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USA: Polis slog in dörren och bakband oskyldig 75-årig mormor - "Ooops, gjorde raid i fel hus"

USA-polisen blandade ihop husnummer och råkade göra en våldsam narkotikarazzia hos en oskyldig 75-årig mormor. Polisen bakband den gamla kvinnan med buntband, för hennes egen trygghet, innan de brutalt förhörde henne. I alla fall så lever damen fortfarande, så 75-åringen bör ändå vara ganska nöjd med mötet med polisen...

Cops Zip-tie 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Botched Raid 

Publicerad den 23 apr 2014
Cops Zip-tie 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Botched Raid


Cops Tie Up 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Botched Raid

“He never said I’m sorry, never apologized… he said you got to get someone to fix that door”

April 23, 2014 Mikael Thalen
A 75-year-old Virginia woman says she was tied up and interrogated this week after police raided her home.

According to Ruth Hunter, Virginia State Police bound her hands with zip-ties after wrongfully targeting her apartment in a drug raid.

“I thought it was somebody just breaking in to rob me and kill me,” Hunter told CBS 6. “… Took my hands and handcuffed me with the ties because they told me I was under arrest and then after they handcuffed me that’s when they proceeded to ask questions.”

Police told Hunter that her home was listed as a major drug spot according to court documents, a claim Hunter says is absolutely ridiculous.

“Asked me if I ever stored drugs for anybody,” Hunter stated. “I said how dare you insult my integrity.”

Officers then began questioning Hunter on her relationship with certain family members, accusing her granddaughter of knowing drug dealers.

“…Associating my granddaughter with knowing these people. I sat up in my bed like how dare you bring my granddaughter into this stuff,” Hunter said. “She’s a law abiding citizen, works everyday and doesn’t even like coming here.”

- Police then suddenly stopped the interrogation, left Hunter hadcuffed in her apartment and made an arrest two-doors down.

- The fiancée of the man arrested told reporters that police undoubtedly mixed up the apartments.
“Just so happened they came to apartment ‘G’ and they got it mixed up with apartment ‘E,’” the woman said.

- Despite having no drugs whatsoever, Hunter says police refused to apologize and even told her that she would need to pay to have her door fixed.

“I’m very irritated and angry, he never said I’m sorry, never apologized for having the wrong house… he said you got to get someone to fix that door,” Hunter said.

Hunter says she is so haunted by the raid that she now plans to move to a new location. State Police declined to answer any questions, citing the ongoing drug investigation.
USA: Polis slog in dörren och bakband oskyldig 75-årig mormor  - Ooops, gjorde raid i fel hus

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  1. --VA Police 'Hogtie' 75-year-old Grandmother During No-Knock Raid at Wrong Address--

    Apr 24 2014 InformationLiberation

    “I thought someone was breaking in to rob or kill me."



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