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1000-tals protesterade mot medias lögner i England: "Gammelmedia = Folkmordsmedia"

1000-tals människor demonstrerade över hela Storbritannien mot BBC:s och global mainstreammedias onda synkroniserade lögner och vinklade rapportering om Israels barbariska attacker mot civilbefolkningen i Gaza...


- The main protest point of a nationwide rally gathered huge crowds outside the BBC Broadcasting House in London.

Crowds protest BBC biased reporting on Gaza

RT 2014-07-16
Protests against BBC coverage of Israeli military operation against the Palestinian refugee population in the Gaza strip are erupting across the UK, with thousands joining a call for fair, unbiased and contextual reporting of the events on the ground.

London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle saw marches to “protest at the BBC's biased reporting” as well as to gather signatures for an open letter to the BBC Director General. London took the main stage of the protest movement.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, Campaign against Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and many other organizations, in the letter to the publicly funded broadcaster, say that the company is “duty-bound to provide balanced reporting without bias.”

Instead, the organizers argue, the BBC’s reporting of Israel’s assault on Palestinians in the operation Protective Edge, fails to mention the years of occupation, deportations and siege Palestinians have lived through. “BBC’s reporting of these assaults is entirely devoid of context or background,” the organizers write.

- Booing and demands for better coverage are just among some of the chants heard in the rallies across the UK, that reminded the BBC that “resistance to occupation is a right under international law.”

“When you portray Israel’s shelling of a civilian population as a ‘response’ or ‘retaliation’ to rocket strikes from Gaza, we would like to remind you that these events flow from the displacement of the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian people from their homes and communities,” the open letter reads.

In Liverpool, hundreds gathered outside the BBC Radio Merseyside to rally against Israeli attacks on Gaza and against biased reporting of the current situation. Organized by Liverpool Friends of Palestine and supported by Merseyside Stop the War Coalition, the event also became a venue to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and to call for peace and a ceasefire.

In Manchester “Stop the Bombing of Gaza” event also gathered a crowd. Organizers, in their call to action said that “Barack Obama, David Cameron and UK foreign secretary William Hague support “Israel's right to defend itself” through killing “women, children and disabled people.” They gathered in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester center to call for a change in Whitehall's policy.

A vigil in memory of the Palestinian victims was also held in Newcastle. Similar anti-BBC demonstrations were also held on Sunday in the UK, including Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as Cambridge and Oxford. More protests are scheduled during the week.


Israel Targeting Civilians with Banned Weapons

Vad hände i verkligheten? Läs Bloggen!Vad hände i verkligheten? Läs Bloggen!Vad hände i verkligheten? Läs Bloggen!

The Gaza Bombardment
- What You're Not Being Told

Publicerades den 15 jul 2014 StormCloudsGathering
Sources and transcript: http://scgnews.com/the-gaza-bombardme...

Krig? Israels etniska utrensning i Gaza - sker med hjälp av svensk medias s.k. journalister

Genom att medvetet manipulera opinionen med en falsk bild av verkligheten hjälper de stolta svenska journalisterna Israel att mörda palestinska barn i Gaza. Abby Martin talar om Israels etniska utrensning och förintelse av Palestinier på Gazaremsan - vilket västmedia & svensk media överlag presenterar som; "ett krig med jämbördiga motståndare..."

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  1. --Israeli Massacres Echo Hitler Mentality--

    By Press TV Global Research, July 16, 2014

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the latest Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip, accusing Israel of massacring Palestinians.

    Erdogan told members of his ruling Justice and Development Party in parliament on Tuesday that Israel is perpetrating a “massacre” of Palestinians and “is continuing to carry out state terrorism in the region.”

    He also questioned the world’s silence on Tel Aviv’s ongoing atrocities in the blockaded enclave, underlining that any normalization in the ties between Israel and Turkey is impossible.

    The Turkish premier further slammed Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked for his controversial remarks posted on social media suggesting that the Palestinians deserved to die.

    “What’s the difference between this mentality and that of Hitler?” Erdogan asked.




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