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Paul Craig Roberts: "Tyranniets tidsålder är nu - och utbreder sig i Amerika"

Paul Craig Roberts har skrivit en kort artikel om USA:s pågående konstitutionella förfall. Bilden ovanför är George Orwells version av framtiden tillsammans med Big Brother...
(En kortfattad fri översättning)
"De godtrogna amerikanerna har tränats av myndigheter och media att vara konstant  rädda för brottslighet, svarta, muslimer, terrorister, inhemska extremister och på senaste tiden även för Ryssland.

Rädslan resulterar i att allmänheten accepterar illegala omoraliska och författningsvidriga handlingar från polis och myndigheter.

Allt eftersom tiden går så blir polisens och myndigheternas lagvidriga handlingar en del av ordningen i samhället.

En ny generation som inte upplevt något annat samhällsskick tar över och tidigare generationer som fortfarande minns vad frihet och tillförlitliga myndigheter är, dör bort..." [...]

(...verkar även vara en rätt träffande beskrivning av det svenska samhällets utveckling. Reds anm.)
How Tyranny Arises

August 22, 2014 Paul Craig Roberts
Law & Order Conservatives continue to shill for police as goon thugs continue to violate constitutional protections and abuse the public:


- Gullible Americans have been trained to be fearful of crime, blacks, Muslims, terrorists, “domestic extremists,” and now Russia. 

These fears result in the public accepting illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral actions by police and government.

With the passage of time the wrongful police and government behavior become institutionalized as the young are born into the system and know no different and the old who remember accountable government and liberty pass away.

This is how liberty and freedom die, citizens become serfs, and the rise of tyranny is accomplished.

The transformation of the US into a tyranny is far advanced. It is a revolution that owes its success to the gullibility, ignorance and unconcern of the majority of the American people and to a corrupt and cowardly national media that betrays liberty and fosters tyranny.

As a voice against this Revolution of Tyranny, I am under constant attack. This website has grown dramatically in US and international readership. Its continuation depends on your support.



Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost. 


Tyranny Exposed

Publicerades den 26 aug 2014 TheAlexJonesChannel
Joe Biggs Interviews Protester while Jesse Jackson woes crowd at the Mike Brown memorial.

Americans hesitant to discuss NSA online

Paul Craig Roberts: "Tyranniets tidsålder är nu - och utbreder sig i Amerika"

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  1. --Drug War is Filling Prisons with Women--

    All Gov Tuesday, August 05, 2014

    U.S. prisons are still mostly occupied by men, but women are getting thrown behind bars at a much faster rate these days, largely because of the war on drugs.

    In more than 40 states, the incarceration rate for females is growing faster than that of males, according to federal statistics compiled by Huffington Post. The change in incarceration rates for women in Idaho, North Dakota and West Virginia has eclipsed 400%, based on changes that took place from 1992 to 2012.

    The steady increase in female incarceration can be attributed in large part to drug-related convictions. In the federal prison system, 57% of female inmates have a drug offense as their most serious offense, while the rate for male prisoners is 47%. Among state inmates, the percentage of women with a drug conviction is 25%, but only 16% for men.

    Ohio officials say much of the increase they’ve seen in female inmates has been due to a rise in opioid use, with women also often used as drug mules.

    Emily Thomas of Huffington Post also reported that the number of children with a mother in prison more than doubled between 1991 and 2007, from 63,900 to 147,400. And many women who have children while in custody face being shackled during the childbirth process.

    Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia allow the practice, which medical professionals and human rights groups call unnecessary and potentially harmful to both mother and child.

    Shackled women can’t properly position their bodies to deal with labor pains and those delivering the child can’t position the mother correctly and can have difficulty performing emergency C-sections.

    -Noel Brinkerhoff, Steve Straehley


  2. Police stage realistic hostage drill on nursing home, terrorize unsuspecting staff

    August 11, 2014

    CARBONDALE, CO — A nurse says she begged for her life after being taken hostage by an unidentified gunman during a shift at a Colorado nursing home. Unbeknownst to her, the armed intruder was actually a cop in disguise, masquerading as a bad guy in a “routine” safety drill.
    The incident occurred on October 16th, 2013, at the Heritage Park Care Center in Carbondale, Colorado. Nurse Michelle Meeker was working a day shift and attending to her patients. Around 1:00 p.m., she was diverted from her work and asked to check out a “suspicious” man sitting in a waiting room.
    When Ms. Meeker approached the man, she asked him if he was there to see someone at the facility or if he needed help. According to her account, after asking twice, “the man gruffly responded with words to the effect of, ‘follow me, I’ll show you.’”
    The stranger then took her down the hall to an empty room and exposed a handgun tucked in his waistband. He ordered Ms. Meeker to get in the empty room.
    “Terrified, Ms. Meeker shook her head and said ‘No,’ afraid that if she went through that doorway she would not make it out alive,” her lawsuit states.[...]



  3. -The Israel Lobby Eliminates Another Critic-

    Paul Craig Roberts - August 27, 2014

    The United States, wallowing in arrogance and hubris, pretends to be “the world’s sole superpower,” the “exceptional and indispensable nation” chosen by history to exercise hegemony over the world.

    In truth, the US is the two-bit punk puppet of the Israel Lobby.

    **If the Zionist government orders Washington to eat dog excrement, Washington eats it.**

    Not even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Military could get the facts acknowledged that Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, which made casualties of most of the crew, was not a “mistake,” but the intentional act of destruction of a US Navy vessel and its crew.

    Not even state universities in the hinterlands of America are independent of the Israel Lobby, which can determine tenure and hiring decisions independently of the decisions of faculty and deans.





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