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Ryssland börjar tvångsregistrera anonyma Bloggare - Öst & Väst "sätter på Orwell i TV2"

- Vem skall lyckas med bedriften att skapa Orwells drömsamhälle först, Öst eller Väst? Spänningen är olidlig...
Tech Dirt 2014-04-24
- The law introduces a new term: "Internet user called blogger.
" Bloggers will be obliged to declare their family name and initials and e-mail address. Those authors whose personal website or page in social networks has 3,000 visitors or more a day must have themselves registered on a special list and abide by restrictions applicable to the mass media. In other words, registration requires the blogger should check the authenticity of published information and also mention age restrictions for users. Also, bloggers will have to follow mass media laws concerning electioneering, resistance to extremism and the publication of information about people’s private lives. An abuse of these requirements will be punishable with a fine of 10,000 to 30,000 rubles (roughly $300 to $1,000) for individuals and 300,000 rubles ($10,000) for legal entities. A second violation will be punishable with the website's suspension for one month.
Clearly those onerous conditions are designed to make any blogger think twice or three times before publishing anything at all controversial or embarrassing for the authorities. The article notes that the new law may be challenged before Russia's Constitutional Court, and that there's a huge loophole in the form of blogs located overseas, which are not covered by the legislation. The fear has to be that the Russian government will now move on to blocking them too. Moreover, not content with intimidating independent blogs, the Russian authorities also seem to be tightening their grip on VKontakte, the Russian Facebook. As Ars Technica reports:
Pavel Durov, the founder of Vkontakte (VK) -- the largest social network in Russia -- said on Tuesday that he fled the country one day after being forced out of the company, claiming that he felt threatened by Kremlin officials.

In a post on his profile page on Monday, Durov explained that he was fired from his position as CEO of VK and that the so-called "Russian Facebook" is now "under the complete control" of two oligarchs close to President Vladimir Putin.
His removal is probably connected with his longstanding refusal to censor content on VKontakte:
Durov explained that after seven years of relative social media freedom in Russia, his refusal to share user data with Russian law enforcement has set him at odds with the Kremlin, which has recently been trying to tighten its grip on the Internet, according to The Moscow Times.

VK's former CEO says that despite his multiple refusals of Kremlin requests to censor his site in a similar fashion to how it filters print and TV news, the site -- which boasts 143 million registered users globally, 88 million of whom are based in Russia -- is now effectively under state control.
What's sad here is that, as we've noted ruefully before, in the wake of revelations about NSA and GCHQ spying, the West is no longer in a position to criticize this kind of censorship and surveillance. As the latest moves indicate, the Russian authorities seem intent on taking full advantage of that fact.


- Vem vinner VM i att "sätta på Orwell på TV2" - USA eller Ryssland?

- Chinese-Style Internet ID Coming Next Month!

Publicerad den 30 apr 2014 av: TheAlexJonesChannel
The White House's "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" would replace the current system of using passwords to access sensitive online accounts with something akin to a biometric ID card that would link one individual to all their government services, as well as a myriad of other things like mortgage applications and applications for licenses.

Russia Cracks Down on Internet Dissent

Russia's upper house of parliament approved a law on Tuesday that will impose stricter rules on blogs and websites that attract more than 3,000 daily visits.
Opponents say the law will enable Putin to silence opponents who are rarely given air time on the mostly state-controlled or pro-Putin television channels

Sveriges politiker fortsätter att imponera! ...På kineserna - Ville förbjuda anonyma bloggare


Ryssland börjar tvångsregistrera anonyma Bloggare - Öst & Väst "sätter på Orwell i TV2"

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  1. --Charges Against Peoria Man Who Ran Parody Twitter Account Dropped Because Law They Claim He Broke Explicitly Doesn't Apply--

    2014-04-28 Chris | InformationLiberation

    Charges against a Peoria, Illinois man who ran a parody twitter account mocking the mayor were just dropped because the law against "impersonation" he supposedly broke doesn't even apply online.

    Remember, two judges signed off on the Mayor's harassment campaign, first by demanding the suspect's IP and personal information from his ISP, second by signing off on an open-ended raid of the alleged IP holder's home.

    Other judges have ruled IPs cannot be used to identify a person, but that didn't stop these judges from signing off on the police's fraudulent warrant to raid the man's home and steal all his computers, phones, and associated electronics.

    Additionally, they allowed the cops to include a laundry list of drugs they could search for and seize simply because one parody tweet had the mayor asking who stole his "crack pipe."
    The cops did find marijuana during their search and felony charges were filed against the victim, they haven't said whether those charges would be dropped yet.

    Odds are such charges wouldn't hold up in court considering the whole basis for the warrant was a fraud, so it just depends how far the state's agents want to continue with their personal vendetta.




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