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ISIS och dårarnas krig mot sin egen terror - av Melissa Melton på Truhstream News

Vad hände med med alla tidigare så stolta uttalanden från gräddan av världens politiska elit om att inte ge upp friheten för då "vinner terroristerna..?"
I halvtid så leder de s.k. terroristerna den matchen med typ 99 mot 2.

...Om det nu verkligen var meningen att den lilla frihet som världens undersåtar tidigare åtnjöt i en del länder, skulle bevaras..?:)

- Melissa Melton på Truthstream News berättar om sina åsikter om ISIS och ger en analys angående USA:s orwellska "krig mot terror."

- Kriget som enbart skapar global kaos och totalt elände samt fler och fler s.k. terrorister ju längre det pågår...

Gov't Fear Factory: ISIS Is Here, Just in Time for Another 9/11 Anniversary 

Publicerades den 22 aug 2014 TRUTHstreammedia
The lunatics are running the asylum...

The government has been doing a whole lot of talking lately about the 9/11-style threat ISIS poses on American soil, how ISIS is like 'nothing the Pentagon has ever seen' and how ISIS is likely already here... and all just in time right before another 9/11 anniversary! Fancy that.

(That's, of course, in addition to the #AMessagefromISIStoUS social media campaign stirring up nasty threats from both sides online, and the media's incessant discussion of James Foley's beheading.)

Considering it's on record where ISIS got a lot of its military training and funding IN THE FIRST PLACE, perhaps we should all go back to the dictionary and look up what the definition of terrorism is.


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RT 2014-08-25
Two horrors have dwelt in my mind for the last twenty years, ever since I read reports about terrorist groups while an impressionable young intelligence officer.

The first involves the use of power tools as instruments of torture; drills, industrial sanders, angle grinders. This is no secret now and the meme has been much used and abused by Hollywood and series such as "24", but I still feel uncomfortable every time I am dragged into the "boy toy" section of a home improvement mega-store.

The second has recently hit the news as a grim result of ISIS, the ultra-violent Sunni sect that has swept across much of Syria and Iraq, imposing the most draconian form of Sharia law in its wake upon the hapless citizens of formerly secular states. I pity the poor women, and I pity still more the men of these communities faced with the option of submission or gruesome murder.

For this is the other image that haunts me: in 1995 six western tourists were abducted by a Kashmiri separatist group, Al Faran. One of the abductees, a Norwegian called Hans Christian Ostro, was found decapitated; his head had been hacked off with a knife. The sheer horror, the terror the poor man must have experienced, has haunted me ever since.

You can probably see where I am going with this. I have not watched, nor do I have any intention of ever watching, the ISIS video of the gruesome murder of US journalist James Foley, whether the Metropolitan Police deems it a crime to do so or not. I just feel horror, again, and a deep well of sorrow for what his family and friends must be going through now.

Yet this is nothing new – we have known for months that ISIS has been beheading and crucifying people as they rampage across Syria and Iraq. There has been a steady stream of delicately pixilated heads on spikes in the western media, and the outrage has been muted.

And indeed, such beheadings have long been carried out and filmed during the earlier insurgencies in Iraq – I remember a young film maker friend who had stumbled across just such a sick propaganda video way back in 2007 – he could not sleep, could not rid his mind of the images either.

It is barbarity pure and simple, but it is also effective within the boundaries of its aims.

So, what are these aims? I just want to make two points before the West gets swept up in a new wave of outrage to "bomb the bastards" for beheading an American – after all, many hundreds if not thousands of people across the Middle East have already suffered this fate, with a lack of any meaningful Western outcry.

Firstly, ISIS has clear aims (indeed it published its five-year plan to great media derision a couple of months ago). It is effectively using hideous brutality and propaganda to spread terror ahead of its war front – this is a 21st century blitzkrieg, and it's working. The sheer horror of what they do to any who attempt to resist is so great that apparently whole armies abandon their weapons, banks have been left to be raided to the tune of half a billion dollars, and entire villages flee.

