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Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous - Full Concert ...and Moore

Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous m.m. En av tidernas bästa rockgrupper som ofta turnerade i Sverige... (musikvideos)

Thin Lizzy
One of the defining rock groups of the 20th Century, Thin Lizzy began life in Dublin in 1969 when childhood friends Phil Lynott and Brian Downey were approached by two former members of Van Morrison's band 'Them', Eric Wrixon (keyboards) and Eric Bell (guitar).
Prior to this Lynott and Downey had been playing together as 'Orphanage', along with Pat Quigley on bass and Joe Staunton on guitar. The newly formed Thin Lizzy saw Brian Downey on drums and Lynott playing bass and vocals.
Their first release, on Parlophone, came in July 1970. It was an original composition of Lynott's called 'The Farmer'. Out of 500 copies pressed, 283 sold. An inauspicious start maybe, but the band were destined for great things. [...]

Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous Full Concert

0:55 Rosalie
4:50 The boys are back in town
9:47 Emerald
13:41 Dancing in the moonlight
17:36 Massacre
20:30 Still in love with you
28:40 Don't believe a word
31:05 Are you ready?
34:13 Sha la la la
37:40 Brian Downey Drum Solo
39:45 Baby drive me crazy
46:00 Me and the boys?


- A Tribute to Phil Lynott

 - Black Rose / Cowboy Song / The Boys Are Back in Town

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Gary Moore and Friends, One Night in Dublin: A Tribute to Phil Lynott , 2005. Gary Moore (1952 - 2011)

Thin Lizzy - Rockpalast 1981 - Full Time Show

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Thin Lizzy live at Rockpalast back in 1981.

Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous - Full Concert ...and Moore

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