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NSA:s Jultomtar kommer till byn - GOD JUL!

Bloggen tillsammans med NSA:s & FRA:s övervakningstomtar, önskar alla en God Jul...

The NSA is Coming to Town

Publicerad den 12 dec 2013

Jodå, FRA:s & NSA:s totalövervakning är ingen konspirationsteori utan kall verklighet. Aktivera dig och gör något åt det.
Yes, NSA spying is real. Please take action to end it now: http://bit.ly/nsaiscomingtotown

The Lyrics:
You better watch out,
You better not Skype,
You better log out,
Yeah you better not type,
The NSA is coming to town.

You're making a list,
They're checking it twice;
They're watching almost every electronic device,
The NSA is coming to town.

They see you when you're sleeping
They hear while you're awake
They know who you call and who you write
So encrypt for goodness' sake!

With Congress in the dark and a cloak-and-dagger court
We're lookin' for answers, they're comin' up short
The NSA is coming to town.

They're making a list,
Checking it twice;
They're watching almost every electronic device,
NSA is coming to town
The NSA is coming to town,
The NSA is coming to town.

NSA:s Jultomtar kommer till byn - GOD JUL!

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  1. God Jul undermattan, 2014 blir i dårarnas och psykopaternas tecken…igen!

    1. God Jul sync-99
      Det låter som en trolig händelseutveckling...

  2. http://holywar.org/

  3. http://www.hermes-press.com/capitalist_murder.htm

  4. -Big Food Companies Push to Label Genetically Modified Products as “Natural”-

    December 24, 2013

    Food manufacturers who use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients want permission from the federal government to stamp their products with the word “natural.”

    The Grocery Manufacturers Association has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve their plan, which would mean any food containing GMO corn, sugar and other such ingredients could be sold as “natural.”

    One advocacy organization, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), blasted the food companies’ proposal.

    Scott Faber, vice president of the EWG, called the association’s request “audacious.”

    “It’s like they’re trying to get the government to say night is day and black is white,” Faber told The New York Times.

    The request comes as food manufacturers are increasingly under attack from opponents of GM ingredients. At least 65 lawsuits are pending in various courts aimed at forcing companies to stop using the word “natural” to describe products with GM elements.

    PepsiCo settled one such lawsuit in August over its use of the phrases “All Natural,” “All Natural Fruit” and “Non-GMO” on bottles of Naked Juices. The company said it would remove “All Natural” from the drinks’ packaging and pay consumers $9 million.

    However, PepsiCo will still use “non-GMO” on the juices, even though they are not certified as such.


    To Learn More:

    Group Seeks Special Label for Food: ‘Natural’ (by Stephanie Strom, New York Times)

    Big Food Companies Want To Call GMO Foods “Natural” (by John Upton, Grist)

    Federal Judge Tells FDA to Decide if Genetically Modified Foods are “Natural” (by Noel Brinkerhoff, AllGov)

  5. -NSA Phone Data Collection Made No Difference to National Security-

    The National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive collection of Americans’ phone data did little to help protect the country from terrorist attacks, according to experts selected by President Barack Obama to review the agency’s controversial surveillance methods.

    In its newly released report (pdf), the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies offered pointed criticism of the NSA’s phone-information collecting.

    “Our review suggests that the information contributed to terrorist investigations by the use of section 215 telephony meta-data was not essential to preventing attacks and could readily have been obtained in a timely manner using conventional section 215 orders,” the report says.

    The independent panel members further stated that the “telephony meta-data program has made only a modest contribution to the nation’s security…and there has been no instance in which NSA could say with confidence that the outcome would have been different without the section 215 telephony meta-data program.”



  6. -NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware-

    Posted: 28 Dec 2013 10:00 PM PST

    According to a new report from Der Spiegel based on internal NSA documents, the signals intelligence agency's elite hacking unit (TAO) is able to conduct sophisticated wiretaps in ways that make Hollywood fantasy look more like reality. [...]





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