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USA-agenter arresterade efterblivna och hjärnskadade - efter att de lurats begå brott...

RT 2013-12-09. En ny rapport avslöjar att amerikanska agenter från "the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives" systematiskt lurat både efterblivna, hjärnskadade och allmänt utvecklingsstörda människor i Amerika till att begå brott, varefter de arresterats. I en del fall har de sedan fått livstidsstraff...Genom att även lura eller tvinga fram erkännande av de efterblivna, har straffen ofta kunnat verkställas utan rättegångar...

ATF agents entrap mentally ill people to arrest them! 

Publicerad den 9 dec 2013
A mentally disabled man with a low IQ was used to run gun and drug deals as part of a US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sting at a Milwaukee storefront. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that ATF agents paid 28-year-old Chauncey Wright, who has an IQ in the mid-50s, in cigarettes, merchandise and money. Then, once the operation was shut down, Wright was charged with federal gun and drug counts and faces up to life in prison. Wright's family complains that the ATF took advantage of him. RT's Meghan Lopez talks to John Diedrich, one of the reporters who broke the story, about the ATF sting that has been marred by more problems than just taking advantage of the mentally disabled, including the theft of ATF guns, and a loss of nearly $40,000 in merchandise.
"Hjärnskadade och efterblivna människor har ett ansvar att vara laglydiga medborgare som alla andra, men frågan är ändå hur mycket de fattar av vad de gör och om de förstår att de utnyttjas..?


RT 2013-12-09.
Federal agents involved with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have run numerous sting operations around the United States that relied on taking advantage of local mentally disabled men to net arrests, according to a new report.

Investigative writers at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in Wisconsin published over the weekend their findings of a months’ long report that has uncovered a number of questionable practices occurring throughout the country as part of a disturbing trend among undercover ATF sting operations that is now raising serious ethical questions about law enforcement’s tactics.

Time and time again, the Sentinel reporters note throughout their 6,000-plus word exposé, regional ATF officers opened up phony pawn shops and second-hand stores, then encouraged area men to commit serious crimes, like trade in stolen firearms for profit.

In several instances, the undercover agents roped in mentally disabled men by befriending them, then offering them compensation in the form of loose cigarettes or clothing to keep them committing crimes. In one case, the officers convinced a pair of teenagers to have the fake shop’s logo — a joint smoking squid — tattooed on their necks as a promotional stunt.

One of those men was later sentenced to 18 months in prison for illegally selling a sawed-off shotgun and hiring prostitutes to attend a party at the storefront hosted by the same ATF agents who convinced him to get inked.

That man, like so many others, was mentally disabled and the ATF knew it. And according to the Sentinel’s John Diedrich and Raquel Rutledge;

 - ATF agents befriended mentally disabled people to drum up business and later arrested them” in similar operations at phone businesses in no fewer than five cities.
In Wichita, Kansas, for example, agents posing as proprietors there referred to a man with a low IQ as "slow-headed," then involved him in a similar sting. In New Mexico, a brain-damaged drug addict was shown by the undercovers how to identify a machine gun over a semi-automatic weapon, only to then be sent out into the wild to try and find one that could be sold in their store.  
People with mental disabilities "have a responsibility to be law-abiding citizens like anyone else," Leigh Ann Davis, a program manager for the Arc national advocacy organization for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  

"The question that comes into play is 'How much do they know they were committing a crime, and were they used?'" she asked.


YouTube kommentar av Mojokuku

I signed a petition for a boy a few months ago for this.  
The ATF had agents in his Highschool that recruited him from his special needs class.  
They sold him weed and guns and tried to get him to recruit others,  he had Asperger syndrome if I remember correctly and had no friends until the ATF agent befriended him, framed him and eventually busted him and sent him to prison.

USA-agenter arresterade efterblivna och hjärnskadade - efter att de lurats begå brott...

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  1. -Same pamphlets in Ukraine handed out during protests and pamphlets that were handed out in Egypt-

    December 12, 2013

    Source: Reddit

    The title says: Necessary clothes and equipment (or instruments)



    The picture on the left is a pamphlet that was handed out during Tahrir Square protests in Egypt. Here is a full page doc on this picture (and higher res picture of the Egyptian pamphlet):http://publicintelligence.net/egyptian-revolution-protest-manual-how-to-protest-intelligently/

    Here is another person holding same pamphlets together: http://zarodinu.org.ua/pics/ukraina.egipitskiy-scenariy.jpg

    And here is the english version of this pamphlet: http://holykaw.alltop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/20729863-media_httpfarm6static_bAeAu.jpg



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