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Camerons Porrfilter-rådgivare arresterad för egna bilder på sexuella övergrepp mot barn

UPPDATERAD. 2014-03-06.  Patrick Rock har tjänstgjort som speciell rådgivare åt Storbritanniens premiärminister David Cameron. Patrick Rock har även spelat en avgörande roll i utformningen av Storbritanniens internetcensur och landets nya skandalösa s.k. porrfilter...(+Video)

Swept Under Rug:
Cameron cover-up scandal over aide's child porn probe

Publicerad den 6 mar 2014
Downing Street is in hot water over allegations that it attempted to sweep under the rug the arrest of a close aide of the Prime Minister, over a child pornography probe. The official, part of whose role was to advise on online porn filters, was reportedly warned that police were investigating him, hours before he was detained. RT's Laura Smith reports.

...Nu har altså den gode Patrick ertappats  med egna bilder där BARN utsätts för grova sexuella övergrepp.

...Måste vara ett jäkla dålig porrfilter han designade, då det tydligen ändå släpper igenom bilder på sexuellt utnyttjade barn till elitpedofilerna..:)

Senior Tory adviser Patrick Rock arrested on child abuse images allegations

2014-03-03. BoingBoing/Independent m.fl
Patrick Rock, a Thatcherite who served as special advisor to UK Prime Minister David Cameron and played an influential role in the Prime Minister's national Internet censorship plan, has been arrested for possession of images depicting the sexual abuse of children

The National Crime Agency is conducting forensic analysis of the computer networks at the Prime Minister's office/residence, Number 10 Downing Street.
The Prime Minister brought him into Downing Street in 2011 to work in the Number 10 policy unit. He took responsibility for home affairs issues and was among officials who were involved in drawing up controls against internet images of child abuse.
A Downing Street spokesman said: “On the evening of February 12, Downing Street was first made aware of a potential offence relating to child abuse imagery. It was immediately referred to the National Crime Agency.
'The Prime Minister was immediately informed and kept updated throughout. Patrick Rock was arrested at his home in the early hours of February 13, a few hours after Downing Street had reported the matter.
'Subsequently, we arranged for officers to come into No 10 and have access to all IT systems and offices they considered relevant.
Senior Tory adviser Patrick Rock arrested on child pornography allegations [Nigel Morris/The Independent]
Camerons Porrfilter-rådgivare arresterad för egna bilder på sexuella övergrepp mot barn

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  1. ---RT Anchor Quits On Air---

    An American anchor working for state-owned television station Russia Today quit on air on Wednesday. Liz Wahl, in the network's D.C. bureau, announced she could no longer be "part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I'm proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth, and that is why, after this newscast, I am resigning."

    [...]The Kremlin's influence over RT is subtle, Wahl said, but management manipulates its employees, punishing those who stray from the narrative. "In order to succeed there you don’t question," Wahl explained.

    ***"In order to succeed there you don’t question," Wahl explained.

    ...Sounds exactly like ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/Fox News. :)

    ***Correct me if I'm wrong, but unlike Abby I don't remember her doing anything noteworthy nor anti-establishment on her program ever.

    How much pressure did they really put on her rote teleprompter reading of Associated Press articles? Seems like she's trying to capitalize off the fame Abby got tapping into the US media's anti-Russia propaganda campaign, all she forgot was to sign off by singing "Murica's number one."

    - Chris - informationliberation



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