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- VEM TRÄNAR OCH BEVÄPNAR VÄRLDENS MILITÄRER? (Med stor hjälp av Sverige, förstås...)

US military quietly training entire world

Publicerad den 12 mar 2014
US military is quietly training troops in Jordan, Africa, Poland, Armenia, Trinidad and Tobago and many other places. 

According to the NY Times, they call it "enabling," as in - enabling other countries' armies to kill as well as the US military does. And since the people of many countries don't want to see US military everywhere, the US often does this training quietly and covertly under classification.

America's Long War Against Humanity
- Michel Chossudovsky

Publicerad den 5 mars 2014 av: GlobalResearchTV
Rosa Luxemburg Conference, Berlin, January 11, 2014.

The event was organized by the German daily "junge Welt". This year, the Rosa Luxemburg Conference marked the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

- Worldwide militarization is also part of a global economic agenda, namely the application of the neoliberal economic policy model which has led to the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.

The world is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US has embarked on a military adventure, "a long war", which threatens the future of humanity.

This "war without borders" is being carried out at the crossroads of the most serious economic crisis in World history, which has been conducive to the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.

The Pentagon's global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US-NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.

The concept of the "Long War" has characterized US military doctrine since the end of World War II. Worldwide militarization is part of a global economic agenda.

The text presented at the conference, Imperial Conquest: America's "Long War" against Humanity, is available on Global Research:


Svenskar sålde mest vapen i världen även 2011

- Slyngel-staten Sverige slår till igen...

SR 2012-03-19
En genomgång av vapenhandeln i världen visar att Sverige ligger på elfte plats med två procent av världsmarknaden. - Mätt per person ligger Sveriges export däremot i topp...


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  1. --Homeland Security Snipers Terrorize Confused Residents During Raid--

    Mar 12 2014

    DHS agents train weapons on innocent neighbors

    Department of Homeland Security snipers trained their weapons on frightened residents during a raid on a nearby apartment in East Williamsburg, with neighbors complaining of how they were “utterly confused and frankly terrorized” during the incident.

    The combined federal/NYPD drugs bust started in the early hours of Sunday morning when a low flying helicopter startled East Williamsburg and Bushwick residents, before streets were blocked off, preventing people from going home.

    “Witnesses spotted a big Department of Homeland Security truck as well as DHS agents toting machine guns as they raided 221 Devoe Street,” reports the Gothamist.

    While the raid unfolded, DHS snipers aimed their guns at residents in nearby buildings, causing panic and confusion.

    “I literally had a flashlight-gun pointed at me from a sniper on top of the black armored truck the first time I opened our window to see what was going on,” said one neighbor.

    “What woke us up was a cop yelling ‘POLICE!’ outside and hearing some sort of scream,” he added. “Then I noticed the flashing lights of the armored black truck so I peeped out the window.

    There were two snipers on top of the armored truck with flashlight-guns and one of them pointed at me immediately.

    If I was them and I was doing my job, I probably would have pointed it at me, too, but at the same I wasn’t even in the building they were looking at. He immediately pointed it away but needless to say, I was terrified because I could have been picked off instantly.”[...]



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