaldestabiliserat land fyllt med hämndlystna bombmän och al-Qaida-anhängare som överhuvudtaget inte fanns före USA:s olagliga invasion. MEN givetvis så anser den globala elitens mest kände skådespelare, Obama, att folkomröstningen i Krim varit mer skadlig för världen än Irakkriget...

Say what? Obama claims 'Iraq invasion not as bad as Crimea'

Publicerad den 26 mar 2014
Barack Obama has declared the Kiev uprising a moral victory, Crimea's vote a sham and Russia a brute aggressor, that must be confronted. To prove his points the President used examples... including US achievements in Iraq. RT's Gayane Chichakyan takes a look at the narrative being put forward by the White House.

Obama claims ‘Iraq invasion not as bad as Crimea...’

Lee Rogers Writes:
Barack Obama has proven once again that he is a soul less ghoul by providing a completely distorted historical context.
During a recent speech in Brussels Obama claimed that the American led invasion of Iraq was not as bad as what happened in Crimea.

This is probably the biggest bunch of bull shit we’ve heard from Obama yet.

The death toll as a result of America’s invasion into Iraq has been estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

The people of Crimea voted in a popular referendum to become part of Russia by an overwhelming majority and there was little to no violence throughout the process.

You can’t even begin to compare the two.  The fact that anyone let alone the President of the United States could make a such a comparison is completely insane.

The only thing that comes out of Obama and the rest of his corrupt regime is lies, propaganda and falsehoods.

 USA orsakade miljoner dödsfall i Irak - Obama anser folkomröstningen i Krim mer skadlig

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  1. --US Congress approves $1 bn aid for Ukraine, sanctions--

    March 28, 2014

    The vast majority of the US Senate and House of Representatives have voted to provide Kiev $1 billion in loan guarantees, as well as impose sanctions against some leading Russian officials.

    The legislation was adopted by 399-19 in the House of Representatives and a voice vote in the Senate. Two days earlier Senate Democrats agreed to remove IMF reform from the bill, that would have allowed to increase the amount of aid in the Ukraine package.

    As part of the package the Senate authorized $50 million to help democracy in Ukraine, governance and civil society assistance, as well as $100 million for enhanced security cooperation by Ukraine with other states in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Besides the financial help to Ukraine, the bill will give official status to sanctions against Russia set down by President Obama.

    “This bill is a first step toward supporting the Ukrainians and our Central and Eastern European partners, and imposing truly significant costs on Moscow,” the NY Times quotes the House majority leader, Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia.

    On Thursday the International Monetary Fund announced a credit provision to Ukraine of up to $18 billion. The arrangement will allow Kiev to receive up to $27 billion from other international lenders within two years.

    In order to receive the money Kiev has to carry out a number of economic reforms. As part of this Ukraine's Naftogaz is to raise gas prices by 50 percent from May 2014. [..]

  2. USA stulit all Ukrainas guld-fond + museum guld och ovärdiga historiska guld reliker ( som kompensation med procenten för de 5 bn $ USA sponsrade senaste år för att skapa kriminella grupper och "orange-" och "vår-revolutioner")



      "It’s worth pointing out here that when NATO sacked Libya in 2011, one of the first items that came into question was the gold in Libya’s state-run central bank.

      Prior to the NATO takeover of that country, Libya had one of the highest per capita gold reserves in the world, alongside Lebanon, giving Libya a distinct advantage should it carry out former Libyan leader Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi’s long-term financial transition to a gold-backed Libyan Dinar.

      As you can imagine, this is no longer the case in Tripoli.

      "Additionally, like Libya, both Syria and Iran are two of the world’s last remaining nation states who both have state-run central banks and gold reserves which fall outside of the world’s private central banking syndicate.

      Needless to say, you can see an obvious pattern emerging here...................


    Did someone tell them to lie?

    Sources claim the plane landed on Diego Garcia, was refueled, dead passengers “disembarked” and was moved elsewhere?

  4. FN:s krigsförklaring mot mänskligheten

    Fria Tidningar hotas av konkurs

  5. Ukrainas Svoboda parti ledes av Jarosh som är själv halv jude och de flesta från Galicia område där finns inte ukrainare - det är mest blandning: judar, polaker, zigenare och vest slaver. Deras maskot "Bandera" vart av judisk ursprung också då Bander efternamh hänger efter hans mormor som var hade horhus (översättning från jiddisch - bander ) och resten där hjärntvättade ukrainska ungdomar som är arga för allt och alla då de vuxit upp under senaste 20 år s.k. självständighet av Ukraina - när landet vart korrumperad av sionist-nazist oligarker och folk blivit bedragen, rånad och degraderad ännu mera - landet förvandlad till sophög med debiliserad missnöjd befolkning ...



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