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Över 7000 dödade civila under 2013 i det "demokratiskt befriade" Irak

Bild:  Ett skadat irakiskt barn gråter efter att en bilbomb exploderat i närheten. 2013 har redan blivit ett av de blodigaste och dödligaste åren på länge i det "demokratiskt befriade" Irak med över 7000 döda civila...

Iraq 2013: Year of Carnage (RT Promo)

Publicerad den 6 november 2013
RT.com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in Iraq.

- Following the withdrawal of US troops in December 2011, instead of engaging in post-war and occupation recovery, Iraq has been with each day plunging deeper into inter-ethnic violence, prompted by ever-growing tensions mostly between the country’s majority Shiite community and the Sunni minority.

2013 saw the situation aggravate to its worst, with almost daily deaths of civilians becoming the harsh reality the country is facing today.

You, I and anyone who walks in the streets, at any moment may face a car bomb, motorcycle bomb, or explosive belt. At any moment anyone may be killed,” a Baghdad resident sums it up speaking to RT’s Egor Piskunov.

It’s 10 or 11 years now that they’re talking about a new security plan, but nothing changes and the situation is only getting worse,” another Iraqi adds.

--DEMOCRACY in IRAQ by the USA--
Publicerad den 7 nov 2013
There's been another stark reminder that Iraq is far from reaching any kind of stability any time soon. A further 16 deaths at the hands of suicide bombers at an army base north of Baghdad. Egor Piskunov now on how the deadly mix of sectarian bloodshed and terrorist attacks are wiping chances for peace, and setting new records for civilian casualties.

RT's special project: Iraq 2013: A year of carnage http://iraq2013.rt.com


US built 'powerful organs of state terrorism' in Iraq:

7000 döda civila under 2013 i det "demokratiskt befriade" Irak 

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  1. Mina irakiska föräldrar brukar säga att det var bättre på Sadams tid (och då är de ändå kurder.) ;)

    1. Tack för din kommentar,
      Det säger verkligen en del om hur lyckade västs invasionskrig varit - när de som bott i länderna under tidigare förtryck, nostalgiskt tänker tillbaks på de gamla diktatorerna...

  2. --Iraq death total for November hits over 900 – officials--

    Published time: December 01, 2013

    A suicide bombing at the funeral of an Iraqi anti-Qaeda fighter killed 12 people and wounded 28 others on Sunday. Spiraling November violence ahead of elections in the war-torn country has seen the number of dead rise by at least 940 people in one month.

    Iraqi ministries of health and defense have disclosed that 948 people were killed as a result of violence across November, 852 of them civilians, in addition to 53 policemen and 43 soldiers. However, the Interior Ministry put the figure at 1,121 people killed. All said that a further 1,349 were wounded in attacks.

    “I am profoundly disturbed by the recent surge in execution-style killings that have been carried out in a particularly horrendous and unspeakable manner,” UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov said in a statement following the publication of the statistics.

    Among the locations aimed at by the terrorists, were cafes, restaurants and public football pitches, as well as police stations, army bases and checkpoints.

    The government places the blame with groups linked to the Iraqi wing of Al-Qaeda. The civil war in neighboring Syria may have also contributed to the violence, as Sunni rebels are acting against a government allied to Shiite Iran. The latter has given attacks a sectarian shade.

    As the assaults take place almost daily, it is very rare that any group ever accepts responsibility for them. [...]


    Follow RT’s timeline of Iraq violence in 2013

  3. --Black, black Friday in Iraq: 50+ people dead in cross-country attacks and kidnappings--

    Published time: November 29, 2013

    At least 51 people were killed in Iraq on Friday as the country continues to slip into sectarian violence while the year’s death toll, already in the thousands, continues to spiral upwards.

    The majority of the victims came from a series of kidnappings in Baghdad and nearby towns, which saw people taken from their homes and executed, with their corpses later abandoned, authorities told AFP.

    Police discovered the bodies of 18 males in the early morning, including two tribal chiefs, four policemen and an army major, dumped in farmland near the Sunni Arab town of Tarmiyah, just north of the capital.

    Another similar incident took place in Salaheddin province where seven men, who were employed as maintenance workers at a local football pitch, were found dead with their throats cut.

    Three more female corpses were discovered in the capital -- the women were apparently tortured before being shot in the head. [...]




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