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5000 amerikaner har dödats av polisen i USA efter 9/11

Den amerikanska polisen har dödat över 5000 amerikaner efter 9/11. Den vanlige amerikanen löper idag åtta gånger större risk att dödas av sin egen polis än av de s.k. terroristerna. Posten är publicerad tidigare men har bl.a. uppdaterats med en ny artikel från Paul Craig Robert...

RELEASE US - a short film on police brutality by Charles Shaw (feat. Random Rab)

Publicerades den 28 okt 2013 av: Charles Shaw
500 innocent Americans are murdered by police every year (USDOJ). 5,000 since 9/11, equal to the number of US soldiers lost in Iraq.

In 1994 the US Government passed a law authorizing the Pentagon to donate surplus Cold War era military equipment to local police departments.

In the 20 years since, weaponry designed for use on a foreign battlefield, has been handed over for use on American streets...against American citizens.

The "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror" replaced the Cold War with billions in funding and dozens of laws geared towards this new "war" against its own citizens.

This militarization of the police force has created what is being called an "epidemic of police brutality" sweeping the nation.[...]

US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11
The Daily Sheeple 2014-06-28
Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role in society is to protect them and ensure peace and stability within the community, the sad reality is that police departments are often more focused on enforcing laws, making arrests and issuing citations. 

As a result of this as well as an increase in militarized policing techniques, Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist, estimates a Washington’s Blog report based on official statistical data.

Though the U.S. government does not have a database collecting information about the total number of police involved shootings each year, it’s estimated that between 500 and 1,000 Americans are killed by police officers each year. 

‘Cops in America are becoming judge, jury and executioner’

Publicerades den 22 aug 2014
Several journalists have been briefly detained by Ferguson police in the past few days - simply for doing their jobs. Some reporters were manhandled and mocked by officers. For more on this RT is joined by anti-war activist and Iraq veteran Michael Prysner.
- Since 9/11, about 5,000 Americans have been killed by U.S. police officers, which is almost equivalent to the number of U.S. soldiers who have been killed in the line of duty in Iraq.

Because individual police departments are not required to submit information regarding the use of deadly force by its officers, some bloggers have taken it upon themselves to aggregate that data. Wikipedia also has a list of “justifiable homicides” in the U.S., which was created by documenting publicized deaths.

Mike Prysner, one of the local directors of the Los Angeles chapter for ANSWER — an advocacy group that asks the public to Act Now to Stop War and End Racism — told Mint Press Newsearlier this year that the “epidemic” of police harassment and violence is a nationwide issue.

He said groups like ANSWER are trying to hold officers accountable for abuse of power. “[Police brutality] has been an issue for a very long time,” Prysner said, explaining that in May, 13 people were killed in Southern California by police.

As Mint Press News previously reported, each year there are thousands of claims of police misconduct. According to the CATO Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, in 2010 there were 4,861 unique reports of police misconduct involving 6,613 sworn officers and 6,826 alleged victims.

Most of those allegations of police brutality involved officers who punched or hit victims with batons, but about one-quarter of the reported cases involved firearms or stun guns.

Racist policing

A big element in the police killings, Prysner says, is racism. “A big majority of those killed are Latinos and Black people,” while the police officers are mostly White, he said. “It’s a badge of honor to shoot gang members so [the police] go out and shoot people who look like gang members,” Prysner argued, giving the example of 34-year-old Rigoberto Arceo, who was killed by police on May 11.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Arceo, who was a biomedical technician at St. Francis Medical Center, was shot and killed after getting out of his sister’s van. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says Arceo “advanced on the deputy and attempted to take the deputy’s gun.” However, Arceo’s sister and 53-year-old Armando Garcia — who was barbecuing in his yard when the incident happened — say that Arceo had his hands above his head the entire time.

Prysner is not alone in his assertion that race is a major factor in officer-related violence. This past May, astudy from the the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an anti-racist activist organization, found that police officers, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes killed at least 313 Black people in 2012 — meaning one Black person was killed in the U.S. by law enforcement roughly every 28 hours.

Prysner said the relationship between police departments and community members needs to change and that when police shoot an unarmed person with their arms in the air over their head, the officer should be punished.

Culture of misconduct

“You cannot have a police force that is investigating and punishing itself,” Prysner said, adding that taxpayer money should be invested into the community instead of given to police to buy more guns, assault rifles and body armor.

