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Fejk: Sveriges Ryss-hatande Media skrämde Svensson med Ukrainabilder - från 2013

De satellitbilder som på senare tid florerat i mainstreammedia och som påstås visa stora ryska trupper och en massiv pågående militäruppbyggnad vid gränsen till Ukraina, har i efterhand visat sig vara bilder från militärövningar under 2013. Enligt uppgifter så deltog även trupper från Ukraina vid de övningarna...:)
Mainstreammedias Ryss-hatande Ankdamms-journalister & övriga livegna Nättroll får anstränga sig något bättre med sin obligatoriska desinformation till fördel för elitens lönsamma kalla-kriget-lek, om man vill skrämma fler än varelser än Svenssons husdjur + mormor...

NATO’s Russian troop build-up satellite images ‘show 2013 drills’

RT 2014-04-10
The satellite images released by NATO that allegedly show a current build-up of Russian troops near Ukrainian border were taken in August 2013 amid military drills, a source in the General Staff of the Russian Army has said.

NATO’s top military commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, on Wednesday claimed that there is evidence of what he says are 40,000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, tweeting a link to satellite images.

The images, some of them colored and some black and white, appear to show multiple Russian tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and a “special forces brigade” with locations and dates added to them.

The dates marked range from March 22 to March 27, 2014. Another image not available on the original webpage but used by some Western media has “April 2, 2014” stamped on it.

Upon looking at the photos, a senior official at the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has confirmed to RIA Novosti the troops shown are indeed Russian ones and that they were photographed in the south of Russia.

- There is one problem, though: the images were taken some eight months before the stated date, the source said.

“These shots, which were distributed by NATO, show Russian Armed Forces units of the Southern Military District, which in the summer of last year were taking part in various drills, including near the Ukrainian border,” the General Staff official told RIA Novosti.

Large military drills held in the south of Russia last year included Combat Commonwealth 2013 – a joint air defense exercise of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Back then, Ukrainian troops participated in the international drills.

NATO on Thursday continued ramping up allegations of possible “Russian invasion” into Ukraine, with NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen claiming that 40,000 Russian troops are still amassed on the Ukrainian border “not training but ready for combat.”

Rasmussen’s “message to Russia” was then “to stop blaming others for your own actions, to stop massing your troops, to stop escalating this crisis and start engaging in a genuine dialogue.”

Meanwhile, General Breedlove on Wednesday said that US troops may soon be deployed to Europe to “reassure” the NATO allies – a notion, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called a flagrant breach of the bloc’s international obligations.

The Ukrainian coup-imposed government has also stepped up its rhetoric on Russia’s military presence, even claiming there is “military activity on behalf of the Russian Federation… on the territory of Ukraine” in an invitation to the Netherlands via OSCE network.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich on Thursday responded to the allegations by stressing that “on the territory of Ukraine, there is no military activity conducted by Russia.”

“- This has been confirmed by the group of inspectors from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria and Sweden, who were in Ukraine from March 20 to April 2 and visited Kharkov, Donetsk, Mariupol, Nikolaev and Odessa regions,” Lukashevich stated.

Suggesting the territory mentioned in the diplomatic note might have been that of the Crimean Republic, the spokesman said the related activity there has to do with transferring of the ships and military hardware to Ukraine, as well as with the “inventorying of the military installations.”

As soon as this process is finished, the international inspectors are welcome to the territory of the peninsula – provided they send a request to Moscow, not to Kiev, he stressed.


Ukraine Media War: - Fake content triggers big news

Publicerad den 10 apr 2014
The confrontation over Ukraine has been unfolding not only on the ground, but in the media as well. And what appears to be an exaggeration of basic facts has led to some dubious reporting.  

Bild RT: http://rt.com/news/nato-anniversary-bombings-death-125/

Sibel Edmonds - Gladio B och historien om kriget mot terror - samlade intervjuer

En serie intervjuer med Sibel Edmonds om operation Gladio och historien bakom kriget mot terror...


 Sveriges Ryss-hatande Media skrämde Svensson med Ukrainabilder - från 2013

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  1. --NATO Members Conduct False Flag Terror In Attempt to Whip Up War--

    April 9, 2014

    Source: washingtons blog

    Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh (who uncovered the Iraq prison torture scandal and the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam) says that high-level American sources tell him that the Turkish government carried out the chemical weapons attacks blamed on the Syrian government.

    Indeed, it’s long been known that sarin was coming through Turkey.

    Turkey is a member of NATO. So we’re really talking about a NATO member launching a false flag attack against a non-NATO member, and then blaming it on the victim.

    Indeed, a new tape recording of top Turkish officials planning a false flag attack to be blamed on Syria as a causus belli was just leaked a couple of weeks ago, and confirmed by Turkey as being authentic.

