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"New World Disorder?" - Truthstream News går bakom "teleprompter-nyheterna" från MSM

Truthstream news. Aaron Dykes och Melissa Melton går bakom "teleprompter-nyheterna" från mainstream och berättar på ett kreativt sätt vad den nya "världs-oordningen" handlar om i verkligheten...

Truthstream News EP01:
New World Disorder 

Publicerades den 11 aug 2014 av: TRUTHstreammedia
In this inaugural episode, Truthstream News' Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton break down the underlying and under-reported factors behind the intensifying global chaos unfolding in Iraq, the Middle East, the Ukraine and beyond. It is all part of a "long game" to use conflict as a means to an end via the Hegelian Dialectic — Order Out of Chaos.

This episode covers:
– Ebola Fear Porn as its own epidemic
– The "Return" of the Iraq War (That Never Ended)
– The Vision to Map a New Middle East
– The Cold War (Volume II)
– The Ukraine Gas Shell Game
– The "Olds": How Spykman's Rimland Keeps War Going
– Revealed: Why We Have Perpetual Wars Across the Globe
– Prepping for the Agenda 21 Future: Better Living Through Smaller Spaces
– Letters to the New World Order
– Phone to the President: LBJ Real Audio Confession
– Fun Times Driving With Your Local Congressional Representative
– Investigative Special Report: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)... Are We Allowed to See How Our Food Is Raised?

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A teleprompter, or autocue, is a display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech or script. Using a teleprompter is similar to using cue cards. The screen is in front of, and usually below, the lens of a professional video camera, and the words on the screen are reflected to the eyes of the presenter using a sheet of clear glass or a specially prepared beam splitter. Light from the performer passes through the front side of the glass into the lens, while a shroud surrounding the lens and the back side of the glass prevents unwanted light from entering the lens.
Because the speaker does not need to look down to consult written notes, he appears to have memorized the speech or to be speaking spontaneously, looking directly into the camera lens. Cue cards, on the other hand, are always placed away from the lens axis, making the speaker look at a point beside the camera, which leaves an impression of distraction.

Det Nya Amerikanska Århundradet (PNAC) - "Mission Accomplished?"

PNAC - "Det Nya Amerikanska Århundradet." En hel del geopolitiska experter anser att krigen och kaoset i Mellanöstern, Ukraina, Afrika, etc naturligtvis inte är tillfälligheter utan ingår i projektet PNAC...

Det Nya Amerikanska Århundradet - The New American Century (dokumentär)

The New American Century. Viktig dokumentärfilm som berättar den medialt dolda historien om USA:s pågående projekt för världsherravälde - The New American Century, en film av Massimo Mazzucco... (Fullversionen av filmen har enligt uppgift censurerats på YouTube under flera år)

George Galloway & Tony Cartalucci om Toyota-terroristerna ISIS och Israels massaker i Gaza

En ny intervju med George Galloway av Abby Martin från den 8:e augusti och en ny artikel publicerad på samma dag av Tony Cartalucci. Ämnena är Gaza och ISIS. Bilden: - ISIS började sin invasion av Irak från NATO-medlemmen Turkiets territorium. ISIS körde därefter genom Syrien i Toyota Hilux-truckar som är identiska med de Toyota Hilux-truckar som USA:s stadsdepartement gett till så kallade "moderata rebeller." Fast ISIS tog inte de här bilarna från några "moderata rebeller" av den enkla anledningen att det aldrig har funnits några "moderata" rebeller...
Vad hände i verkligheten? Läs Bloggen!
"New World Disorder?" - Truthstream News går bakom "teleprompter- nyheterna" från MSM

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  1. NATO Baiting Russia into War

    August 12, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Russia is consistently portrayed in the Western media as the "aggressor" amid the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, however, it is clear through overt moves by NATO's proxy regime in Kiev, that attempts are being made to intentionally provoke, not defend against Moscow's ire.

    The New York Times, in a recent article admits that the military campaign Kiev is carrying out against its own citizens in eastern Ukraine is overt brutality carried out by literal flag-waving Nazis, with the all but stated goal of provoking a Russian invasion.



  2. -Cold War Two-

    By William Blum
    Global Research, August 12, 2014
    Anti-Empire Report

    [...]My personal breath of fresh air in recent years has been the television station RT (formerly Russia Today).

    On a daily basis many progressives from around the world (myself included occasionally) are interviewed and out of their mouths come facts and analyses that are rarely heard on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, Fox News, BBC, etc.

    The words of these progressives heard on RT are typically labeled by the mainstream media as “Russian propaganda”, whereas I, after a long lifetime of American propaganda, can only think: “Of course.

    What else are they going to call it?” [...]


  3. France to supply weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq

    Published time: August 13, 2014

    France is to join the club of Western nations directly assisting Iraqi Kurds. Paris said the Kurds are in “urgent need” of support to fight against the radical Islamic State group.


    Read more: US sends 130 additional military advisors to Iraq’s Kurdistan

  4. --Iraq – a crisis for the Western elites? Or is it all going to plan?--

    Neil Clark - August 13, 2014

    It has all turned out rather differently from how those very distinguished neocon “experts”’ told us it would, hasn’t it?

    In the lead-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq in March 2003, we were assured “regime change” would lead to peace and stability and be good news for the whole region.

    The war on terror would be won, if only that great monster Saddam- with his world-threatening weapons of mass destruction- was removed from power. When asked by an interviewer: “If we go into Iraq and we take down Hussein?” the chairman of the Defense Policy Board Richard Perle replied: “Then I think it's over for the terrorists.”

    “I have certainly made up my mind, as indeed any sensible person would, that the region in the world, most of all the people of Iraq, would be in a far better position without Saddam Hussein,” said Tony Blair.

    Now eleven years on, the US is again intervening in Iraq, but this time to bomb radical Islamists who have taken control of much of the country. And incredibly, and rather obscenely, the neocon politicians, pundits and ‘experts’ who caused the mess in the first place are still lecturing us on what needs to be done.

    It was not hard to predict that the violent toppling of Saddam would lead to chaos and that radical Islamists would step into the vacuum.

    As I wrote in The Spectator in March 2002, “Like it or not the most likely alternative to the secular regimes of Assad in Syria and Saddam in Iraq would be militant Islamic ones.”[...]


  5. --Putin’s electoral rating doubles in 2014--

    Published time: August 13, 2014

    Some 82 percent of Russians with firm political preferences say they would vote for Vladimir Putin if a presidential poll were to be held on the nearest weekend, according to the latest research by independent pollster the Levada Center.

    Of all people who took part in the poll, 52 percent said they were ready to vote for Putin.

    In January 2014, the share of such people was about 29 percent and that means that Vladimir Putin’s presidential rating has doubled over almost seven months.


  6. Russian Sanctions Expose West's "Global Disorder"

    August 8, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - In a report by the Sydney Morning Herald titled, "Julie Bishop says 'petulant' Russian sanctions reflect its lack of acceptance for role in MH17 disaster," it claims:

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Russia's "petulant" trade sanctions on Australian food imports is yet another example of Moscow trying to evade responsibility for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

    However, Bishop fails to indicate why Russia should or would accept responsibility for downing an aircraft when no evidence whatsoever even suggests such culpability. Canberra, Washington, London, and Brussels are citing dubious YouTube videos, Facebook, and other forms of "social media," while Russia has provided radar and satellite pictures and has repeatedly called for and supported a proper, independent, impartial investigation into the incident.[...]




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