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AVAAZ samlade in 1 miljon underskrifter på en dag mot TPP och Monsantos företagsdiktatur

2013-12-07. AVAAZ samlar in namnunderskrifter mot den internationella elitens hemliga handelsavtal, TPP. Enligt kritiker visar avtalet vägen mot en global företagsdiktatur där företagens makt blir större än de lokala regeringarnas i viktiga frågor. Även INTERNET drabbas hårt av TPP. Den nya tiden är fylld av hemliga avtal och hemliga domstolar precis som på medeltiden. - Varför inte ta chansen och skriva under, om du nu händelsevis anser att global diktatur är en dålig sak..?
(Originaltext från AVAAZ)

Dear friends,

Twelve countries are about to agree a trade deal that would let companies sue our governments to get rid of laws that protect us, but reduce their profits! This affects legislation on everything from internet freedom to GMO labeling. With just 48 hours until the deal is sealed, three countries are wobbling. If we deluge them right now with a call to stand strong, we can stop this global corporate takeover before Monsanto uncorks the champagne:  

Monsanto’s about to celebrate their biggest coup ever, but we’ve got until the weekend to stop them.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a huge, ultra-secret deal among twelve major countries that would give corporations unprecedented power -- allowing them to use new global tribunals to sue our governments for passing laws that protect us, but reduce their profits! This could apply to everything from labeling GMO foods to protecting internet freedom. Wikileaks has broken the story and opposition is building fast, but the countries are rushing to seal the deal in 48 hours.

This is insane, but we have a chance to stop it -- 3 countries are wobbling, and if they pull back now the whole deal could crumble. If we deluge leaders in Chile, New Zealand and Australia with a global call to stand strong, we can stop this corporate takeover before Monsanto uncorks the champagne. Sign up now and share this with everyone:

The leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership drafts read like an extended Christmas wish-list for big business -- it would set a global standard of companies imposing their will on our governments through an opaque system of tribunals. These courts could limit access to cheap generic medicines in favour of branded medicines, and even allow cigarette companies to sue governments over health regulations that they say threaten profits! It’s almost too crazy to be true.
But practically no one has heard of the TPP! The talks are so secretive that not even our elected lawmakers know what’s in it -- just the negotiators and 600 corporate lobbyists. Now leaked texts have shocked politicians and citizens from Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. And they are pushing back on the corporate bullying, and against the US that is hell-bent on getting a deal agreed before there is too much public scrutiny.
The TPP affects us all -- it infringes on our rights and undermines our democracies just to protect the corporate bottom line. And we only have days to stop it. Join the urgent call and tell everyone:

It can be easy to feel small in the face of big corporate forces driving our governments. But people, not money, are the true source of power. Time and again, our community has proved that when we come t ogether to protect our rights against corporate takeover, we can win. Let’s now stop this unprecedented threat to our democracies.

With hope,

Alice, David, Jooyea, Alex, Aldine, Julien, Ricken, and the Avaaz team



WikiLeaks publishes secret draft chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership (The Guardian)
ht tp://

Full text of the leaked draft text (Wikileaks)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is the complete opposite of 'free trade' (The Guardian)

Fast track risky path for Pacific trade pact (Seattle Times)

For Free Trade's Sake, Get IP Out of the TPP (Huffington Post)

Philip Morris Leads Plain Packs Battle in Global Trade Arena (Bloomberg)


The US-EU Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA): Big Business Corporate Power Grab

Global Research, October 04, 2013
The Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) between the 
US and EU intends to create the world’s largest free trade area, ‘protect’ investment and remove ‘unnecessary regulatory barriers’. 

Corporate interests are driving the agenda, with the public having been
sidelined. Unaccountable, pro-free-trade bureaucrats from both sides of
Atlantic are facilitating the strategy (1) 

In addition to the biotech sector and Big Pharma, groups lobbying for the deal have included Toyota, General Motors, IBM and the powerful lobby group the Chamber of Commerce of the US. Business Europe, the main organisation representing employers in Europe, launched its own strategy on an EU-US economic and trade partnership in early 2012. Its suggestions were widely included in the draft EU mandate. 

 TAFTA - Transatlantic Free Trade Area (Wiki)

The Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade area between the United States and the European Union, the two largest economies in the world.[1]

It was considered in the 1990s and again in 2007. In 2013, "United
States-European Union High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth"
recommended the start of negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and
Investment Partnership.[2]

It represents potentially the largest free trade area in history, covering 46% of world GDP (51.3% for all NAFTA, EU and EFTA members),[1] and accounting for large shares of world trade and foreign direct investment.[3]

In case of a fully realized agreement until 2015, the European Commission
expects 400,000 new jobs, an average a financial relief of 545 Euro for
each household every year, as well as annual gains of $160 billion for
the EU and $128 billion for the US.[4]

However, others dispute these claims and criticise the treaty's secret negotiations and copyright clauses.[5]

Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance

Global Research, November 26, 2013
Control oil and you control nations,” said US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the 1970s.  “Control food and you control the people.”

