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Paul Craig Roberts om Ukrainakrisen: USA hotar livets existens på jorden genom sin vårdslöshet

2014-03-04. GRTV med James Corbett har gjort en video som analyserar bakgrunden till upproret som nu sker i Ukraina. Paul Craig Roberts är en av många experter som intervjuas och han är enormt kritisk till USA:s inblandning. Roberts säger att USA:s nuvarande regering hotar själva livets existens på den här planeten genom sin oerhörda vårdslöshet i riskfyllda konflikter...

Target: Ukraine -- How foreign intervention is tearing the country apart

Publicerad den 4 mar 2014 av: GlobalResearchTV
As geopolitical analysts from across the board explain, the Ukrainian coup has been deliberately provoked by outside agents to promote a combination of US, EU, NATO and IMF interests. 

Perhaps more worrying than the interference itself are its potential implications. As Russia's every move is now being scrutinized for a possible military response to the ongoing crisis, the specter of a larger military operation now hangs over Eastern Europe.
Paul Craig Roberts om Ukrainakrisen: USA hotar livets existens på jorden genom sin vårdslöshet

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  1. --Propaganda Rules The News--

    Paul Craig Roberts Mar 05 2014

    Gerald Celente calls the Western media "presstitutes," an ingenuous term that I often use. Presstitutes sell themselves to Washington for access and government sources and to keep their jobs. Ever since the corrupt Clinton regime permitted the concentration of the US media, there has been no journalistic independence in the United States except for some Internet sites.

    Glenn Greenwald points out the independence that RT, a Russian media organization, permits Abby Martin who denounced Russia's alleged invasion of Ukraine, compared to the fates of Phil Donahue (MSNBC) and Peter Arnett (NBC), both of whom were fired for expressing opposition to the Bush regime's illegal attack on Iraq. The fact that Donahue had NBC's highest rated program did not give him journalistic independence. Anyone who speaks the truth in the American print or TV media or on NPR is immediately fired.

    Russia's RT seems actually to believe and observe the values that Americans profess but do not honor.

    I agree with Greenwald. You can read his article here.

    Greenwald is entirely admirable. He has intelligence, integrity, and courage. He is one of the brave to whom my just published book, How America Was Lost, is dedicated. As for RT's Abby Martin, I admire her and have been a guest on her program a number of times.

    My criticism of Greenwald and Martin has nothing to do with their integrity or their character. I doubt the claims that Abby Martin grandstanded on "Russia's invasion of Ukraine" in order to boost her chances of moving into the more lucrative "mainstream media." My point is quite different. Even Abby Martin and Greenwald, both of whom bring us much light, cannot fully escape Western propaganda.

    For example, Martin's denunciation of Russia for "invading" Ukraine is based on Western propaganda that Russia sent 16,000 troops to occupy Crimea.

    **The fact of the matter is that those 16,000 Russian troops have been in Crimea since the 1990s.

    Under the Russian-Ukrainian agreement, Russia has the right to base 25,000 troops in Crimea.
    Apparently, neither Abby Martin nor Glenn Greenwald, two intelligent and aware people, knew this fact. Washington's propaganda is so pervasive that two of our best reporters were victimized by it.

    As I have written several times in my columns, Washington organized the coup in Ukraine in order to promote its world hegemony by capturing Ukraine for NATO and putting US missile bases on Russia's border in order to degrade Russia's nuclear deterrent and force Russia to accept Washington's hegemony.

    Russia has done nothing but respond in a very low-key way to a major strategic threat orchestrated by Washington.[...]




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