    In other words, since the last big Turkish false flag didn’t succeed in launching war against Syria, they’re going to try again.

    This is not the first false flag by NATO members. For example:

    • The former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.








  2. VT - Veterans Today April 12th, 2014

    --Putin Letter Makes Diplomatic History--

    [ Editors Note: Dear Readers, this is a piece of contemporary history below. As you read through this, yes we know that Putin did not write it all himself, but despite the staff work the clarity and sincerity are just oozing out of it.

    Nowhere is there a word of the blustering and bravado which has become so commonplace in Western, particularly the US, diplomatic statements.

    And as for our Congress, they have become such an embarrassment that it seems like the interns have totally taken over the place with the conveyor belt of childish drivel that keep flowing from that hole in the ground. We are way past time for any tinkering around the edges to fix that mess.

    It is time to take a look at what our Founding Fathers left us, realize that it is no longer working, and that we need a major makeover.

    What we are watching here is the death of America's moral leadership in the world, the complete exposure of how it was stolen and exploited by you know who. That the Nobel Peace Prize winner would sit at the helm while this went into its latter stages is sad indeed, despite his stopping the Syria attack and great progress he has made toward ending the way too long running fraud of the Iran nuclear threat.

    Those that promoted that false flag psyops deserve to be prosecuted for running an ongoing terror attack on us. That is exactly what their intent was, premeditated mass murder. That brings up another major issue that needs to be addressed, which is taking a fresh look at how dangerous the political and diplomatic immunity tool has become to us all.

    I don't see how we can continue not to have criminal recourse when we suffer the consequences that we have and I fear will continue to. They love the "them or us" situation they have know as they have a free pass, and they use it...on us.

    What we have now, is frankly, a national security risk. Call me crazy if you want, but I stand by the statement and could defend it in debate while both drunk and blindfolded. Let me know what you think in the comments... [...]

    Jim W. Dean - Managing Editor &columist VT


    **President Vladimir Putin’s letter to leaders of European countries – Full text
    ….from ITAR-TASS, Moscow:


  3. Tysk industri och folk i uppror mot vapenskramlet mot Ryssland

    Kanske just därför militärpolis hade aktion mot Kockums (ägarna Thyssen Krupp ), då i Tyskland stark stödd för Ryssland och Putin och tyskar som intelligent folk har egen förmågan att analysera situationen, då Sverige förvandlad till zombifierad CIA tjänare p.g.a. Wallenberg mördare och tjuvar styr hela politiken och industri blind lyder sina överordnade i NWO-USA, samt medlemmar i Bilderberg klubben samt CIA agenter och bestämmer över svenska säkerhets tjänster..... (sina företag som de rånade från Kreuger Sekten Wallenberg degraderade till botten, när de mördade själva Kreuger...). Sedan Hbuvud beställarna av Palme mordet och andra politiska mord i Sverige!

  4. Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, April 11th, 2014



  5. Source: Ukraine’s army was ordered to imitate attacks on their units in Donetsk region


    Calle Bild är ingen politiker utan förlängda Wallenberg hand (Wallenberg egentligen selekterade han som bekväm marionett för sina uppdrag under CIA/USA, då Wallenberg var den rövare som gömde nazisternas guld i NWO/USA, då bara statliga Tysklands guld=guld fond vart stulen=transporterad till Federal reserv i USA, men CC guld allt rånad guld från koncentrations läger har gömts av Wallenberg fam. och skaffades av R. W. -därför är de rädda att hela sanningen om med vilka "uppdrag" sysslade R.W.= rånade deras blodbräder, judar - allt nazzist gold s.k. gömd (då inte många var insatta i dessa "affärer") i själva verket stulen av fam. Wallenberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. W (det var CIA beställning också) engagerade personligen för utförande av Palme mordet då varande polis chef H. Holmer och Säpo chef - dessa 2 dirigerade det hela för att vanliga poliser var inte insatta och hela polisarbeten var desarmerad och även SÄPO vakter var tagna bort för mord kvällen - order och samordning dirigerades från hösta ledning , men i dessa kretsar man eliminerar huvud vittne för att sanning om Wallenberg engagemang skall bli "begravd" - just därför Holmer var smittad med Aids och eliminerad, samt f.d. SÄPO chef opererade i den mord organisation var eliminerad med s.k. hjärtfel (nutida väl använda mordmedel). Anna Lind avrättades rätt bestialisk - det var ren rituell mord - naturligtvis polisen längre tid vallade psykisk sjuk serbisk kille som dessutom var omarbetad med MK-ULtra metoden med psykofarmaka etc. och som inte varit mördare utan själva mord utförde mycket skickligt mördare och militär med speciell träning för rituella offer mord av nytt NWO patrull s.k. tränad "apokalyps armé".
    Just nu Påvens jesuiter är en gren av i detta s.k. "apokalyps arme".