Global food control has nearly been achieved, by reducing seed
diversity with GMO (genetically modified) seeds that are distributed by
only a few transnational corporations. But this agenda has been
implemented at grave cost to our health; and if the Trans-Pacific
Partnership (TPP) passes, control over not just our food but our health,
our environment and our financial system will be in the hands of
transnational corporations.

Profits Before Populations

Genetic engineering has made proprietary control possible over the seeds on which the world’s food supply depends. “Terminator” genes enable the production of sterile seeds,
using a synthetic chemical catalyst appropriately called “Traitor” to
induce seed sterility. Farmers must therefore buy seeds from their
patent owners year after year. To cover these costs, food prices are
raised; but the harm is far greater than to our pocketbooks.[...]


Allt du behöver veta om GMO:s och Monsanto på 5 minuter (video)

- Kolla in en kompakt, informationsrik och välgjord video som på 5 minuter går igenom nackdelarna med GMO:s och Monsantos verksamhet...

- 5 GMO Myths Busted!

Publicerad av  corbettreport den 19 aug 2013

Every year, a greater and greater percentage of our food supply sources back to genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, DuPont and the other biotech giants have made GMOs into a multi-billion dollar industry and unsurprisingly have launched one of the largest pr campaigns in the history of the food industry to convince the public that their products are safe, healthy and beneficial. Let's examine five of the main claims of this PR campaign and see how they stack up to reality.

Mer videos & Info:

AVAAZ samlade in 1 miljon underskrifter på en dag mot TPP och Monsantos företagsdiktatur

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    "Driving under the influence"
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    Japan ockperad av USA sedan Hirosima...
    "Japan passes state secrets law late Friday night amid revolt and mushrooming opposition — “It criminalizes investigative journalism” — Terrorism defined as “imposing one’s opinions on others”, protestors to be locked away? :

    1. -RT:s artikel om Japans nya "sekretess-medeltidslag."

      Lagen införs trots omfattande protester och har skrivits av en desperat styrande elit för att straffa journalister, whistleblowers och minska all politisk opposition (=terrorism?).-


      --Japan enacts controversial state secrets law--

      RT December 07

      Japan has enacted a new law to increase punishment for leaks, despite growing worries that the state-secrets law will erode press freedoms.

      Last week Japan’s lower house of parliament gave the greenlight to the new legislation, which counts the support of conservative prime minister Shinzo Abe, who has said the measure is necessary to combat the leak of state secrets.

      Abe and members of his cabinet have said that the law will help mend the government’s reputation for leaks and facilitate the sharing of intelligence with the US.

      "We think that this law is extremely important for our connections with our allies and other foreign nations," said chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga. "I believe that people will come to understand."

      According to a survey by Asahi Shimbun 61 percent of Japanese voters believe the law is “problematic,” and it has garnered the opposition of the media, publishers and the country’s lawyers. Opposition parties even mounted a challenge to the new bill, which was passed during a late-night session of the country’s upper chamber.

      Members of the opposition raised motions to stop or delay the law but were overruled by members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its allies.

      The new law enacts harsher sentences for public servants and others with access to sensitive national information, and could lead to jail terms of up to ten years. Meanwhile, journalists in the country could face up to five years imprisonment if the state determines the use of “grossly inappropriate” means to acquire state secrets.

      Officials in Japan’s ministries will now be given the authority to designate state secrets in four categories: defense, diplomacy, counterterrorism and counterespionage. Such a classification will allow information be kept secret for up to 60 years or longer.

      Still, opposition to the new legislation has come from a wide variety of sectors. Takao Takeda, a Buddhist monk and the secretary of the multi-faith organization Shukyosha Kyujo-no-wa, said that the bill echoed Japan’s authoritarian past.

      "The bill being discussed now seems very similar to the Public Order Preservation Law" enacted in 1925, Takeda told AFP. That law enabled Imperial Japan to arrest anyone who voiced a dissenting view against the government, said Takeda.

      "It is important to protect people's rights to know given our history and the way information was hidden in (World War II) and the fact that the government was not very open in the face of the [Fukushima] nuclear crisis."

      Likewise, Japan’s media has also protested the new law.

      "It is a threat to democracy," said Keiichi Kiriyama, editorial writer of the Tokyo Shimbun. The state-secrets law would "have a chilling effect on public servants who could become wary about giving the information" sought by journalists, he added. [...]



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