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Minst 55 människor trygghetsavrättades via joystick - USA:s 3 dagars drönarorgie i Yemen

Minst 55 bruna människor som misstänktes ogilla USA, trygghetsavrättades från distans när Amerikanerna nyligen hade en 3 dagars mord & drönarorgie i Yemen...

Starship Troopers - War against the bugs

U.S. drone strikes in Yemen leave scores dead

RT 2014-04-21
Dozens are reportedly dead in Yemen, including at least three civilians, as the result of a series of drone strikes that started in the southern part of the country on Saturday and is alleged to still be occurring two days later.

By noontime in Washington, DC on Monday, the Associated Press reported that 55 Al-Qaeda militants were among those that had been killed in an hours-long series of strikes that targeted a training camp operated by the group, according to Yemen's interior ministry. The United States is alleged to have carried out the strikes using unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, but does not legally have to acknowledge any operations conducted by its Central Intelligence Agency and has not commented.

While reports consider the strikes carried out by US-operated drones, outlets like The Bureau of Investigative Journalism say that, as of early Monday evening EDT, it is ultimately unknown whether Yemen military forces were involved or if the attacks were indeed executed with unmanned drones. A “high-level Yemeni government official” told CNN the attacks were “a joint US-Yemeni operation.”

- He added that, “unfortunately, a civilian truck was also hit.”

Among the 55 believed to be killed in that series of strikes, the AP reported, were three senior but unnamed Al-Qaeda leaders. The AFP also corroborated that claim by reporting that witnesses on the scene in Shabwa province early Monday said three alleged militants were indeed killed when a missile struck the car the men were traveling in that morning.[...]


 Minst 55 människor trygghetsavrättades via joystick  - USA:s 3 dagars drönarorgie i Yemen

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