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USA: Ung student fängslad 13 dagar för pennkniv inlåst i bagaget på bil - "farligt vapen"

I Ohio, USA, har Jordan Weiser, en ung student, suttit i fängelse under 13 dagar, och verkar få resten av livet förstört, p.g.a. sin lilla pennkniv. Pennkniven fanns i en ficka på en sjukvårdsväst som i sin tur var inlåst i bagaget på hans bil. Jordan Weiser arbetade extra som akutsjukvårdare (EMT) för att finansiera sina studier och använde pennkniven i jobbet...
MEN, USA:s skolor har på många ställe numera infört så kallad noll-tolerans mot "vapen" på skolområdet. ...Och den lilla pennkniven som Jordan använde i sitt sjukvårdsjobb, som fanns inlåst i bilbagaget, ansågs vara ett livsfarligt vapen av skolans ledning, som i hemlighet hade genomsökt Jordans bil...

- Läs mer om USA:s nya fantastiska nolltoleranta "trygghetssamhälle" på engelska här undertill... 

Ohio teen faces felony when school searches car, finds pocket knife

Publicerad den 7 april 2014 av: Police State USA 

JEFFERSON, OH -- A young man's future may potentially be shattered after he was charged with the victimless act of keeping a pocketknife in his vehicle while at school. He now faces felony charges that may send him to prison and derail all of his career plans. So far he's been kicked out of school and spent 13 days in jail.

Jordan Wiser, 18, has had aspirations of working for the government his whole life. He was training to be a fireman and has already joined the Army with a scheduled start date in August. Some day he intended to become a police officer. He says that he's been in the public service field since he was 14-years-old.

All of that was jeopardized when he got caught up by a draconian zero-tolerance weapons policy at his school. One day at school he was aggressively confronted about possessing weapons.

FAIR USE / SOURCE: 19 Action News

- Ohio Student Expelled, Arrested, Spent 13 Days In Jail . . . After A Small Pocketknife Is Found In His Locked Car Trunk By School Officials

2014-03-18 Source: jonathan turley
Jordan Wiser, a student at Ashtabula County Technical School in Jefferson, Ohio is rightfully confused after being being arrested for bringing a weapon into school. The “weapon” was a pocket knife that he had in his EMT medical vest . . . that was locked into the truck of his car.

(*Emergency medical technician:

That’s right, in the latest example of the insane application of zero tolerance rules, the school officials called police after searching the trunk of a locked car to find a pocket knife used by a senior in his work as a EMT.

He was then fed into a legal system that refused to show discretion in his prosecution. Notably, prosecutor Harold Specht ran for office based on a pledge that he would maintain a “hardline, zero tolerance policy” as a prosecutor. It was the perfect storm for Wiser: zero tolerance administrators handing a student over to a zero tolerance prosecutor.

But it gets worse . . .

Wiser may now be barred from fulfilling his dream of joining the Army. School officials say that he consented to the search but Wiser insists that he declined to give consent and asked to speak to this parents or a lawyer. School officials searched the car and found the small folding knife and an airsoft gun. (The airsoft gun was legal and used in a school club).

They say that they had probable cause after monitoring comments Wiser made on an online forum. They specifically referred to videos that Wiser posted on YouTube discussing home defense techniques and self-defense.

The police was called and the school moved to expel him.
*- He was then charged with an illegal conveyance of a weapon for the knife.
*- He then spent 13 days in the county jail. That’s right, 13 days.
He now must enroll in a special online program to complete his education.

We have previously followed the suspensions and discipline of students under zero tolerance policies that are used by teachers to justify zero judgment or responsibility. I have long criticized zero tolerance policies that have led to suspensions and arrests of children (here, here and here and here and here).

Here is a prior column on the subject (and here).Children have been suspended or expelled for drawing stick figures or wearing military hats or bringing Legos shaped like guns or even having Danish in the shape of a gun.

Despite the public outcry over the completely irrational and abusive application of zero tolerance rules, administrators and teachers continue to apply them blindly. If you do not have to exercise judgment, you can never been blamed for any failure.

Conversely, even when the public outcry results in a reversals, teachers and administrators never seem punished with the same vigor for showing no judgment or logic in punishing a child.

The stripping away of fourth amendment rights of students parallels the same erosion of first amendment rights, as discussed in this recent column.

*To make matters even worse, the conditions of Wiser’s bond prohibit him from having any contact with his grandfather, who is dying from cancer because there are guns in his house. 

*The first judge ordered Wiser to be held on a half million-dollar bond and a psychological evaluation. 

- He passed the exam but he was then hit with a $50,000 bond and an ankle monitor on Christmas Eve.
USA: Ung student fängslad 13 dagar för pennkniv inlåst i bagaget på bil - "farligt vapen"

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