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Demonstrationer och protester mot polisvåldet i USA sprider sig till 90 städer

Tusentals människor demonstrerade i New York till stöd för befolkningen i Ferguson och för alla offer för polisbrutalitet i USA. Polisen i New York NYPD, hotade med massarresteringar om demonstranterna inte slutade blockera trafiken...

Times Sq shut down, Washington joins protest over Ferguson teen killing

Publicerades den 15 aug 2014
Thousands of people in New York rallied in solidarity with residents of Ferguson on Thursday, showing support to people across the US who have been victims of police brutality. Meanwhile thousands of protesters also came together on the streets of Washington D.C.


The St. Louis Riots:

Publicerades den 14 aug 2014
Someone had to ask it; might as well be us. Mel here. I pretty much suggested this three days ago when everyone was talking about Robin Williams and milking his death for all its media worth in the second article linked below.

I said the situation unfolding in STL would be the next weapon of mass distraction... Things are so sadly predictable these days. Did you know that nearly 100 people have died in Donetsk while the media was busy reporting on Robin Williams for two days, then switching to STL? Well, you wouldn't know if you were the average American TV news watcher, that's for sure...

This is a way to divide Americans against one another so no one is pointing their fingers at the real people bringing down this nation. Look at this footage. Doesn't look much like America...does it?

Video of tear gas being deployed in STL:

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RT 2014-08-17
One person is in critical condition and seven people have been arrested in the latest Ferguson protest, local police said in a news conference. They also confirmed the use of tear gas. 


One person was shot and critically wounded and seven were arrested, Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said. Police were unable to identify the victim, who he said was not shot by police, and that the alleged shooter was still at large.

RT 2014-08-15
Thousands of people are rallying in New York in solidarity with residents of Ferguson, showing support to people across the US who have been victims of police brutality. The NYPD has threatened mass arrests if people do not stop blocking traffic.

The New York City Police Department has reportedly arrested at least four people during a peaceful rally intended to pay tribute to Michael Brown and others who have suffered from police brutality.

LIVE UPDATES: Militarized US police face-off with Ferguson protesters

Thousands of protesters left their original rally location at New York’s Union Square and descended upon Times Square, ignoring police orders to stay on the sidewalk. As a result, police began cordoning protesters between 42nd Street and 9th avenue. 

Demonstrators flooded social media, complaining that officers had kettled them and refused to let them go.[...] 

Nationwide protests take on police brutality, racism

Publicerades den 15 aug 2014
Vigils were held in over 90 cities nationwide Thursday night to show solidarity with the residents of Ferguson, MO. Largely peaceful, the combination memorial/protests focused on the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the militarized response to protests following the incident and the larger issue of racial inequality in America. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has the details on the New York City protests***
(Reuters-Sat Aug 16, 2014) - Minutes before a police officer shot him dead, Michael Brown had become a suspect in the theft of cigars from a store, according to police reports released on Friday after days of protests in a St. Louis suburb over the unarmed black teenager's death.

But what, if anything, that had to do with the fatal encounter became less clear as the day went by.

- Hours after the reports' release, police said that Officer Darren Wilson, 28, had no idea 18-year-old Brown was a robbery suspect. 

He simply wanted Brown to move from the road to the sidewalk, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said at a news conference

"He was walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic. That was it," Jackson said.
After nearly a week of accusations that the Ferguson Police Department did not know how to communicate with the public, Jackson did little to dispel that image during two appearances on Friday.

He was visibly nervous, stuttering as he fumbled his notes, and made announcements that only sowed more confusion. After releasing the robbery incident report without any attempt to explain its fuller context, he let more than five hours pass before confirming, and only when asked, that Wilson did not know about the robbery when he encountered Brown.

The decision by the police department, which is overwhelmingly white, to release a report on the robbery while keeping details of the shooting secret only served to fuel outrage that has roiled the St. Louis area.



USA:s "drömpolis" tar hand om protester mot polisens dödsskjutningar av amerikaner

USA:s trygga drömpolis har koll på läget och tar gärna hand om demonstrerande amerikaner som protesterar mot polisens frekventa dödsskjutningar av obeväpnade amerikaner...
Demonstrationer och protester mot polisvåldet i USA sprider sig till 90 städer 

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  1. **You’re Nine Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist**

    August 15, 2014

  2. Militarization of the Police…Ferguson Edition

    ALL GOV - Friday, August 15, 2014

    If a person looks like a soldier, carries semiautomatic weapons like a soldier and drives a military vehicle, does that make them a soldier or a police officer? The presence of a small patch that says “police” on the camo uniforms of those patrolling Ferguson, Missouri, appears to be the only difference between the two.
    Since the killing of teenager Michael Brown last weekend and the ensuing riots and police response, many have asked if the militarization of America’s law enforcement has gone too far.[...]



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