Dissatisfied with police departments’ internal review policies, some citizens have formed volunteer police watch groups to prevent the so-called “Blue Code of Silence” effect and encourage police officers to speak out against misconduct occurring within their department.

As Mint Press News previously reported, a report released earlier this year found that of the 439 cases of police misconduct that then had been brought before the Minneapolis’s year-old misconduct review board, not one of the police officers involved has been disciplined.

Although the city of Minneapolis spent $14 million in payouts for alleged police misconduct between 2006 and 2012, despite the fact that the Minneapolis Police Department often concluded that the officers involved in those cases did nothing wrong.

Other departments have begun banning equipment such as Tasers, but those decisions were likely more about protecting the individual departments from lawsuits than ensuring that officers are not equipped with weapons that cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries when used.

To ensure officers are properly educated on how to use their weapons and are aware of police ethics, conflict resolution and varying cultures within a community, police departments have historically heldtraining programs for all officers. But due to tighter budgets and a shift in priorities, many departments have not provided the proper continuing education training programs for their officers.
Charles Ramsey, president of both the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Police Executive Research 

Forum, called that a big mistake, explaining that it is essential officers are trained and prepared for high-stress situations:

“Not everybody is going to be able to make those kinds of good decisions under pressure, but I do think that the more reality-based training that we provide, the more we put people in stressful situations to make them respond and make them react.”
Läs fortsättningen här:

Albuquerque PD pays $6 million in brutality case

Publicerades den 19 jun 2014
A judge in New Mexico ordered the city of Albuquerque to pay $6 million to settle a lawsuit over the death of a schizophrenic man at the hands of police. 

In 2011, 27-year-old Christopher Torres was shot in his backyard by officers who claimed to have acted in self-defense. Judge Shannon Bacon disagreed with the officers' reasoning though, finding they did not do their due diligence. RT's Manila Chan discusses the case and the heavily criticized Albuquerque Police Department with civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy.

Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

Publicerades den 25 mar 2014
The Albuquerque Police Department in the state of New Mexico is coming under fire following the release of video footage taken from the helmet-mounted camera of an officer who shot and killed a man earlier this month for camping.

James Boyd, a 38-year-old homeless man thought to be schizophrenic, was shot by the Albuquerque PD on Sunday, March 16 after he became engaged in an hours-long standoff with officers who caught him illegally camping in the Sandi foothills. He was pronounced dead the next day.

For more go to: http://on.rt.com/gojqmj
Video courtesy of Albuquerque Police Department.

Wave of police brutality confronts nation

Publicerades den 8 jan 2014
Several instances of police officers using excessive force have gripped national headlines in the new year. 

 In one notable instance, the family of an 18-year-old schizophrenic teen is demanding answers after officers shot and killed their son. Meanwhile, a new report suggests 99 percent of police brutality cases go uninvestigated in New Jersey. RT correspondent Meghan Lopez takes a closer look as a few of these cases. ***

- If You See Something, Film it Recording Police is Dangerous but Necessary

Publicerades den 12 okt 2012 av: 
This video was created as an example of the importance of filming the police. Video provides transparency, accountability, and an accurate account of incidents that occur. 

It is no secret that the United States has a serious problem with police abuse, brutality, and corruption. It is essential for civilians to document their encounters with police officers to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety to all of those involved.

Police departments have, for too long, tried to bully, intimidate, threaten, arrest, or otherwise harass law abiding citizens from recording the activities of law enforcement in public. Enough is enough! It is time for all of us to take a stand and expose police brutality when we witness it.

Even if the officers behavior is correct, and justifiable, we still encourage the recording of the police activities for the transparency and accountability that is desperately needed in many departments.

- If you see something, film something, the freedom of press begins with you!

If You See Something, Film Something (P1: You Have The Right To Film The Police)

If You See Something, Film Something (P2: Recording Police is a Dangerous but Necessary Thing to Do)

If You See Something, Film Something (P3: Where is the Outrage and the Accountability?)

More information about the clips in order of appearance:
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New Footage of Oscar Grant Shooting (with sound)

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Citizen attacks Baltimore Police -- caught on tape

Houston Police BEATING Teen Suspect Chad Holley

Police Brutality: NYPD Beat Man's Legs w/ Baton For Not Getting Up!


MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall Street Lawrence O'Donnell with "The Last Word"

Raw Video: Police Beating Caught on Tape

Paris Texas Police Officer Throws Teen on Car

Raw Video: Deputy Shown Kicking Teen Girl

#OWSwest #J20 #SFPD Attacks Innocent Protesters; Officer M. Ali #619 Breaks My Cam

Raw Video: Ala. Officers Fired After Beating Man

Cop Punching Handcuffed Man Video Now Has Sound

Surveillance video: Iraq War veteran beaten

Sante Fe cop caught beating handcuffed teen; fired, rehired!

officer beating 66-year-old man suffering from dementia

Female Cop Tirelessly Beats Man with her Baton

Police Brutality: Dog Walker w/ Camera Beaten By Cops!

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators

5,000 Americans Killed by Cops Since 9/11

[Ferguson: No Justice in the American Police State]

2014-08-21 By Paul Craig Roberts
There are reports that American police kill 500 or more Americans every year. Few of these murdered Americans posed a threat to police.  

Police murder Americans for totally implausible reasons. For example, a few days before Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, John Crawford picked up a toy gun from a WalMart shelf in the toy department and was shot and killed on the spot by police goons. Less than four miles from Ferguson, goon thugs murdered another black man on August 19. The police claims of "threat" are disproved by the video of the murder released by the police.

Five hundred is more than one killing by police per day. Yet the reports of the shootings seldom get beyond the local news. Why then has the Ferguson, Missouri, police killing of Michael Brown gone international?

Probably the answer is the large multi-day protests of the black community in Ferguson that led to the state police being sent to Ferguson and now the National Guard. Also, domestic police in full military combat gear with armored personnel carriers and tanks pointing numerous rifles in the faces of unarmed civilians and arresting and threatening journalists make good video copy. 

- The "land of the free" looks like a Gestapo Nazi state. To much of the world, which has grown to hate American bullying, the bullying of Americans by their own police is poetic justice.


For those who have long protested racial profiling and police brutality toward racial minorities, the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson is just another in a history of racists murders. Rob Urie is correct that blacks receive disproportionate punishment from the white criminal justice (sic) system. 

See, for example: http://www.lewrockwell.com/2014/08/william-norman-grigg/mother-faces-11-years-in-prison/ Myself, former US Representative Dennis Kucinich, and others see Michael Brown's murder as reflective of the militarization of the police and police training that creates a hostile police attitude toward the public. The police are taught to view the public as threats against whom the use of violence is the safest course for the police officers.

This doesn't mean that racism is not also involved. Polls show that a majority of white Americans are content with the police justification for the killing. Police apologists are flooding the Internet with arguments against those of the opposite persuasion. Only those who regard the police excuse as unconvincing are accused of jumping to conclusions before the jury's verdict is in. Those who jump to conclusions favorable to the police are regarded as proper Americans.

What I address in this article is non-evidential considerations that determine a jury's verdict and the incompetence of Ferguson's government that caused the riots and looting.

Unless the US Department of Justice makes Michael Brown's killing a federal case, the black community in Ferguson is powerless to prevent a cover-up.

What usually happens in these cases is that the police concoct a story protective of the police officer(s) and the prosecutor does not bring an indictment. As Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, are partially black (in skin color alone), the black majority community in Ferguson, Missouri, might have hopes from Holder's visit.

However, nothing could be more clear than the fact that Obama and Holder, along with the rest of "black leadership," have been co-opted by the white power structure. How else would Obama and Holder be in office? Do you think that the white power structure puts in office people who want justice for minorities or for anyone other than the mega-rich?

- The 1960s were a time of black leadership, but that leadership was assassinated (Martin Luther King) or co-opted. Black leaders sold out for prestige appointments and corporate board memberships. Today black leadership is marginalized and exists only at local levels if at all.

If the cop who killed Brown is indicted and he is tried in Ferguson, the jury will contain whites who live in Ferguson. Unless there is a huge change in white sentiment about the killing, no white juror can vote to convict the white cop and continue to live in Ferguson.

The hostility of the white community toward white jurors who took the side of a "black hoodlum who stole cigars" against the white police officer would make life for the jurors impossible in Ferguson.

