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USA: Ny brandman arresterad och handbojad av polis under livräddning - "felparkerad brandbil"

Ännu en brandman har arresterats och försetts med handbojor av polis i USA. Detta skedde mitt under en utryckning och en pågående livräddning av en halvt medvetslös och sjuk kvinna som ringt efter hjälp...
Polisen förde bort brandmannen mitt under livräddningen och den skadade kvinnan lämnades åt sitt öde. Den arresterade brandmannen låstes sedan listigt in i en polisbil under 22 minuter. 

Detta skedde eftersom polisen ansåg att den frenetiskt blinkande brandbilen från akututryckningen var felparkerad!!

"- It´s the little things:)"...

(Länkar till tidigare arresteringar av brandmän m.m. finns längst ner på sidan...)



Firefighter in Middle of Helping a Woman During Medical Call Ends Up in Handcuffs

Publicerad den 27 mars 2014
A fireman in New Roads, La., was rendering aid to a woman during a medical call on Monday when a police officer ordered him to move his firetruck, which was parked on the side of the street with its flashing lights on. When he refused, the officer slapped handcuffs on him and detained him in the back of his police cruiser.

Now the State Fire Marshal's Office has launched an investigation into the incident to determine if the cop violated laws designed to protect firefighters during emergencies.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras at the New Roads Housing Authority. The fireman was detained in the police care for 22 minutes, according to the footage.

The fireman was reportedly the first on the scene to help Amber Porter, who says she "passed out" while she was walking towards the kitchen in her home. As he rendered her aid, Porter told WBRZ-TV that she recalls a New Roads police officer coming to the door and telling the fireman to move his truck without even asking how the victim was doing. Deputy Chief Brant Thompson announced the investigation on Wednesday.

"I have tasked detectives today to begin that investigation," he said. "They will be conducting interviews and other information concerning what is seen as a very unfortunate incident that occurred in New Roads."

New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald reportedly told the news station that the fireman made a sarcastic comment to the officer when he was asked to move his truck — and that's reportedly why he was detained. The chief said he does not plan on disciplining the officer involved.

Porter, the victim who needed help, said the cop should be "fired or suspended" for detaining a first responder who was only "helping" her.

"He wasn't just parking his car to park it," she said.

A very similar incident recently occurred in Chula Vista, Calif., where a fireman tending to a victim at the scene of a serious rollover car accident was arrested for refusing to move his truck.



Louisiana Police Handcuff Firefighter During Emergency Call

InformationLiberation 2014-03-31
“They are supposed to protect and serve life, and here they are arresting the people that’s trying to help”
A volunteer firefighter in New Roads, LA. was handcuffed and detained by police this week for refusing to move his vehicle during an emergency call.

Amber Porter,who needed help after fainting in her kitchen, detailed the experience as the firefighter attempted to render aid.

“I was laying on the floor,” Porter told WBRZ News. “They was calling my name. He was trying to sit me up off the floor.”

As Porter worked to regain her composure, a New Roads police officer suddenly appeared at her door, demanding the firefighter move his truck.

Refusing to leave Porter's side, the firefighter was handcuffed and placed in the back of the officer’s vehicle.

“This is very disheartening, very disappointing and very embarrassing,” next-door neighbor Joyce Harris stated.

According to WBRZ News, one paramedic who refused to go on camera stated that the officer’s actions were one of the most unprofessional things he had ever seen.
- After reviewing surveillance video from a nearby camera, the New Roads Housing Authority was able to determine that the firefighter was detained in the back of the officer’s police car for more than 22 minutes.

“I think what his problem was, was an ego thing,” Harris said. “They are supposed to protect and serve life, and here they are arresting the people that’s trying to help.”

Porter expressed similar feelings towards the officer as well, demanding he face disciplinary action for completely disregarding her well-being.

“I think he should get fired or suspended,” Porter said. “Something should happen to him because who just arrests somebody? He was helping me. He wasn’t just parking his car to park it.”

Responding to the community’s outrage, New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald told reporters that the issue was “resolved” and that the officer would not be disciplined.

Luckily for Porter and her neighbor, an internal investigation was launched by the State Fire Marshal’s Office almost immediately after McDonald’s announcement.

“I have tasked detectives today to begin that investigation,” Deputy Chief Brant Thompson said. “They will be conducting interviews and other information concerning what is seen as a very unfortunate incident that occurred in New Roads.”

Under state law, jail time can be given to any person “intentionally hindering, delaying, hampering, interfering with, or impeding the progress” of any fire fighter.

Responding to the investigation, McDonald defended his officer’s actions yet again, claiming the officer was justified in detaining the firefighter due to a “sarcastic remark.”

