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YouTube censurerade anti-Obama-videos med 265 000 prenumeranter - gjorde sen en PUDEL

Mark Dice videokanal släcktes ned och censurerades bort från Youtube. Detta efter att ett nytt "trygghets-censursystem" införts. Systemet ger diktaturer och myndigheter möjlighet att "flagga bort" bl.a. politiskt material som de inte gillar. Mark Dice videokanal har över 55 miljoner views och 265 000 prenumeranter...

***Resistance Against the New Youtube Police - (we are change)

Publicerad den 23 mar 2014
In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down what occurred to fellow youtuber Mark Dice recently with the termination of his channel. We can only speculate but at this point many people are pointing fingers are the "super flaggers" 200 individuals some government employees that have been recently granted extra powers to shut down videos by youtube. The situation is still developing and even though WeAreChange and Mark Dice disagree on many issues and approaches we still want to bring as much attention to this case as possible because it could be a dangerous precedent to youtube freedom.

YouTube Censors Major Anti-Obama Channel

Mark Dice’s channel shut down days after governments given powers to flag “extremist” content

InfoWars  March 23, 2014 Paul Joseph Watson

UPDATE: About 3 hours after this article was posted and following a wave of public pressure, Mark Dice’s channel was restored by YouTube.

A major anti-Obama YouTube channel with 55 million views was shut down yesterday just days after a new policy went into effect handing governments the power to flag “extremist” content on the video sharing website.

Media commentator and activist Mark Dice, whose channel had 55 million views and 265,000 subscribers, had his account suspended yesterday for what YouTube described as “severe terms of service violations”. 

The channel was not deleted due to copyright issues.

- The most popular videos on Dice’s channel lambasted supporters of Barack Obama. Dice had built up a reputation for his ‘man on the street’ videos which featured him getting Obama supporters to sign petitions that called for a number of insane proposals, like putting gun owners in concentration camps, killing newborn babies, repealing the first amendment to silence criticism of Obama, and granting Obama immunity from all crimes.

After Dice made a video drawing attention to the censorship on his back-up channel, that too was deleted despite having zero strikes against it. The channel was subsequently restored the next day, but Dice’s main channel remains suspended. Attempts to get an explanation for why the channel was deleted have proven fruitless.

Dice’s YouTube channel was also deleted after parent company Google gave some 200 government and police organizations “super flagger” powers, enabling them to flag up to 20 videos for review and possible removal.

YouTube routinely censors content
in response to requests from governments and law enforcement authorities.

As we reported in 2011, demands to remove information, including videos containing “government criticism,” are increasing year upon year.

YouTube complies with the majority of the requests, including the removal of videos which merely show political demonstrations.

“YouTube occasionally receives legal complaints from governments around the world to block content on our site. After a review of the legal complaint and the content at issue, YouTube may block specific content in order to comply with local laws in certain countries,” states the company’s disclaimer.

Google owner Eric Schmidt is very close to the Obama White House, which is why many are uncomfortable with him being in charge of YouTube, which has grown into a massive platform for anti-Obama sentiment.

Schmidt has been a major donor to Obama’s two presidential campaigns and served as an informal advisor during Obama’s 2008 White House run. After his success in 2012, Obama even offered Schmidt a major cabinet post.


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Big Brother Censoring
Free Speech on Youtube

Publicerad den 24 mar 2014
Alex is joined by video activist Mark Dice to discuss the bombshell news that his private Youtube channel was shut down by Nanny State "Super Flaggers" in response to his anti-establishment truth telling videos showing the continued dumbing down of the public at large and the effort to convince them that rights should be revoked.

YouTube censurerade anti-Obama-videos med 265 000 prenumeranter - gjorde sen en PUDEL

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