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Amber Lyon f.d. CNN berättar hur media hjälpte Bahrains diktatur att förtrycka befolkningen

Amber Lyon f.d. CNN berättar sanningen om Bahrain och demonstranternas desperata rop på hjälp som global media mörkade.Se en bra och intressant intervju på Infowars där Amber Lyon avslöjar  varför mainstreammedia medvetet lät just dessa frihetsdemonstranter dö i tystnad...

Whistleblower Amber Lyon (kort introduktion)

Publicerad den 16 jan 2013
Amber Lyon, a former CNN correspondent, says authoritarian regimes including Bahrain pay the news network to provide favorable coverage and censor its content.

Amber Lyon (ex-CNN):
- Mainstream media is betraying the public

Publicerad den 13 okt 2012
If you've been paying attention, you know that the American media act as presstitutes for rich and powerful Americans.
But it turns out that the American media will turn "tricks" for foreign johns as well ...
Specifically, three time Emmy award winning reporter Amber Lyon was until very recently a respected CNN reporter:
- Lyon was fired from CNN after she refused to stop reporting on her first-hand experience of the systematic torture and murder of peaceful protesters by the government of Bahrain.
Lyon's special report on Bahrain was scheduled to run on both CNN's U.S. and international networks, but was pulled after only a limited showing due to pressure from the Bahrainis and their lobbyists.
At the same time that Lyon was risking her life to do on-the-ground reporting in Bahrain, another CNN journalist was filming a paid propaganda piece on how the Bahraini leaders are a bunch of friendly pro-democracy reformers.
That's right ... the Bahraini government paid CNN to do what was literally an infomercial for that brutal regime and pretend it was real journalism.
Lyon says that China and many other foreign, authoritarian regimes also pay CNN and other mainstream networks to run flattering propaganda pieces.
We are grateful for Ms. Lyon's exposé of this revolting practice ... especially because real reporting is treated as terrorism by the American government.


'Night raids, torture, sham trials a daily reality in Bahrain' - human rights activist

Publicerad den 21 okt 2013
In an Arab world swept away by revolutions and wars, few states have remained intact. And at what cost? Bahrain has seen protests, arrests and crackdowns on the opposition. Does stability necessarily mean political oppression in the Middle East? Why is Bahrain's trouble off international media's radar? We talk to human rights activist Maryam Alkhawaja, daughter of Bahrain's renowned dissident, Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, who is now in jail.

Amber Lyon f.d. CNN berättar hur media hjälpte Bahrains diktatur att förtrycka befolkningen

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  1. --Bahrain Shia opposition leader ‘arrested’ over anti-govt comments--

    December 28

    The leader of Bahrain’s main Shia opposition group Al-Wefaq has been detained for interrogation over comments made during a religious sermon. The move has sparked an anti-government rally, with supporters demanding his release.

    "Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said its secretary-general, Sheik Ali Salman, is considered arrested after the series of illegal measures taken to call him in for interrogation at the Criminal investigations Department (CID)," the opposition movement said in a statement on its website.

    “Salman has been transferred from the CID to the Public Prosecution Office for interrogation.”

    The Gulf kingdom’s Interior Ministry said that Salman had been questioned over comments he made one day earlier in a religious sermon.

    He has been accused of “inciting hatred” of the government and "promoted rioting and vandalism,” the ministry stated.

    News of Salman’s arrest has sparked protests against authorities in the Sunni-ruled state. Supporters of the opposition leader gathered outside his home to express anger over the move. Some held pictures of Salman while “demanding his immediate release,” according to a statement from Al-Wefaq.

    Local police fired tear gas at protesters, Al-Wefaq said on Twitter.

    Salman’s Saturday arrest is the opposition leader’s second detention in nearly two months.




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