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Elitens sanktioner mot Ryssland - drabbar EU:s medelklass och fattiga

I Global Ankdammsmedia så skriks det efter sanktioner mot ryssarna. Detta efter att en stor majoritet av folket i Krim röstat för att ha samma frihet från Ukrainas nuvarande regering, som övriga Ukraina nyligen tog gentemot landets tidigare regering...
Den geopolitiska experten,Gerald Celente, anser att sanktioner mot Ryssland bara är den vanliga mediepropagandan för att rädda ansiktet på EU:s och USA:s konfliktskapande politiker

Sanktionerna blir enligt honom mestadels verkningslösa eller så kommer de att samtidigt drabba EU:s befolkning, som idag är ganska beroende av rysk handel och rysk energi. 


Celente: Sanctions against Russia over Crimea are toothless

Publicerad den 17 mar 2014
More than two dozen Russian and Crimean officials have been sanctioned with travel bans and asset freezes in the US and Europe. 

But, few seem to be happy with that. Lawmakers in Washington say it's not enough, while Russia's furious at being handed any sanctions at all, given the overwhelming show of support in Crimea. Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal says there was little choice in the restrictions placed on the officials.

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- VM i dubbelmoral, vi presenterar: EU & USA

Publicerad den 18 mar 2014
While praising Ukraine's declaration
of independence from Russia, the US & EU demonize Crimea for
declaring its independence from Ukraine.





The State Duma has passed a motion suggesting that the US and EU extend the freshly introduced sanctions to all Russian MPs rather than a limited group of officials, defying western pressure just hours before Russia and Crimea signed a federation treaty.

The motion was supported by a unanimous vote on Tuesday morning. It was prepared the day before by all four parliamentary parties after representatives of the United States and the European Union said they were slapping sanctions, such as visa bans and asset freezes, on a number of Russian officials who are seen as “key ideologists and architects” of the policy towards Ukraine.

The State Duma motion reads that the US President’s decree was limiting the rights of Russian citizens and that similar discriminatory measures were approved by foreign ministers of the EU nations.

In a speech MP Mikhail Markelov (Fair Russia) called the move by the US State Department, President Obama and the European Union “an absurd attempt”, and suggested that the US punished all lower house members. “As long as they stress that MP Lyudmila Mizulina is on the blacklist, they should also impose sanctions on all 436 MPs who voted for the law that protects our children from gay propaganda,” Markelov noted.[...]


Source: ABC News

Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today  asking “Comrade @BarackObama” if “some prankster” came up with the list.

The Obama administration hit 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials with sanctions today as punishment for Russia’s support of Crimea’s referendum. Among them: aides to President Vladimir Putin, a top government official, senior lawmakers, Crimean officials, the ousted president of Ukraine, and a Ukrainian politician and businessman allegedly tied to violence against protesters in Kiev.

It remains to be seen whether the sanctions will dissuade Russia from annexing Crimea, but one an early clue that they will not be effective came just hours later when President Putin signed a decree recognizing Crimea as an independent state, perhaps an early step towards annexation.

U.S. official have warned of additional sanctions for Russian action, hoping it will deter Russia from any further aggression towards Ukraine, but it didn’t appear to upset the often outspoke Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin, a friend of actor Steven Seagal,  took to Twitter to tweak Obama, tweeting  he thinks “some prankster” came up with the sanctions list.[...]

Elitens sanktioner mot Ryssland - drabbar EU:s medelklass och fattiga

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  1. Ukraine Protests Carefully Orchestrated: The Role of CANVAS, US-Financed “Color Revolution Training Group”

    Corporate Media Covers Up CIA Assault On Democracy

    “Everything has its limits, and in Ukraine our western partners crossed the red line. They acted brutally, irresponsibly and unprofessionally. We stand against having a military organization in our backyard”


  2. Ukraine Boomerang – Serious Repercussions for the West Now


    Euro-Maiden snipers are using in Crimea the same tactic of Kiev: 2 people killed, a self-defense member and a Ukrainian soldier



  3. --President Putin mocks US sanctions, vows not to retaliate--

    RT March 21, 2014

    Vladimir Putin has mocked US sanctions imposed on Russia, saying he will open an account at US-sanctioned Rossiya Bank. During a meeting with the country's senior security officials he added that he won’t introduce a visa regime with Ukraine.

    Putin treated with irony the recent sanctions imposed on certain Russian lawmakers.

    “Yes, these are those so-called ‘polite people in camouflage with guns’,” ironically said Putin hinting at Western accusations that Russian soldiers have taken bases in Crimea.

    “Look at them, typical Moskals [pejorative term for Russians – ED.],” he added, pointing at US sanctioned prominent businessmen Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, Gennady Timchenko, head of the Volga Group and Yury Kovalchuk, the owner of Rossiya Bank.

    “I need to avoid these citizens as they are ‘compromising the country’.”

    On Thursday the US expanded its sanctions list by adding 20 more names. US President Barack Obama announced a new executive order imposing further sanctions on top Russian officials and businessmen.

    Aleksey Gromov, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration; Sergey Ivanov, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office; and Sergey Naryshkin, Speaker of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament, are among those mentioned. Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin is also on the list.[...]


  4. --Caught: US Planning Terror Attacks in Ukraine--

    VeteransToday - by Gordon Duff and Press TV, Tehran

    In a series of hacked emails received from “Anonymous Ukraine” it is clear that Pentagon officials working in concert with extremist elements in the Ukraine have carried out and are planning more attacks in Ukraine.

    What is also clear is that these attacks are to be blamed on Russia including blowing up planes at an airport. Other attacks may well include mass civilian casualties.

    The long series of emails include several that are frighteningly incriminating. This is first of the “worst,” three “smoking gun” false flag planning documents:

    Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.
    I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
    It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
    Do not waste time, my friend.
    Jason P. Gresh
    Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
    Assistant Army Attaché
    U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
    Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
    (380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636


  5. --Europarlamentariker: EU:s sanktioner drabbar européer--

    EU:s sanktioner mot Ryssland kommer att drabba européerna själva, anser Europaparlamentets ledamot Pino Arlacchi.

    EU:s ståndpunkt borde skilja sig från USA:s.

    Europa behöver inte insistera på sanktionernas förlängning. De här sanktionerna är dumma och drabbar oss själva, säger han.

    Arlacchi tror inte att sanktioner kan komma att utökas ytterligare.

    Europa har all anledning att samarbeta med Ryssland, det finns inga hinder för detta, säger parlamentarikern och tillägger att USA har en helt annorlunda position.

    Läs mera: http://swedish.ruvr.ru/news/2014_03_25/Europarlamentariker-EU-s-sanktioner-drabbar-europ-er-8172/



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