torsdag 13 mars 2014

USA: 10 poliser stormade strippklubb med dragna pistoler - fotade strippornas tatueringar

10 poliser i USA stormade strippklubben Cheetahs i San Diego med dragna pistoler.   Poliserna ställde sedan upp de nakna och halvnakna stripporna på rad och fotade noggrant av flickornas "utrustning" och tatueringar, för närmare polisundersökning. Enligt osäkra uppgifter så var de dragna pistolerna till att börja med mestadels av metall..:)
De dansande tjejerna säger att de blivit ordentligt ofredade och förnedrade av polisens märkliga aktiviteter. Kunderna på strippklubben har de däremot inget att anmärka på...

Poliserna försvarar sig med att de "måste göra oanmälda inspektioner med dragna pistoler på strippklubbar," bl.a. för att kontrollera damernas "tillstånd." ...Frågan är vem som kontrollerar polisernas tillstånd...


Cops raid strip club with guns drawn... to check dancers' permits 

Publicerad den 11 mars 2014
A manager at Cheetahs, a San Diego strip club, says his dancers felt violated last Thursday... but not by customers. 

- By police...

Police who raided the strip club with guns drawn and proceeded to photograph the exotic dancers in their "stage ensembles." Police say they wanted to make sure all the strippers were in compliance and had their entertainment permits. (Sure they did.) RT's Ameera David takes a look at the raid that left the nearly nude women out of work for a few hours.

USA: 10 poliser stormade strippklubb med dragna pistoler - fotade strippornas tatueringar

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  1. --Nevada sheriff defends confiscating thousands of dollars from innocent drivers--

    March 13, 2014

    The top sheriff in a rural part of northern Nevada told residents this week that one of his deputies acted appropriately by confiscating tens-of-thousands of dollars and a handgun from two men who were never charged with crimes.

    Humboldt County Sheriff Ed Kilgore defended his department during an open meeting on Tuesday this week in Winnemucca, NV, where around 40 residents of the region turned up to talk to law enforcement about two headline-making lawsuits that have propelled the area into the national spotlight as of late.

    The federal suits — both filed last month in United States District Court — allege that Deputy Lee Dove of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office acted unlawfully when he pulled over two drivers in September and December of last year for routine traffic violations, only to confiscate large sums of money and, in one instance, a handgun, without ever charging either individual with a crime.

    In each case, the plaintiffs were stopped by Dove for minor infractions and eventually released without being booked. Both times, however, he came upon large amounts of cash in their vehicles and confiscated it by evoking a controversial “civil forfeiture” provision that lets law enforcement take money if an officer thinks it was either obtained illegally or will be used for illicit means.

    Both cases attracted the attention of Associated Press reporter Scott Sonner, who profiled the lawsuits earlier this month in a story that set the stage for Tuesday’s meeting in the county center.

    “Two men who were traveling alone through the high desert last year offer strikingly similar accounts of their stops by the same Humboldt County deputy near the town of Winnemucca, about 165 miles east of Reno,” Sonner wrote last week. “Neither search produced drugs or an arrest, but in one case Deputy Lee Dove took a briefcase filled with $50,000 and in the other he seized $13,800 and a handgun, according to the lawsuits filed in US District Court in Reno.”[...]



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