This is the pure definition of terrorism, and we can see that it is working. ISIS is doing all this to build a new state, or caliphate, in the way that their warped fundamentalist interpretation of religion sets out for them.

- Secondly, and here's the contentious bit, how precisely is this different from the terror that the Israelis have been visiting upon the many innocents killed in Gaza? 

- The Dahiya Doctrine of disproportionate violence to stun and quash resistance was exposed by WikiLeaks - the Israeli "shock and awe".

- And also, how is this different from what the US has been meting out to the peoples of Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan over the last few years with their drone attacks?

George Galloway & Tony Cartalucci om Toyota-terroristerna ISIS och Israels massaker i Gaza

En ny intervju med George Galloway av Abby Martin från den 8:e augusti och en ny artikel publicerad på samma dag av Tony Cartalucci. Ämnena är Gaza och ISIS. Bilden: - ISIS började sin invasion av Irak från NATO-medlemmen Turkiets territorium. ISIS körde därefter genom Syrien i Toyota Hilux-truckar som är identiska med de Toyota Hilux-truckar som USA:s stadsdepartement gett till så kallade "moderata rebeller." Fast ISIS tog inte de här bilarna från några "moderata rebeller" av den enkla anledningen att det aldrig har funnits några "moderata" rebeller...

Al-Qaidas tokiga Jihad på Banken! - Gjorde uttag på 429 miljoner dollar - rika som "terrortroll"

Al-Qaida är numera en kraft att räkna med även inom världens bankirkretsar efter deras tokiga Jihad på Centralbanken i Mosul, Irak. - Jihadisterna gjorde ett kreativt uttag på 429 miljoner dollar och blev plötsligt rika som "terrortroll". De terrorintresserade vapenviftande gentlemännen kan nu titulera sig; "världens genom tiderna rikaste terrororganisation"...

ISIS - Årsredovisning & Rapport från verksamheten. 
- bilder från RT
ISIS och dårarnas krig mot sin egen terror - av Melissa Melton på Truhstream News

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  1. Washington’s Diabolical Agenda in Iraq: US Pledges “Humanitarian Airstrikes” against US Sponsored IS Terrorists

    Implausible Deniability - West's ISIS Terror Hordes in Iraq

    By Tony Cartalucci

    The US has pledged assistance for victims of and even possible “airstrikes” against terrorists who have surrounded and threaten to eradicate thousands of religious minorities in Iraq.

    However, the terrorists themselves are a product of US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, and instrumental in achieving Western objectives across the region. Punitive strikes and aid to the victims of what is essentially a Western mercenary army is part of maintaining plausible deniability.

    The terror hordes originated from NATO territory and have inundated Syria, Iraq, and now Lebanon. The goal of this well funded, heavily armed, professionally organized mercenary force is clearly to supplant pro-Iranian political and military fronts across Tehran’s arc of influence – from Baghdad to Damascus, to Lebanon and Hezbollah along the Mediterranean.

    In the process, the heavily indoctrinated rank and file have committed horrific atrocities ranging from rape and torture to mass executions and sectarian genocide. While such war crimes have been taking place in Syria since 2011, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover up similar crimes beyond Syria’s borders under narratives of “civil war” linked to the so-called “Arab Spring.”[...]

  2. --The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil--

    Brandon Smith - Alt Market / thedailysheeple - August 29th, 2014

    Government engineered false-flag terrorism is a historically established fact. For centuries, political and financial elites have been sinking ships, setting buildings on fire, assassinating diplomats, overthrowing elected leaders, and blowing people up, then blaming these disasters on convenient scapegoats so that they can induce fear in the public and transfer more power to themselves.

    Skeptics might argue whether certain calamities have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be false-flag events, but no one can argue that such tactics have not been used by the establishment in the past. Governments have openly admitted to creating bloody and catalyzing tragedies under false pretenses, like Operation Gladio, a false-flag program in Europe supported by European and American covert agencies which lasted decades, from the 1950s to the 1990s.




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