The trouble with purely racial explanations of police using excessive force is that cops don't limit their excesses to racial minorities. White people suffer them also. Remember the recent case of Cecily McMillan, an Occupy protester who was brutalized by a white good thug with a record of using excessive force. McMillan is a young white woman.

Her breasts were seized from behind, and when she swung around her elbow reflexively and instinctively came up and hit the goon thug. She was arrested for assaulting a police officer and sentenced by a jury to a term in jail. The prosecutor and judge made certain that no evidence could be presented in her defense. Medical evidence of the bruises on her breast and the police officer's record of police brutality were not allowed as evidence in her show trial, the purpose of which was to intimidate Occupy protesters.

In America white jurors are usually sheep who do whatever the prosecutor wants. As Cecily McMillan, a white woman, could not get justice, it is even less likely that the black family of Michael Brown will. Those who are awaiting a jury's verdict to decide Michael Brown's case are awaiting a cover-up and the complicity of the US criminal justice (sic) system in murder.

If there is a federal indictment of the police officer, and the trial is held in a distant jurisdiction, there is a better chance that a jury would consider the facts. But even these precautions would not eliminate the racist element in white jurors' decisions.

- The situation in Ferguson was so badly handled it almost seems like the police state, in responding to the shooting, intended to provoke violence so that the American public could become accustomed to military force being applied to unarmed civilian protests.

Ferguson brings to mind the Boston Marathon Bombing. Two brothers of foreign extraction allegedly set off a "pressure cooker bomb" left in a backpack that killed and injured race participants or observers. The two brothers were deemed, without any evidence, to be so dangerous that the entirety of Boston and its suburbs were "locked down" while 10,000 heavily armed police and military patrolled the streets in military vehicles conducting door-to-door searches forcing residents from their homes at gun point, while the police ransacked homes where it was totally obvious the brothers were not hiding.

Not a single family evicted from their residences at gunpoint said: "Thank God you are here. The bombers are hiding in our home."

The excessive display of force and warrantless police home intrusions is the reason that aware and thoughtful Americans do not believe one word of the official account of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Thoughtful people wonder why every American does not see the bombing as an orchestrated state act of terror in order to accustom Americans to the lock-down of a city and police intrusion into their homes. Logistically, it is impossible to assemble 10,000 armed troops so quickly. The obvious indication is that the readiness of the troops indicates pre-planning.

In Ferguson all that was needed to prevent mass protests and looting was for the police chief, mayor or governor to immediately announce that there would be a full investigation by a civic committee independent of the police and that the black community should select the members it wished to serve on the investigative committee.

Instead, the name of the cop who killed Michael Brown was withheld for days, a video allegedly of Michael Brown taking cigars from a store was released as a justification for his murder by police. These responses and a variety of other stupid police and government responses convinced the black community, which already knew in its bones, that there would be a coverup.

It is entirely possible that the police chief, mayor, and governor lacked the intelligence and judgment to deal with the occasion. In other words, perhaps they are too stupid to be in public office. The incapacity of the American public to elect qualified representatives is world-renown. But it is also possible that Michael Brown's killing provided another opportunity to accustom Americans to the need for military violence to be deployed against the civilian population in order to protect us from threats.

- Occupy Wall Street was white, and these whites were overwhelmed by police violence.This is why I conclude that more is involved in Ferguson than white racist attitudes toward blacks.

The founding fathers warned against allowing US military forces to be deployed against the American people, and the Posse Comitatus Act prevents the use of military forces against civilians. These restrictions designed to protect liberty have been subverted by the George W. Bush and Obama regimes.

Today Americans have no more protection against state violence than Germans had under National Socialism.

Far from being a "light unto the world," America is descending into cold hard tyranny.

Who will liberate us?
Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House. Visit his website.




Militär, Amnesty och FN - nya aktörer i polisstats-kravallerna i Ferguson

Militärer, Amnesty och FN är nya aktörer i USA:s pågående "polisstats-kravaller" i Ferguson. National Guards reservmilitärer och Amnesty är på plats samtidigt som FN:s generalsekreterare offentligt påminner USA om att det är en mänsklig rättighet att demonstrera utan att bli mördad av staten...

