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Pink Floyd legenden Roger Waters jämför dagens Israeler med Nazister från förr

Roger Waters, f.d. frontfigur i Pink Floyd - är den enormt talangfulle pop-kompositören som ligger bakom bl.a. klassiska albumet "The Wall". Han sade nyligen vid en intervju att han anser att Israeler är de nya nazisterna genom deras pågående och utdragna folkmord på Palestinier...


Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters compares Israelis to Nazis


Source: UK Metro
Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has caused controversy by comparing the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians to the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

The 70-year-old was criticised by rabbis and Holocaust groups after he said in an interview with online magazine Counter Punch last week: ‘The parallels with what went on in the 1930s in Germany are so crushingly obvious.’

Waters, who supports a cultural boycott of Israel, said he would not have played France or Germany during World War II.

He added:
‘- There were many people that pretended that the oppression of the Jews was not going on. From 1933 until 1946. So this is not a new scenario.

- Except that this time it’s the Palestinian people being murdered.’

During the interview, he also described the Israeli rabbinate as ‘bizarre’ and accused them of believing Palestinians were ‘sub-human’.

Writing in the New York Observer, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach accused Waters of antisemitism.
‘Mr Waters, the Nazis, were a genocidal regime that murdered 6million Jews. That you would have the audacity to compare Jews to monsters who murdered them shows you have no decency, you have no heart, you have no soul,’ he added.

On Saturday, Waters responded to Rabbi Boteach’s critcisim.
He said: ‘I do not know Rabbi Boteach, and am not prepared to get into a slanging match with him. I will say this: I have nothing against Jews or Israelis, and I am not antisemitic.

‘I deplore the policies of the Israeli government in the occupied territories and Gaza. They are immoral, inhuman and illegal. I will continue my non-violent protests as long as the government of Israel continues with these policies.’

- Vad handlar det egentligen om?
The Resources Israel Blockades from Gaza Will Shock You...

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Abby Martin speaks with Phyllis Bennis with the Institute for Policy Studies, about the flooding of Gaza, and the effects of the ongoing blockade that has come to characterize the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Roger Waters interview: The Wall 2011 

Uppladdad den 30 mar 2011
Legendary Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters chats with Absolute Radio's Russ Williams about his latest 'The Wall' tour in 2011. Roger discusses the history of the making of the album, falling out with his band mates, and using modern technology to create The Wall.

Pink Floyd legenden Roger Waters jämför dagens Israeler med Nazister från förr



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Pink Floyd legenden Roger Waters jämför dagens Israeler med Nazister från förr

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  1. --Influential group of 5,000 US scholars votes to boycott Israel--

    Published time: December 17

    A powerful group of US scholars has voted to launch an academic boycott of Israeli colleges and universities. With a membership in the thousands, the group has become the largest academic collective to protest Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

    The American Studies Association (ASA) announced Monday that its nearly 5,000 members voted in favor of the boycott by a 2-to-1 margin on Sunday night. A total of 1,252 members voted on the issue, with 66 percent voting ‘yes’ and 30 percent voting ‘no.’ Three percent abstained from voting altogether.

    The boycott calls on US schools and academic research groups to end all work with Israeli groups. It does allow individual Israeli scholars to still attend conferences and speak at American universities, as long as they do not do so in any official capacity of the government.

    “The resolution is in solidarity with scholars and students deprived of their academic freedom, and it aspires to enlarge that freedom for all, including Palestinians,” the statement declares. It goes on to mention “Israel’s violations of international law and UN resolutions; the documented impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian scholars and students; the extent to which Israeli institutions of higher education are a party to state policies that violate human rights,” among other points.

    In April, the Association for Asian American Studies voted to enact a similar boycott, although the American Association of University Professors has voiced its opposition to such a measure.

    The seeds for this month’s vote were laid last month at the ASA’s annual conference in Washington, where the 20-member national council unanimously agreed on a boycott. [...]


  2. Influential group of 5,000 US scholars votes to boycott Israel



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