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NSA skapade enormt register med PORR för att kunna misskreditera s.k. radikala muslimer

2013-11-27. En ny Snowden-läcka avslöjar att NSA:s hårt arbetande agenter och medarbetare tvingades sitta och titta på porr, dag ut och dag in, för att kunna byggda upp ett enormt register med snuskigheter. Detta i syfte att misskreditera de muslimer som NSA ansåg kunde radikalisera andra muslimer...

RT / Huffington post 2013-11-27
The National Security Agency has been collecting a mountain of dirt on the online sexual activity of individuals, all of them Muslims, whom the agency seeks to discredit due to their ‘radicalizing’ efforts.

The expression ‘all’s fair in love and war’ just took on a whole new meaning in the ongoing debate that pits national security against personal privacy.

Yet another top-secret NSA document - one of many whisked out of the United States by whistleblower Edward Snowden - revealed that the agency sought to discredit the “credibility, reputation and authority” of six Muslim ‘radicalizers’ through their online sexual activity and visits to pornographic websites, according to Huffington Post.

The targeted “exemplars,” whose identities are not revealed, are purportedly attempting to recruit and radicalize followers through “incendiary speeches.”

The NSA document, dated Oct. 3, 2012, aims to exploit the “personal vulnerabilities” of its targets through their online tendencies, including “viewing sexually explicit material online” and “using sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls.”

The Director of the National Security Agency ("DIRNSA") distributed the top secret document to a number of government agencies, including the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and US Customs.

‘We can discredit them’

Snowden’s revelation’s turned a spotlight on the NSA and its warehousing of billions of pieces of information - emails, phone calls, photos and videos. However, in its effort to find the proverbial needle in a haystack, the NSA is scooping up millions of innocent people in its dragnet.

However, in the never-ending fight against terrorism, proponents of the NSA’s eavesdropping techniques, which have spied on everything from the offices of the United Nations to the Vatican, maintain a position of security over privacy.[...]

Who’s next?

Although the NSA document only mentions Muslims on its list of targets, critics of the clandestine data mining system worry that such tactics could be used against ordinary Americans for any number of reasons.[...] 

NSA skapade enormt register med PORR för att kunna misskreditera s.k. radikala muslimer

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  1. --The Other Police State; The Private Intel Industry Grows--

    December 1, 2013

    Source: David Rosen, CounterPunch

    Together, the public-state and private-corporate security system is gaining ever-greater control over the lives of ordinary Americans.

    On November 20th, the Center for Corporate Policy, a Washington, DC, good-government group, issued a revealing study, “Spooky Business: A New Report on Corporate Espionage Against Non-profits.” Written by Gary Ruskin, it confirms one’s worst suspicions about the ever-expanding two-headed U.S. security state.

    One “head” of this apparatus consists of the formal law-enforcement, security juggernaut. It includes the vast network of federal, state and local entities that are duly, “legally,” constituted to maintain law and order. It maintains state power.

    The second “head” consists of a parallel “police” force, local and national corporate entities that use legal — and often questionable — practices to undermine democracy, most notably a citizen’s right to object to what s/he perceives as an unjust business practice. It maintains corporate power.

    Together, the public-state and private-corporate security system is gaining ever-greater control over the lives of ordinary Americans. They constitute the postmodern, 21st century policing apparatus.

    The revolving-door thesis acknowledges the link between government employees and private corporations. Pres. Eisenhower warned against it in his legendary 1961 Farewell Address in which he publically identified the military-industrial complex. In the last half-century, the revolving door has become an unquestioned, acceptable career path for upwardly mobile bureaucrats. So, few were surprised when Timothy Geithner, former Sec. of the Treasury and head of the New York Fed, and one of those who orchestrated the banking plunder known as the Great Recession, took a job as president and managing director of Warburg Pincus, a leading private equity firm.[...]



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