USA-polisens brutala tårgas-attacker, arresteringar och misshandel av journalister

USA-polisen i Ferguson attackerade Al-Jazeeras journalister med tårgas och gummikulor. Journalisterna fick fly för livet när de jobbade med att rapportera om USA:s polisvåld och demonstrationer mot polisen. Polisen monterade snabbt ner journalisternas utrustning direkt efter tårgasattacken. Detta framgår tydligt av bilder och videos som togs utan att polisen i Ferguson visste om det...

Demonstrationer och protester mot polisvåldet i USA sprider sig till 90 städer

Tusentals människor demonstrerade i New York till stöd för befolkningen i Ferguson och för alla offer för polisbrutalitet i USA. Polisen i New York NYPD, hotade med massarresteringar om demonstranterna inte slutade blockera trafiken...

USA:s "drömpolis" tar hand om protester mot polisens dödsskjutningar av amerikaner

USA:s trygga drömpolis har koll på läget och tar gärna hand om demonstrerande amerikaner som protesterar mot polisens frekventa dödsskjutningar av obeväpnade amerikaner...

USA-DEMOKRATI NU! ...med lite hjälp av militärutrustad polis och automatvapen

Poliser eller militärer? Se ett par videos om protesterna i Ferguson från Democracy now. "Patricia Bynes en "Democratic Committeewoman" från Ferguson Township, har varit ute på gatorna under demonstrationerna i staden för att dokumentera vad som händer utanför medierapporteringen från MSM...
5000 amerikaner har dödats av polisen i USA efter 9/11

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  1. "Finally, a little-known aspect of the crisis in Ukraine is receiving some international attention. On July 28, the California-based Oakland Institute released a report revealing that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), under terms of their $17 billion loan to Ukraine, would open that country to genetically-modified (GM) crops and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture. The report is entitled “Walking on the West Side: the World Bank and the IMF in the Ukraine Conflict.” [1]







    9 Second Video Shows Cops Shooting Man Putting His Gun Down.
    Watch It Twice, You Won’t Believe It.

  2. tittade på presskonferensen med Rysslands utrikes minister Lavrov - Svensk TV-press representant gav uttryck som icke kompetent och som hela tiden nervöst rörde på sig, kunde inte sitta stilla, okoncentrerad, försökte snacka med tysk journalist som upplevde det som belastning, pratade mycket primitiv ryska (med tydlig baltisk brytning - det är stor miss för press repr.) bredvid alla absolut alla internationella journalister språkbruk var så dålig att det går inte att jämföra .... Sverige verkligen såg ut som Zimbabwe med den TV representant.... även Zimbabwe idag har bättre språkutbildning

  3. --SWAT Team Shoots Teen Girl & Her Dog During Pot Raid On Wrong Home--

    2014-07-25 Chris | InformationLiberation

    Orange County, Florida sheriff's deputies waging an armed raid for a suspected pot dealer entered a family's home guns blazing and shot a teen girl and her dog, only to find out the suspect they were looking for hadn't lived in the home for weeks -- despite their claim to have "surveilled" the home extensively prior to the raid.

    All the cops ended up finding was some perfectly legal ammunition and some pot seeds and marijuana paraphernalia. All charges against the suspect were later dropped, but their dog is dead and his sister lives with horrible back pain due to the deputies' murder attempt.



  4. idag TV4 nyheter visade fejkade falsifierade bilder på s.k. ryska soldater som tagits till fånga av ukrainska armé --- det är typiska ukrainska propaganda med teater föreställning- ryska unga soldater har inga tunga guld kedjor och uppför sig icke som Kiev Junta Bandera banditer vid intervju...

    Journalistik under all kritik i TV4 och spridning av lögner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kiev banditer tagits som trovärdiga källa för Journalistik och nyhets sändning - nyheter i TV4 förvandlas till sagoberättande och önskad fejkad teater visning... det är värre än USA lögner - ....

    1. RT publicerade den här artikeln:

      "Alleged Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine say they 'were lost' in Kiev-released video"


  5. däremot det är tyst att et stor antal fotografer och journalister torteras i Kiev Junta fångenskap .... om detta största möjliga tystnaden.....

    1. ...vissa saker får det inte talas om i svensk media...


  6. Hair Trigger Police State: Gamer SWATTED While Streaming Live Online


  7. "5000 amerikaner har dödats av polisen i USA efter 9/11"

    Nya siffror från 2015 visar att USA-polisen i verkligheten dödat minst dubbelt så många.



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