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Gammelmedia-CNN tappade hälften av tittarna på ett år

2013-12-02. CNN och gammelmedia är på väg utför med raketfart. Nästan 50% av tittarna har försvunnit på ett år och trenden är likartad för flera stora amerikanska bolag inom gammelmedia...

2013: CNN's Worst Year Ever 

Publicerad den 30 nov 2013
CNN is having their worst year ever. Their ratings have dropped 48 percent since November of last year. And for the important demographic of viewers aged 25 to 54, these ratings have decreased 59 percent. 

Taking a look at their competitors, MSNBC's rating have dropped 45 percent since November 2012, and 52 percent for the 25-to 54-year-old demographic. Fox News Channel only saw a 18 percent drop in viewership since last November, and the 25-to-54 demographic is down 30 percent. Some believe CNN needs to spice things up.

Could bikini babes be the next step for CNN? Mike Babone, the creator and executive producer of Bare Essentials News, says, "They need to fight Fox News with fire -- hot anchors with hotter news anchors And they have to be journalism's elite."

Gammelmedia-CNN tappade hälften av tittarna på ett år

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  1. --3 Times As Many Americans Supported King George During the Revolutionary War than Support US Congress Today--

    December 2, 2013

    Source: Washington's Blog

    Congress Is Less Popular than Zombies, Witches, Dog Poop, Potholes, Toenail Fungus, Hemorrhoids, Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals, Colonoscopies, Traffic Jams, Used Car Salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, North Korea, BP during the Gulf Oil Spill, Nixon During Watergate or King George During the American Revolution

    When Congress’ approval rating was in the double-digits, polls showed that it was less popular among the American public than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, North Korea, BP during the Gulf Oil Spill, Nixon during Watergate or King George during the American Revolution.

    An October poll by Public Policy Polling showed that Congress is less popular among the American people than zombies, witches, dog poop, potholes, toenail fungus and hemorrhoids. That was when Congress’ approval rating was 8%.

    A new Economist/YouGov.com poll shows that Congress has hit an all-time low: only 6% of the American public approves of Congress.

    To put this in perspective, Wikipedia notes:

    Historians have estimated that between 15 and 20 percent of the European-American population of the colonies were Loyalists.

    In other words, around 3 times as many colonists supported King George as the 6% which support our own Congress today.

    Moreover, a May 2013 poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that 29% of registered voters think that armed revolution may be “necessary” in the next couple of years. In other words, the number of Americans who think that armed revolution may be “needed” dwarf the number of Americans who approve of the job that Congress is doing.

    Even back in 2010, Rasmussen noted that only a small minority of the American people think that the government has the consent of the governed, and that the sentiment was “pre-revolutionary”.



  2. Nu blandar sig Sverige in i läget i Kiev.

    Carl bild har kallat till ett möte med Ukrainas ambassadör i Sverige.

    "För att uttrycka vår djupa oro över användandet av våld mot fredfulla demonstrationer"

    Den idioten snart få det samma när samma revolutionärer från internationella CIA-Mossad styrkor bli överförda till Sverige att utföra "fredfulla demonstrationer"

    Alla bödlar Krim tatarer och khazarer från Kaukazus som skär halsar i Syrien Libyen ny snabbt reorganiserade fr Krim, Kazakhstan, Chechenien för att delta i NWO illuminati "revolution" s.k. "fredliga demonstrationen"-
    EU faller snabbare än beräknad ..... bara intressant de internationella styrkor och asylbarn skall bli tung beväpnade då Sionist revolution blir mycket blodig i Europa

  3. The Israel Lobby's Total Control of The United States

    "Prince George Given Four Heifers, Bull, Goat

    as Christening Gift From Kenyan Tribe http://omg.yahoo.com/news/prince-george-given-four-heifers-bull-goat-christening-024000943-us-weekly.html Prince George is now the proud owner of a herd of cows. A tribe in Kenya has decided to gift Prince William and Kate Middleton's first-born child with four heifers, a bull, and a goat in honor of his recent christening. The present is said to be symbolic of a blessing from the Samburu community -- a deeply significant honor.
    Glöm "Kenianska tribe" det är Sionist hälsning -dechiffrering är under:
    Red Heifer: The Bible

