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Nyhet: Fritt fram för GMO-foder i Sverige när 20-årig policy överges - "Monsanto-mjölk" på G

- Sedan nästan 20 år tillbaka har mjölkbranschen i Sverige haft en policy att foder till mjölkkor ska vara GMO-fritt.

- Men nu väljer branschen att lämna den här policyn.
Mikael Karlsson på Naturskyddsföreningen säger följande:
– Det finns två utvecklingsvägar för svenskt jordbruk, som jag ser det. Den ena, som konsumenten uppskattar allt mer, handlar om en ökad miljöanpassning och ekologisk produktion, den andra om att öka miljöriskerna med mer insatsmedel.

- Nu väljer man alltså den väg som innebär minskad miljöanpassning.[...]
(Publicerat på SR 2014-04-16.) 
RT 2014-04-12.
China’s rejection of shipments of US corn containing traces of unapproved genetically modified maize has caused a significant drop in exports. 

According to a new report, US traders have lost $427 million in sales. Overall, China has barred nearly 1.45 million tons of corn shipments since last year, the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA), an American industry association, said Friday.[...]

Pressure on Cargill & ADM to Dump GMO After China Rejects Corn Imports

Publicerad den 20 apr 2014 av: TRUTHstreammedia
The United States grows an absurd amount of corn, and more than 90% of that is genetically modified corn, which is then processed and put into foods and drinks of all kinds, particular in its most notorious form -- as high fructose corn syrup, as well as dozens of other ingredients.

Now the cornerstone crop of GMO foods is facing new pressures, including a possible split between Big Agra corn producers like Cargill and Archer Daniels and the biotech companies that supply the GM seeds that these agri-giants cultivate.

China is now rejecting GM corn on the basis that its safety is not proven, raising the stakes in a complex East vs. West trade war that has often brought the U.S. economically to its knees.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. grain industry has suffered blowback from more than 1.45 million metric tons of rejected GM corn and heavy losses. Cargill, for one, attributes a 28% decline in quarterly earnings to the Chinese export setback.

The corn giants Cargill, Archer Daniels Midlands their peers at the North American Export Grain Association, are putting blame on biotech and asking for reimbursement and a halt to growing seed varieties not approved in major markets like China. Jacob Bunge wrote in the WSJ:

"The North American Export Grain Association, which includes ADM and Cargill, has called on seed companies to fully bear the risks and liabilities from selling their products. It also has objected to introducing seeds with genetics that haven't secured approvals in major markets. Grain groups have called on Syngenta to stop selling such seeds until China grants approval."

Of course, none of them every bothered asking the American people if they were comfortable eating it, either. Vocal protests, polls -- both informal and formal -- as well as major efforts to mandate GMO labeling state by state have all made clear that there is major resistance, but the corporate movement 'for cheap corn improved by science' has thus far gone on regardless...

But the latest trade tensions with China over GM corn are now happening concurrently -- with Vermont now poised to be the first state to pass a mandatory GMO labeling law with teeth (on the heels of weaker laws in Connecticut and Maine, and failed efforts in California and Washington state).

There is also further push back, with several countries -- most recently France, and a few months ago Mexico -- banning the cultivation of GM corn, and numerous other nations refusing trade in some GM crops and/or requiring GMO labels (as in the EU).


GMO - "The Daily Sheeple"


Avslöjat: Monsanto mörkar forskningsresultat som inte passar agendan för GMO-globalisering

Den undersökande journalisten James Corbett, på Corbett Report, har den här gången ansträngt sig ännu mer än vanligt i sin research. I Corbetts nya video avslöjas Monsantos selektiva urval och skandalösa censur av oönskade forskningsresultat. Agendan för den lönsamma globaliseringen av GMO-produkter är mycket viktigare än kundernas (din) hälsa för både Monsanto och för våra styrande politiker här i väst ...

Varför skall företag egentligen behöva märka produkter som innehåller genmanipulerade ingredienser?
- Helt onödigt, enligt Monsanto, företaget som bl.a. gett oss både DDT och Agent Orange. SÅ mycket lättare att bara stifta lagar som förbjuder GMO-märkning. Då slipper flocken välja om den vill stoppa i sig samma mat som råttorna åt i den numera censurerade forskningen...

- Monsantos logik är; "- Det kunderna inte vet, har de inte ont av." Kunderna ska tydligen istället vara försökskaniner, precis som råttorna på bilden ovanför... Lycka till med det...

Genetic Fallacy: - How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

Publicerad den 3 dec 2013
- That a former Monsanto scientist should find himself in charge of a  specially-created post at the very journal that published two landmark  studies questioning the safety of that company's products should  surprise no one who is aware of the Monsanto revolving door. 

This door is responsible for literally dozens of Monsanto officials, lobbyists and consultants finding themselves in positions of authority in the government bodies that are supposedly there to regulate the company and its actions.

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=8325



GMO crops may cause major environmental risks, USDA admits

RT February 24, 2014. A new report published by the United States Department of Agriculture demonstrates that the vast majority of corn and soybean crops grown in America are genetically-engineered variants made to withstand certain conditions and chemicals.

But while GMO seeds have been sowed on US soil for 15 years now, the latest USDA report reveals that Americans still have concerns about consuming custom-made, laboratory-created products, albeit nowhere near as much as in Europe.

The report was released by the USDA’s Economic Research Service and published on their website Feb. 20. And though the paper takes into consideration the trends that have shaped how scientists and agriculturists have approached genetically-modified organisms since they were first introduced in the US a decade-and-a-half ago, the consensus seems to be that no one is certain just yet about what toll the surge in GMOs will truly have.[...]


 Nyhet: Fritt fram för GMO-foder i Sverige när 20-årig policy överges - "Monsanto-mjölk" på G

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  1. -China Refuses 8 Shipments of U.S. GMO Corn-

    Christina Sarich
    Prison Planet.com
    April 21, 2014

    Never say never. Though already reported by NaturalSociety in the past, let’s not forget when China destroyed three shipments of US GMO corn.

    According to a law on Chinese books ,the Ministry of Agriculture must require environmental and food safety testing to verify data provided by the seed developer.

    This means that China is upholding the scientific method and is actually testing the claims of companies like Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta, saying that ‘GMO is safe for humans and the environment” when we all know this to be untrue.[...]

    The Chinese Minister of Agriculture is unable to issue a safety certificate unless these strict scientific proofs are utilized and therefore, three shipments of imported US GMO corn without relevant safety certificates and approval documents were destroyed.

    This is a big concern for US exporters who have grown GMO crops, since China is a big consumer of genetically modified crops. The country, like our own, is already consuming large amounts of GM soybeans, even though experts are re-igniting the questions about just how safe these crops really are:

    Read: China Refused ~900,000 Tonnes of U.S. GMO Corn:


    “Wang Xiaoyu, deputy secretary general of the Heilongjiang Soybean Association, a supporter of local non-genetically modified soybeans, recently told local media that people who consume soy oil made with genetically modified soybeans “are more vulnerable to developing tumors and suffering sterility.”[...]




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