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USA: 14-åring "snubblade" minst 15 gånger? Mamman: Polis torterade min son med elpistol

2013-11-26. Fallet med den extremt klumpige 14-åringe pojken på bilden, som enligt polisen lyckats "snubbla" upprepade gånger, har lett till att familjen anlitat privatspanare för att göra en egen utredning. Pojkens mamma säger att sonen torterades av polisen med bl.a.en elpistol när pojken hade handbojor...

Woman says her 14-year-old son was tortured, tasered in the face while handcuffed

Publicerad den 26 nov 2013

TULLYTOWN, PA -- A woman turned to Facebook and social media for help in seeking justice for her son whom she says was severely injured during his violent encounter with the police and then isolated from her for three days. She says that her son was "brutally tortured" by Bucks County police officers after being arrested, handcuffed, and shocked in the face by a Taser.

The extensive lacerations, bruising, and black eyes were allegedly the result of the teen being tasered -- while handcuffed -- and falling once to the pavement. This was done because officers feared for his safety as he was close to traffic.

Joey William's mother, Marissa Sargeant, alleges that her son is the victim of excessive force used by the police to torture and brutalize him while he was handcuffed, and that they then frightened him to keep him from telling anyone. 
She is convinced that he was struck in the face by the Taser barb and "punched" several times in the face causing a nasal fracture as he left Walmart and was approached by authorities. Told of Heckler's explanation of falling as the cause of the severity of his injuries, Sargeant responded: 
"That's impossible. Did he get up and fall 15 more times?"

Att snubbla eller inte snubbla, det är frågan...

USA: 14-åring "snubblade" minst 15 gånger? Mamman: Polis torterade min son med elpistol

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