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En tidig julhälsning från 6 fulla Jultomtar i ett jätteslagsmål i New York

Lite Julstämning tillsammans med 6 fulla Jultomtar i ett jätteslagsmål i New York. En tidig julhälsning från bloggen & Tomtarna...


WTF? 6 Drunk Santas Fighting In New York After SantaCon 2013 

Publicerad den 15 dec 2013 av wishfix
Tomtarnas årsmöte hålls varje år i New York. Denna gången verkade det finnas delade meningar om vem som egentligen är den riktige Jultomten. Finns naturligtvis bara ett sätt att avgöra detta på... (se video)

Participants of the infamous SantaCon stormed the streets of Manhattan this weekend, stumbling around the East Village in the name of, as the SantaCon website puts it, “a nonsensical Santa Claus convention that happens once a year for absolutely no reason.”

The convention attracted much ire this year, with locals complaining about the poor behavior of the revelrous Santas. As one East Village flier announced, “Alcohol Soaked Father Christmas-themed flash mob not welcome here. Take your body fluids and public intoxication elsewhere.”

Still, that didn’t stop hundreds of participants from gathering in Tompkins Square Park and engaging in some holiday-themed merry making, despite the freezing snow.

En tidig julhälsning från 6 fulla Jultomtar i ett jätteslagsmål i New York

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  1. --11 Governments Are Meeting in Peru to Figure Out How They Can Control the Internet--

    December 15, 2013

    Source: Patrick McGuire, Motherboard

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling this the “biggest global threat to the internet since ACTA.

    Remember SOPA? Remember how when we the people finally defeated SOPA everyone got so stoked that confetti poured out of their eyeballs and its opponents downloaded films and albums and pirated video games in celebration? Well, shortly after SOPA there was CISPA—the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act—a bill that is both scarier than Zombies and much less well known than SOPA .

    On April 18, three days after the Boston Marathon bombing, CISPA passed in the House of Representatives. Obama’s White House has expressed “fundamental concerns” about CISPA. They are justifiably a bit turned off by how CISPA doesn’t specify precisely how it intends to spy on the internet—and when it is ok to spy on internet users—and that is a terrifying prospect.

    As a Canadian, these American “f#$* up the internet” bills have always been disconcerting. While Canadian sovereignty would ideally save anyone who lives in this country and errs on the wrong side of a SOPA or a CISPA—with so much internet traffic filtering through American-owned web servers—it is not out of the question that American jurisdiction could be called against an international cyber-offender. The state of Virginia, for example, claimed jurisdiction against the Hong Kong-owned Megaupload who was hosting their website in that state.[...]





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