lördag 5 april 2014

Arvet efter den Notoriske Krigsbrottslingen och Orwellska Fredspristagaren Henry Kissinger

Arvet efter den notoriske folkmördaren i förintelsestorlek och fredspristagaren, Henry Kissinger, vårdas stolt av dagens Orwellska fredskrigsetablissemang i USA och här i vårt "västliga Matrix". Yale University har under stort hemlighetsmakeri nyligen bjudit in Kissinger för att hålla tal. Abby Martin berättar sanningen om arvet efter Kissinger... (video)

Henry Kissinger's Legacy of War Crimes Exposed by Secret Yale Visit

Publicerad den 26 mars 2014
Abby Martin speaks about how Yale University's secret invite to Henry Kissinger has shined a new light into the former Secretary of State's long list of criminality, by helping facilitate US war crimes in South East Asia, South America and the Middle East, which resulted in the deaths of millions of civilians.


Unlearned Lessons from Vietnam 41 Years Later 

Publicerad den 3 apr 2014
Abby Martin goes over the anniversary of the US withdrawal from Vietnam, highlighting the unlearned lessons from the war and draws a parallel to America's recent conflicts, namely Iraq and Afghanistan.


Vietnam War featuring War Pigs by Black Sabath

Arvet efter den Notoriske Krigsbrottslingen och Orwellska Fredspristagaren Henry Kissinger

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  1. --Democratic and Republican Presidents Agree…U.N. Human Rights Treaty Doesn’t Apply to Americans--

    All Gov March 10, 2014

    Signatories to the United Nations treaty on human rights, which has been in force since 1976, agree to ensure rights to those “within its territory and subject to its jurisdiction.”

    But U.S. presidents of both parties have adopted a somewhat narrow interpretation of that treaty.

    U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have all contended that the treaty does not apply to actions taken outside the United States.

    This interpretation has allowed these presidents to violate anti-torture and other provisions by holding prisoners outside the United States, including at Guantánamo Bay and at “black sites” around the world.




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