    Härnere exempel på det att vid NWO mord patruller (ditt ingår Påvens prästerskap-jesuiter....)
    och hantering av vitnen- de bästa vänner samarbetspartner ELIMINERAS ( detta väl tänkte inte på ens H. Holmer och SÄPO f.d. chef när de som W vänner var inviterade och utförde mord på beställning)
    typisk exempel på vänskap i dessa NWO kretsar..... (även här beskriv bara lägsta nivå på utförare, men i högsta nivåer av gamar regler är de samma)

  7. -Majdan – kontrollerat kaos som i Kiev-

    Den konstitutionella kuppen och det våldsamma störtandet av regeringen i Kiev har tydligt visat att den finansiella hjälpen från utlandet och hjärntvättningen av den ukrainska befolkningen varit effektiva.

    Amerikanska diplomater erkänner att USA redan investerat över fem miljarder dollar i utvecklingen av demokratin i Ukraina.

    Man investerar i ryssfientliga och västvänliga politiker och medier med hjälp av ett brett nätverk av icke-statliga organisationer.

    Ukraina har välkomnat allt som kunde användas för att försvaga Ryssland. Washington och Bryssel blundade för att det uppstått en riktig neonazism mitt i Europa, de ignorerade politiska förföljelser och brott mot ryskspråkiga invånares rättigheter.

    En väpnad statskupp kallades för fredliga protester mot korruption, även när det redan fanns dödsoffer i Kiev. Som resultat har det uppstått kaos i landet som riskerar splittras i minst två delar.

    Arsenij Sivitskij, chef för ett ryskt Centrum för strategiska forskningar:

    En ”majdan” förekommer aldrig utan en uppenbar anledning. Man börjar protestera när det finns socialekonomiska och politiska svårigheter. Stater som vill vara globala ledare kan utnyttja sådana situationer för att lösa sina egna uppgifter.

    Arabvåren, den ukrainska revolutionen, händelserna i Kirgizistan år 2010 – det är en redan testad metod.[...]


  8. --Ukraine: The Anti-Maidan Begins--

    April 14, 2014

    Source: Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook

    It was predicted that the regime in Kiev would not last long, and that almost immediately there would be a backlash. First, opposition would come from eastern Ukraine where Ukrainians stand by their nation’s long historical, linguistic, cultural, economic, and strategic ties to Russia.

    Then opposition would come from western Ukraine, where people, despite their perceived anti-Russian sentiments and initial support for the “Euromaidan” protests, would find the corrupt client regime in Kiev intolerable as it integrated the nation into the EU while imposing IMF-engineered austerity measures already spreading socioeconomic chaos across the rest of Europe.

    It was also predicted that the regime in Kiev, backed by the US and EU, would use the pretext of “war with Russia” to arm itself against the inevitable uprising to come.

    It now appears that the “anti-Maidan” has begun, and that the military backing by NATO will be mobilized against fellow Ukrainians much sooner than expected.

    With Crimea now beginning its integration with Russia, others in eastern Ukraine see a window of opportunity to escape out from beneath the regime in Kiev before it is able to consolidate its power and stamp out resistance to its inevitably disastrous policies. Protesters have been gathering in key cities across eastern Ukraine, while armed militias begin digging in against Kiev’s overt threats and now demonstrably preparations to carry out violence. CNN would report in their article, “Ukraine unrest will be resolved by force or talks in 48 hours, minister says,” that:

    Ukrainian acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Wednesday that the separatist protests in Ukraine’s eastern region would be resolved within 48 hours — either through negotiations or the use of force.

    The Guardian in its article, “Armed pro-Russian protesters seize city in eastern Ukraine,” describes multiple cities being taken over by Ukrainians opposed to the regime in Kiev. While the Guardian continues to spin the narrative that Russia is “annexing” eastern Ukraine like it did Crimea – this sidesteps the reality that Crimea voted overwhelmingly (93% according to the BBC - http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26598832 ) to voluntarily declare independence from Kiev, and integrate with Russia.

    Claims that Russian troops have “invaded” Ukraine, intentionally omit that Russian troops, per long standing treaties, have been stationed in Ukrainian territory for decades.[...]






  9. Stocks dive as Russia abandons U.S. dollar
    Moscow accelerates move in retaliation for Obama sanctions


    Dumping the Dollar: Russian oil firm Gazprom Neft says Asian buyers willing to use euros"
    The Russians may well crash the US economy and the US dollar without firing a shot, if this moves forward!"



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