The Fire Marshal’s investigation is expected to take as long as two weeks.

Incredibly, Porter’s situation is not the first of its kind. Just last month, a California Highway Patrol officer handcuffed a firefighter after he refused to move his firetruck as well. The firefighter was detained in front of news cameras as victims lay helpless in a vehicle that rolled down a major embankment.

In 2009, an ambulance driver was pulled over and choked by an Oklahoma police officer as a heart-attack victim lay suffering in the back.


USA: Polis arresterade brandman som försökte rädda svårt skadade trafikoffer vid utryckning

2014-02-06. - De blödande trafikoffren satt fastklämda i en bil som voltat av vägen vid en trafikolycka. Brandmän och räddningsarbetare arbetade frenetiskt för att rädda de skadade. Då gör USA-polisen entré och arresterar en av brandmännen som försöker rädda de skadade...


USA: - Polis stoppade ambulans med akut sjuk patient - och började misshandla föraren

En polis-video-klassiker från USA 2009. Polisarbete när det är som "bäst." En sheriff i Oklohoma stoppade en ambulans under en akuttransport till sjukhus med en väldigt sjuk patient...(video)
 USA: Ny brandman arresterad och handbojad av polis under livräddning - "felparkerad brandbil"

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  1. --How the FBI Goes After Activists--

    April 1, 2014

    Source: VICE

    Tom Burke was driving through a sleepy part of Grand Rapids, Michigan—an empty neighborhood full of abandoned warehouses—when he first noticed the vehicle tailing him. “I was like, Why is this car turning left whenever I turn left?” he recalled. “I figured out I was being followed.”

    Tom, a 49-year-old who has been active in antiwar and labor circles for decades, had been monitored for months by the FBI, and that morning, September 24, 2010, the Bureau was moving against him and his fellow activists.

    Agents had raided the homes of some of Tom’s friends, seizing computers and tearing apart rooms as part of an investigation into whether they were planning an armed revolution and providing aid to terrorist organizations. In response, Tom was on his way to an internet café to issue a press release telling the world what was happening, which was about all he could do given the circumstances.

    That same morning, he and his wife were served with subpoenas demanding they testify before a grand jury. By December, 23 activists across the Midwest were subpoenaed and asked to answer for their activism.

    Among other things, they were accused of providing “material support” for terrorism, a charge that can mean anything from providing guns to a terrorist group to providing any sort of “advice or assistance” to members of such a group, even if that advice is “lay down your arms.”[...]



  2. USA är redan mentalt degraderad och i polis och arme styrka massvis degenerater som egentligen borde spärras på psyksjukhus.... - degradering är så alvarligt att USA planerar mörda / eliminera eget befolkning då degraderingsgrad är passerad "röda linje" och det finns ingen återvändo eller vilja att aktivera uppvakning och aktivera förbättring processer (finns inte resurser för det och psykopater globalister zomberade på eliminering av 90% av världsbefolkning) - slakt är på tapeten... om detta gamla forskare säger att "djävulen har tendens till själveliminering" - för övrigdbionegativ massa är dominerande enligt hemlig forskning i högre socialkunskap (som icke lämnas till allmänheten) och just därför i gamla Grekiska och Romerska imperiet var lagstiftning att icke tillåta judar tillträda ledare poster samt juridik (advokater och domare tillåts icke tillträde av judar och homoseksualister, då bara en av dessa bionegativa element, om de kommer i högre befattning skall omringa sig med likadana degenerater) obs - ditt hör även olika frimurare sekter (normala människor där praktisk taget finns inte, dessutom i dessa sekter dominerar homoseksualister och till högre grad separeras psykopater sadister som regel. etc etc Kan rekommenderas lektioner av specialist -Grigorij Klimov- som arbetade i Tysk och Amerikanska säkerhets tjänsten som forskare bl. a s.k. "Harvard Project" och öht Högre Sociologi lära .... (den link till lektioner på ryska, men det är mycket värd att studera och även översätta detta, då detta kan försvinna från Youtube när som helst).....


  3. I USA praktisk taget långgående process i förblandning av "Satan och Antikrist" - vad gäller degenerativa inavel processer... bionegativa anlag dominerar.... socialt, genetiskt och statssystemmässig. Som tidigare markerad att satan har tendens till SJÄLVFÖRSTÖRELSE som visste redan under bibliska tider, sedan Inkvisitions ledning viste om det samt nutida Högsta Sociologi lära, som är inte för allmänheten.

  4. http://g-klimov.info/Index-e.htm
    Gregory Klimov's Library


    The essentials of issue of degeneracy
    Interview with Gregory Klimov

  5. mera läsning-




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