  4. http://galeria.cdn.index.hu/kult/2013/02/28/Munkacsy_vervad/3945470_47958e0ecd62612f526e90bd87ed16df_x.jpg


    Hebrews 9

    "13) For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh:"

  5. http://holywar.org/

  6. --Over 700,000 people on US watch list: and once you get on, there’s no way off--

    December 02, 2013

    The names of nearly three-quarters of a million individuals have been secretly added to watch lists administered by the United States government, but federal officials are adamant about keeping information about these rosters under wraps.

    A report by the New York Times’ Susan Stellin published over the weekend attempted to shine much-deserved light on an otherwise largely unexposed program of federal watch lists, but details about these directories — including the names of individuals on them and what they did to get there — remain as elusive as ever.

    More than 12 years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, federal agencies continue to keep lists on hand containing names of individuals of interest: people who often end up un-cleared to enter or exit the US due to an array of activity that could be considered suspicious or terrorist-related to government officials.

    In 2008, the American Civil Liberties Union claimed that an Inspector General of the Department of Justice report found at least 700,000 individual names on the database maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center, the Federal Bureau of Investigation sub-office tasked with overseeing the “single database of identifying information about those known or reasonably suspected of being involved in terrorist activity.” Five years later, that number of suspicious persons is reportedly close to what it was at the time. Half-a-decade down the road, however, Americans and foreign nationals who end up on the government’s radar are offered little chance to find out how they ended there, or even file an appeal.

    According to some, that’s just the start of what’s wrong with these lists.

    “If you’ve done the paperwork correctly, then you can effectively enter someone onto the watch list,” SUNY Buffalo Law School associate professor Anya Bernstein told Stellin for this weekend’s report. What’s more, though, according to Bernstein, is that “There’s no indication that agencies undertake any kind of regular retrospective review to assess how good they are at predicting the conduct they’re targeting,” suggesting that anyone can be targeted and added to such a list with little oversight to protect them. [...]


  7. --Islamist rebels seize part of ancient Syrian Christian town, take nuns captive--

    Published time: December 02,

    Islamist fighters have captured the ancient quarter of Maaloula, a predominantly Christian town and UNESCO heritage site in Syria, and are holding captive several nuns and their mother superior from the St. Thecla Convent, SANA reported.

    The state news agency said that attackers “committed acts of vandalism in the town's neighborhoods and around the convent, attacking locals and targeting them with sniper fire.”

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said Monday that fighters from the al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front had captured the old quarter of Maaloula after several days of fierce fighting. However, they said they could not confirm information regarding the convent.

    The Observatory also reported that four rebels were killed in fighting in the area on Monday. Over the weekend militants tried to seize the town, but were fought off by the local militia forces and Syrian soldiers.

    Maaloula has a population of about 5,000 and is strategically important to both sides because of its proximity to Damascus. It is also close to the strategic central highway that links the capital to Homs.

    Maaloula was the scene of heavy fighting in September when it changed hands at least four times, with government forces eventually gaining the upper hand.

    At the time residents told RT’s correspondent Maria Finoshina who was in Maaloula that Islamist rebels resorted to looting, executions and forcing residents to convert to Islam.

    Maaloula is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, such as shrines and monasteries, and is one of the birth places of Christianity. It is also one of the few places in the world where Western Aramaic is still spoken, a biblical language similar to what Jesus would have spoken.

    “In this town are situated some of the most ancient churches and shrines, which are sacred for Christian believers,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement in September. [...]


  8. EU officials violate Ukraine sovereignty by urging people to rise up - expert

    Putin: Ukraine unrest looks like planned action, not revolution

    Israeli Judaization Master Plans



    Israel's Killer Robots

    Syria army confiscates Israeli-made arms
    Israeli-made Weapons seized in Syria - Homs -




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